Fast Car

As I was paying my bills for last month, I looked at my balance on my car note. I have two more payments left before my car is paid off. I was kind of siced thinking about the fact that soon I won’t have to drop $200+ a month and that money can be used towards something else. I like my car (Honda Accord). I got it when I first moved to Nashville. Its gotten me from point A to point B and everywhere else.

Really what I want is to get a new car. My dream car is a BMW 760Li or 650Li Series. When I’m really stuntin’ that’s what I’ll be pushing. I really can’t see myself dropping stacks making that purchase at least for another 7-10 years. I have to make a few other important purchases before I can do that one (i.e.-a house).
But I really want another car in the mean time. I think within the next two years I will be purchasing an Audi A6. I think its a really good transition car before I step up into the big leagues.

4 thoughts on “Fast Car

  1. Sowhatiff Jenkins

    I love Audis! I have my eye on the A5 or S5. But I’m curious, what makes a BMW more of a big league whip than the Audi? Is it just about price? Cuz I wanna be in the big league too, and if Audi ain’t it, I may have to reconsider…


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