Random Thoughts

I’m drinking this Coke. Pepsi tastes so much better than Coke. I need to stop drinking carbonated drinks and start drinking more juice. I bought some Simply Lemonade the other day. Lemonade tastes great with vodka. My favorite vodka is Stolichnaya. Blame it on the alcohol. I like Jamie Foxx’s cd. Speaking of cd’s I need to go to Target to buy some more blank cd’s. I always spend more and buy more than I need to when I go to Target. I need to stop unnecessary spending and save more money. Speaking of money. I like The-Dream’s cd Love vs. Money. I wonder which one would win in my world.
What are your random thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts


    I’m sitting here at work….not working…drinking tea, reading your blog, sleepy…can’t wait for the real warm weather, and not these teasers…happy I found this free music website, reminds me I need some new music…thinking about exercising and showing my legs off this summer…and going to Germany for a language immersion course…

  2. Mz Mami

    i’m thinking i need to make another blog just to dispel all the crap on my mind..like how i need money and even though i wouldn’t go thru the extent of literally whoring out..maybe some pics on the net won’t hurt for a dime…? craigslist adult gigs look sketchy. but i find everything on craigslist..i’ve got an $800/month plan to pay off everything by October..maybe i should’ve risked getting audited instead of quitting the 2nd job..i just made some killer pasta for dinner..i wish my man could cook..i need to get laid..my walls are like paper and i can hear the bed bumping upstairs..makes me wonder if the people downstairs can hear me in action..i can’t wait for summer..i can finally flaunt my skin again..after like 3 years!!

  3. Reign

    That is the only drink I make at home… Simply Lemonade and Pear Absolut Vodka…Me and twoother black women are the only ones in the office yesterday and today… long lunch. I really need to start bringing my lunch to work more often because I can spend a grip eating out during the week and I’m suppose to be a on savings binge… my uncle got peeved at me cause I want to buy some golf clubs, telling me to save that money… it’s my bonus, I want to treat myself and I put 85% in savings already… that reminds me, I need to buy my plane tickets to San Diego, lol.

  4. Muze

    lol love it. random, but somehow all connected. i should try.i love writing in the park. today is a beautiful day. i miss rollerblading with my ex. i need to buy some new rollerblades. and running shoes. these five pounds are NOT budging. wish i had a big booty to blame it on. ugh so sick of BET videos. lmao.nice blog.

  5. miss-b.

    i love how you let one thing lead to another. i read it twice. lol..things on my mind..weather – so up and down. i wish it would get [and stay] warm already.love – i can’t get it right. i’m starting to believe that i’m imcompatible. lol. i laugh everytime that thought crosses my mind but i’m so serious. i just need to be by myself for awhile.job/school – we have this love/hate type of relationship going on.money – this recession is no joke. i’m not as frivilous as i use to be. dinners, shopping, etc. i’ve cut back on heavy. why wasn’t i born into royalty?blog – i’ve been slacking but i’m trying to get my life together.

  6. Anonymous

    your blog is very interesting…sitting here watching the game…wish i wasn’t watching it by myself…who i want to watch it with is never around…should probably get ahead on some homework, but it’s not due til tomorrow…i procrastinate way too often…the randomness is kind of therapeutic (sp?)…thanks! lol


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