Jet Setting

As I sit in my lab waiting on my incubation to finish, I find myself wanting to be somewhere else. When I say somewhere else, I mean somewhere else in the world. Before I settle down and have a family I want to travel the world. The fact that’s its really cold outside doesn’t help right now. lol.

If I could leave right now the first country I would visit is Spain. I know it sounds random but my Dad lived in a lot of different places before he finally came to the United States. He decided to see the world and sow his wild oats experience different cultures. He’s lived in Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Miami and then finally DC. He speaks Yoruba, Spanish, Portuguese and English. I wish I could take 2 years and just travel to different countries. Fill up my passport and be a jet-setter. I think for graduation I’m going to go on vacation to Spain and then maybe back pack through Europe. Imagine waking up in the morning to the view below. Now that’s life. I also want to visit Italy, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Argentina, Japan, Egypt, Greece and New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Jet Setting

  1. must love movies

    hmmyou sound like me. i actually got kinda tired of traveling and my vagabond lifestyle and wanted to settle down. however that didn’t work out so i’m back at it. plus there are so many places i still want to go and without the proper income i couldn’t bring my family. so here i am in korea. if you come out here i’m on couchsurfing. lol


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