Lately I haven’t been remembering my dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was running somewhere and somehow I fell and hit my mouth on the ground. I ended up breaking three of my bottom teeth in the front. If this happened in real life, I would be devastated. I’ve always been told that I have a really nice smile and I happen to like my teeth. I always thought that dreaming about your teeth signified vanity. So I looked up teeth in my dream book and this is what it said:
Teeth-Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.

I wonder who I am afraid of losing. Maybe I’m afraid of losing one of my parents. A good friend of mine lost his dad earlier this week and it made me remember that my parents are not going to live forever but I still am not ready for them to go.

5 thoughts on “3/25/09-Dream

  1. MDUBB

    I’ve dreams about loosing teeth too. Not like falling on my face but like aging ridiculously fast, and then I’m left all gummed up. Weird huh.

  2. Special K

    I dream every night and I end up remembering them (most of my friends don’t). Now I’m trying to remember if I had any dreams of losing teeth…


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