White Men/Black Women

I personally love black women. I’ve never been one of those black guys who has had fantasies of being with an “other”. I love everything about black women. I love the many hues of a Black woman’s skin–the reddish-brown cinnamons, the golden honeys, the milk chocolates and jet black coffees, no cream. I love the black woman’s inner temperament–fragile and pretty like a china teacup one minute and hard and complex like a Chinese puzzle the next. Most of all I love Black women because Black women are the epitome of beauty, the giver of life, a steadfash protector and a nurturer.

With that said, white men love black women as well. Its nothing new. Even Thomas Jefferson had to sample Sally Hemings sweet nectar. This song is further proof. Shout out Azza for putting me onto this song. I actually find it kind of funny yet sad at the same time.



15 thoughts on “White Men/Black Women

  1. miss-b.

    white men? oh, no no no. ALL MEN love black women. not to toot my own horn, because I know other women who can say the same, but i’ve had every nationality on earth try to step to me. you should hear the arab man, in my neighborhood’s corner store, promise me the world. lol.like I said, I know I’m not the only one. it happens to my girls too. hell, I see it in the street. men, of all races, breaking their necks for our women.I LOVE US.much respect to the Robert Deniros of the world who will date not but US. lol.

  2. Tunde

    miss-b: i see it all the time as well. i wonder why black men don’t get as angry as black women when they see a black woman dating a white man. streetz: thanks man.

  3. tutu

    Hmm…I actually don’t think I really care who one chooses to date (black, white, asian, etc). I think you shouldn’t limit you options. The thing that I think bothers me about the black men/ white women “thing” is when they view it in terms of status or worse yet when they stereotype all black women as difficult and full of attitude and all white women as submissive doormats. That shit is offensive all around. I’m glad you appreciate the many complexities of black women b/c I think we’re definitely misunderstood. I think we intimidate white or “other” guys. They’re really not sure what to do w/ us and whether they can even take us home to mom…lets not even get into the fact that they’re initially insecure that they’re not going to “measure up” to black men.

  4. Tunde

    tutu- i’m not knocking anyone who chooses to date outside their race. i think i have the same issues you have when it comes to interracial dating. i just don’t think i could ever do it. loloh and rotflmao at:”they’re initially insecure that they’re not going to “measure up” to black men.”


    I heart you, because you heart the sisters! But I must say, I love all flavors (mostly), although I there are a lot of flavors I never dated!!!I decided to open my dating pool last year, but most of the other guys I date besides black guys, are Latino…or International black guys

  6. Tunde

    dc- what can i say? its something about sisters. lol. yeah i know you don’t limit yourself. black international as caribbean or black international as in african?


    Both Tunde. African guys think I am the Queen :0 and Caribbean guys think I’m Caribbean! Actually I get that a lot, “are you from the islands” – depending on my mood, I say yes!I’ve dated Nigerian guys, a guy from Zimbabwe, Ghana, Egypt, Ethiopia (they are everywhere in DC!!!) Morocco and one other place….I can’t remember… :)Oh, and a black guy from Spain!


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