At the Gym Yesterday

First let me say i’m gonna cancel my YMCA membership at the end of the month. My reason???? Well one of my friends got her locker broken into yesterday and her car and house keys were stolen along with her debit card and braclet. To make matters worse on Sunday eight lockers were cut and broken into. I don’t understand how someone can do that without someone seeing them. Also the Meharry gym is now open so I can use their facilities for free. I don’t see the point in paying for something that I can have for free.

So yesterday I went to lift and shoot around for a little bit. I had fun. As I was leaving I saw one of the bruhs that I’m cool with. I talked to him for a little bit. Catching up since I haven’t seen him since before the holiday. As we were talking I noticed one of the girls that is in my program on one of the bikes.

After I finished talking to him I stopped to tell her to be careful with her stuff and the breakins. As I was walking away she called me back and asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said “No”. She said she thought that I was a really nice and she thought I was attractive. She then asked me out to dinner. I told her that I was flattered but I’m not trying to date anyone right now. The fact that she told me that threw me for a loop because I never thought she would ever be attracted to me. Oh well.


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