Doctoral Candidate

This past Friday I completed my Candidacy exam and I am now a doctoral candidate. I did a really good job on my presentation as well as fielding the questions that I received.

I was really nervous at the start of my presentation. My hands were shaking. I really don’t know why I was that nervous. So I got through the presentation really well. So I was most worried about the type of questions that I was going to receive. I got asked questions that I had no problem answering. I even went to the white board and made a diagram of what I think is happening in my cell line.

It was a packed room. Not one seat available. Didn’t think that many people were gonna come out. Even NM came out. I’ve had a crush on her since my second year here. I think I would have really got at her if she didn’t have a boyfriend. But I knew I passed before they told me.

Now the grind can begin to get the hell outta here.


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