Chilling With No Makeup On

Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on. That’s when you’re the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong.


Maybe its just me but I love it when a woman can lay around the house with her hair in a ponytail and she doesn’t have to get all made up. If she looks better like that then its really a thing of beauty. Ladies, sometimes your man might just prefer you to just be you. Forget the glitz and glamor. The girl next door is a good look. Trust me.

Ne-Yo said it best in Let Just Be.

We can watch a DVD baby Sit up in the house and be,
just be there
You ain’t gonna get cute for me,
I prefer you with no make up,
in one of my t-shirts
Bunny slippers on your feet, girl
And just try to be all up under me

On the couch in front of the TV

Baby that’s gangsta


4 thoughts on “Chilling With No Makeup On


    Hmmm, I used to wonder why guys would holler at me, when I thought I looked my worst. You know, when I'm just running to the grocery store, or doing laundry,or going to the gym I throw on some leggins & a t-shirt, it never fails…someone trys to spit game…and I'm like "are you serious"????

  2. Tunde

    dc: now you know. and knowing is half the battle. lol. but seriously if you are dressed completely down and you still look good then a guy is thinking, “wait till she really tries”.

  3. miss-b.

    I cosign what DC said. I hit the laundrymat with my hair wrapped in a scarf – in a tee and sweats on – feeling my worst but I still manage to get compliments. I always think the samething – “wth?”I guess that’s a good thing. I feel like if a guy doesn’t want you when you’re looking your worst, then he doesn’t deserve you at you best.p.s. – that drake song is my shit! I’m so addicted. lol.


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