Everyone has a list of things that they look for when observing the opposite sex. Said list might be something you would want them to have and it might be something that would make you run in the opposite direction you are not looking for. A couple of posts back I blogged about the fact that I don’t like bad weaves. This is an example of something that I think is a big turnoff. Here are a couple of more things that I think are turnoffs.

~Summer time is quickly approaching and women are going to start having their feet on display. Please women, have your toe/foot/heel game on point. Pedicures are your friends. Get to know a pumice stone or something. Nothing is worse than a beautiful woman with jacked up feet. Whenever I see a good looking woman with hammertime it reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Boomerang.

~Another thing that bugs me is when women have chipped finger nail polish. Your hands are a part of your body that you look at all day, so why not make sure they look nice (people who know me may call me a hypocrite because I bite my nails). On a woman it just bugs me.

~Summer time is when a lot of black women get braids. I’m a fan of braids. I understand it costs y’all a lot to get them done and you sit in the hair salon or someone’s kitchen for hours on end getting them put in. One thing I can’t stand about them is when women can’t let them go. New growth is not whats hot in the streets. I swear its not.

What are some things that are instant turnoffs to you when it comes to the opposite sex? What are some things that make you cringe and give you the the o_O face? My next post is going to be things that are instant turnons when it comes to the opposite sex.

ETA: This post was not made to offend anyone and if you are offended then good. Do something about it. lol.


13 thoughts on “Turnoffs

  1. Azza

    Betta stop biting your nails, karma gon’ bring you the baddest chick wit some MAJOR chip’age with the polish on the fingernails 😉

  2. miss-b.

    this is strictly observation when choosing a possible mate, right? okay…- long hair untamed is a no go. cornrolls should not look like they’ve been in for years.- nails bitten down to the cuticles. it’s just horrible to look at a centimeter of nail on a finger.- tees down to the knees/jeans that meet that same tee where it ends. [sigh]that’s just ridiculous.there’s more turn offs but they’re mainly ones that come after one has past the physical test.

  3. Tunde

    Azza-I can’t help biting my nails. Its genetic. My mom and grandfather both bit their nails. lol.Streetz-You’re right. Anything around the oral area that is off is a BIG turnoff.missb-I thought long ass t-shirts went out of style in 2001. Maybe I’m wrong. lol. As far as cornrows are concerned, I personally don’t think a grown man over the age of 21 should have them. Thats just me though.


    LOL- bad breath…for sure!Ummm, guys that wear long white socks and shorts…Actually, I really don’t like it when a guy wera shorts, the exception to the rule is working out, swimming boxers, and betime/house boxers… the guys that I’ve seen wear shorts never get it right…Oh, and since it’s summertime…guys that wear wife beaters outside, guys that wear tank tops, and have caked up deoderant under their arms, with so much hair, it looks like an overgrown forest….yuck… it’s ok to keep your underamrs trimmed and tamed guys…oh, one last thing….ashyness…I have more, but thoes things will surely get you the fake digits…

  5. The EyeSPyZ !!!

    Tims with white socks and shorts! Oh and nike boots..hate those big chunky boots! I don’t care if they are comfortable or not! Oh last thing…fellas fade the back of your neck!!!!

  6. Veronica

    …your nail biting is NOT genetic..it’s habit you goof!… – grillz…anything that is not natural or a repair (i.e. porcelain crowns to correct defects)- extremely baggy clothes.. – guys who spend infinite money on cars and rims and having to split rent with 2 or 3 other people.- cornrows… – flashy people (big ass chains, and a HUGE ASS name brand)- overly tatted-and the oral hygiene needs to be on point… I notice teeth, lips and eyes off top and if your mouth is not right..imma politely slide you a card! -those are just a few…LOL(good post Tunde…I think this is the first one I’ve commented on… Imma have to check you out more often…)

  7. dc

    If we're talking strictly physical attributes and not characteristics:- cornrows on anyone over 21- bad teeth- poor dresser (and by that I mean not pulled together, baggy clothes, or trying too hard. i mean, should there be crowns on all of your clothing, hats included?? lol)as far as characteristics:- pressed to impress (I was out with a guy & we were going to the movies. the whole way to the movie theater, he's absolutely normal – good conversation, music at a reasonable level, etc. The moment we get to the movie theater parking lot, dude puts on Jay Z, turns the radio way up, rolls the windows all the way down – mind you it was cold outside – and proceeds to slow to a crawl "two miles an hour so everybody sees you"…never went out again…LOL)

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