1/15/09 Dream

I had a couple of dreams last night but when I woke up I was only able to remember one of them. I was on a commercial fishing boat in the middle of the ocean. Now people that know me know that this dream already started bad for two reasons. 1. I hate don’t like fish and 2. because I can’t swim I don’t like large bodies of water. So anyway in my dream I was walking about the boat and I slipped and fell into the compartment where they kept all the fish. I started to sink into this deep abyss of fish. Some people tried to help me but to no avail I sunk deeper and deeper into fish.

So I looked up sinking and fish in my dream book.

Sinking- Beginnings of failure or sense of defeat.
Fish- Symbolizes spirituality

I guess my sub-conscious is telling me that I need to do a better job on my end with my relationship with God.


2 thoughts on “1/15/09 Dream

  1. Tai Slumz

    I have a dream book…let me look up crabs. ummmm DUDE your GAY its says here that the crab represents sexuality and your running from it your sexuality. Ohhh and the lighting it just emphasizes the gay and he wasnt wearing loafers was he?? ohh no that means your like mega gay, like ultra mega super hero gay – Dane Cook


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