Mardi Gras

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for New Orleans to experience Mardi Gras for my first time. Me and my 3 PCs will be driving down. It should be a fun road trip. I’ve been to New Orleans once before, but that was for an ABRCMS (Anncual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) conference back in 2002. So I know the experiences that I will have this upcoming weekend will be nothing compared to the last time I visited the Big Easy.

I’m trying to do it all. From an Endymion party, church, drinking, clubbing. All of it. I’m even going to try different types of seafood (except for any shellfish), which I clearly have sworn off for the rest of my life. Hopefully I won’t drink myself into a stupor tire myself out and will be rested enough to play in this semi-final basketball game on Monday night.


6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

  1. must love movies

    hey i saw you on d.c.’s followers list and thought i should come over and ask you had you made any trips yet. well i see you are in my hometown. you are the second blogger i know to go there after i have left. lol hope you had fun.peacemlm

  2. Kurt

    Well seeing as how I was there too and had a blast! I hope you did too. New Orleans Original Daiquiris are definitely to be respected! Partying in New Orleans is a whole different breed of beast. Semifinal game was pretty funny after coming off a weekend like and then going straight to the basketball court (no real stretching or warm ups) after a 7 hour drive! lmao

  3. GG

    I had a blast with my Pcs’…even with all the walking, homely moments and lack of sleep, it was well worht it…..”Let me get a House daiquiri with a shot”…cant wait to do it again this summer!!!


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