So as promised after I posted my turnoffs, these are the things that I’m instantly attracted to and are my turnons.

Freshly Arched Eyebrows

I love to see a woman with fresh eyebrows. It brings out the eyes and overall face. On the contrary there is nothing worst than a woman with bushy eyebrows, looking like two caterpillars on her face.


I’m a sucker for intelligence and to me eyeglasses make a person look smarter (even though it may not be true). But at first glance a woman in a nice pair of frames that fits her face perfectly is a turnon.

Nice Teeth

When I talk to someone I tend to focus on their mouth, so pretty nice, white teeth are definitely a plus.
Nice Calf Muscles.

A woman with a nice pair of calves that are accentuated by the right pair of heels will definitely get a second look from me. I have more but I think that I’ll stop there. lol.
So, what are some things that you are instantly attracted to?

9 thoughts on “Turnons

  1. Tunde

    lol, dc you’re describing me except i don’t own a motorcycle. i used to want one but now i probably never will. one of my friends lost his leg last year. i just can’t take that type of chance.


    Yeah, that's a big chance…when I had Brunch with Brian on Sunday, he drove his motorcycle there to meet me. He took off his helmet & motorcycle jacket….I almost threw my panties at him…Maybe you should just buy one & wear the helmet & stuff…you don't have to drive it…just stand next to…lol…that's hot

  3. Veronica

    Turn ons for me include:-height: AT LEAST 6’0 (like a guy to be taller than me in my heels)-the face eyes and smile (lips/teeth)… I can’t have a raggedy mouth man!- style/dress: I like a well dressed man…one who can look super hot in the chill out clothes (jeans and what not) but who can put on a suit and make my knees buckle! Not all men can pull both looks off!-communication: one who’s not afraid to just SAY what’s what and not play the little guessing games and drop hints all the time.-and finally a guy who has found the happy medium between confidence and arrogance… 0h yeah…DC Diva…motorcycles are certainly HOT!

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