A Few of My Favorite Things


My homegirl Ms. Minx did a blog post a couple weeks ago and I told her that I was going to bite her idea (good look on the shout out too).

So these are a few of my favorite things.


Facebook– I haven’t been on facebook as tough as I have in the past (I have twitter to thank for that). Facebook is cool because it allows me to keep up with my friends from around the country/world.

Twitter– I really like twitter. Even though it has its haters out there. You should follow me. 🙂 http://twitter.com/TAUT_7.

Pledgepark– Its not as good as when it was kazodiass but I still like the site. Keeps me updated on the latest music, random thoughts, entertainment, etc.

Blogger– Since you’re reading this you already know I like to blog.

Check out the rest in my blog roll to the right.

Music (just a few)

Kidz in the Hall
The Cool Kids- download their new mixtape (Gone Fishing) here.

Keyshia Cole
Ryan Leslie
Vivian Green
Raheem DeVaughn

Maroon 5
Linkin Park
All American Rejects
Fallout Boy

TV shows (in order)

The Office
Grey Anatomy
Private Practice

So what are some of your favorite things?


15 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things


    I have a lot of favorite things, but I won't bore you with all of them. Here's my top 5, or 6Blogging & reading blogsHanging outDating TravelingEating FABULOUS foodGoing to Spa ( I wish I could do this more)Taking NapsReadingok, so that was 8 🙂

  2. Streetz

    Bloggin(of course)WWE24Supernatural SmallvilleStar Trek and anything Sci-Fi RelatedComic BooksVideo GamesTravelBball, Football, BaseballTechnology/gadgetsi need to get into Lost (thats what she sd)xcellent post

  3. Tunde

    dc- thats a pretty good list. i’m with all of those (except going to the spa). streetz-i used to LOVE wrestling. i remember my dad and my brothers used to leave church early to catch wrestling live at US Airways arena. my favorite wrestler used to be ricky “the dragon” steamboat. since i moved to nashville, i haven’t played video games like that at all. i used to love those too.also you do need to get into lost. the season finale is tomorrow and then its only one season till its over.

  4. Ashley

    1.)Random BBQ’s2.)House parties(esp dancing)3.)Good convo4.)a good book/movie5.)Hanging out with friends6.)To laugh till it hurts/I start crying7.)warm summer days 8.)wine

  5. Tunde

    muze- i’ll be sure to add you.minx- 🙂 its all love.dc- how could i forget a movie and a nice cold alcoholic drink? you already know about my love affair with stoli.ashley- random bbq’s are the best. speaking of which.

  6. Jillian

    nice list….LOVE Cool Kids/Drake/Ryan Leslie…Private Practice did the finale come on? My DVR didn’t record…and i don’t see the next episode online LOL..i still haven’t made the twitter leap..

  7. Tunde

    Jillian- yeah i like to think i have a good ear when it comes to music. i don’t think the season finale has come on yet. my dvr didn’t record it. greys season finale (2 hours) is this thursday. so pp’s season finale will probably come on next week.you should make the leap to the dark side. i was skeptical at first also. lol

  8. Oyin

    Well lets start with …(first time here) Facebook- love it love it loveTwitter- cant get used to it, nothing to do other than post notes for others…and then wait for them to respond….ooookdont know pledgeparkand I too love to blog, come see me** But my favoriest ( ok I made that up) thing to do is shop shop shop blog and shop some more.

  9. miss-b.

    p.s – this is my joint. sung this in a school play. my teacher, clearly not in her right mind – because i can’t sing to save my life, messed around and gave me a solo! lol.


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