Nike Air Yeezy

Twice a year we all face the chore of rotating wardrobes. Fall and Winter clothes need to be moved to a place where they will not hinder access to one’s Spring and Summer wardrobe. With Spring come thoughts of warm weather, outdoor activities in the sunshine, and perhaps a new love interest.

For Spring I want to cop the new Nike Air Yeezy’s. I’m a big sneaker fan and I haven’t really been feeling a lot of sneakers that have dropped in the past couple of years. This is why everyone wants to rock retros. The only thing about the Yeezy’s is the price tag. Its rumored to run around $215. The sneaker is suppose to be a non-profit shoe which means Kanye West will not be profiting from the sales. If he isn’t then I wonder who is (Nike perhaps? o_O). Footlocker has confirmed the release date of the second colorway of the Yeezy as the 2nd of May. I haven’t paid more than $170 for a pair of sneakers since my junior year of college when I copped these joints:

I want to cop both pairs of Yeezy’s pictured above so that would run me about $430 (w/o taxes). That’s definitely not going to happen unless some people contribute to the ‘Get Tunde some Yeezy’s‘ Fund. All donations are tax deductible. lol


9 thoughts on “Nike Air Yeezy

  1. miss-b.

    I don’t know. two bills for kicks? i’ve done it with shoes but never sneaks. then again, I’m not a sneaker type of girl. your height… lol. what size sneaker are you anyway? 12?


    Yeah, $430 seems a bit much, the most I spent on shoes was like $100, and boots, like $150, but then again, I used to work at a shoe store and got a 40% discount…hey Tunde, maybe you should work at Footlocker for two weeks to stock up, then quit :)(I’ll donate $5.00, to your fund if you don’t $50 to the save a diva fund!, tax deductible!)

  3. Tunde

    DC-thats not a bad idea at all. i was looking at trying to get another part time to go with my other part time (i might be part jamacain lol). i might have to look into that. kev- i checked out those supras. i’ll have to disagree. the yeezy’s kill them imo.

  4. miss-b.

    so.. the normal me wants to reply with something witty and cute. BUT, since I’m unsure whether or not you’re flirting, I won’t embarrass myself.. 😉


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