Tonight we play in the Meharry intramural basketball championship game. Last night our semi-final game was at 7pm. We clearly didn’t get back from New Orleans till 6:45 and I still had to go home and grab my shorts and jersey. I got to the game about two minutes into it and we were up 4-0.

Trying to play yesterday was a big mistake. First, I played like shit because I clearly still had daiquiris and hand grenades in my system. Second, I got hurt last night. We were taking the ball out from underneath our basket. I cut from the top of the key to try and catch the lob pass. Since they were in a 2-3 zone, this one dude turns around so his back is to me then he ducks down in order not to get dunked on. In the process he undercut me and I flipped and landed on the small of my back. The first thing I saw was flash of white then a very sharp pain shooting down my left leg. Man that shit hurt. I felt like this right here.

Anyway the championship game is like in two hours. I’m supposed to get some ibuprofen 800mg and some heating pads to wear. If I don’t feel better after I take these narcotics drugs, then your boy might be sitting this one out.


2 thoughts on “Basketball

  1. miss-b.

    poor pierce. i remember that. if you looked like that then i feel for you. it looked so bad that i even felt it. the way, i love daiquiris… but hand grenades? with an “s” at that? meaning more than one? i don’t know how you made it. i can’t even mess with those (i’m to much of a girl – lol) so i can only imagine how you felt.

  2. Tunde

    i’m telling you that i got hurt like two weeks ago and my back still hurts. man. we were getting it in while we were down there. lol.


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