I Remember

I have a great memory. The people who make Ginkoba might have used my brain as a template for how they wanted their pills to work. If I develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in my older age it will be very unfortunate.

I remember a lot of random facts. I remember dates and events. This is why history was always one of my best subjects in high school I even took AP European History and college. I wish my great memory worked on the verbal section of the SAT and GRE. lol. I remember birthdays of friends from elementary and middle school. I remember anniversaries of ex-girlfriends (today would have been an anniversary of an ex). I remember when I was three how much I hated my baby sitter. She used to make us eat spaghetti o’s mixed with chicken noodle soup and she smelled like moth balls. She also kept the television on the Golden Girls.

Having a great memory kind of sucks sometimes too. It makes it hard to forgive people who have wronged me. I still vividly remember that boy who pushed me down in the 2nd grade and I scraped my knee real bad. His name was Reginald by the way. To this day I have this issue.

Are you the type of person who forgets a conversation you had five minutes ago? Do you have an equally impressive memory? Are you a mix of the two?


9 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. dc

    I have a pretty decent memory. The things I seem to forget are “to-do list” type of things, but conversations, birthdays, what people were wearing, elementary teachers’ names I don’t have much problem remembering.

  2. Tunde

    yeah i clearly remember my elementary teachers’ names. my favorites were mrs. strickland (1st) and mrs. bratcher (2nd). strickland was just so nice you had to love her and brathcer taught me my times tables up to 8. 🙂

  3. Streetz

    I remember faces like no bodys business. Names? Not so much. My long term memory is sick though… however I may forget things that happen in a short span. THe gift and the curse..lol

  4. Reecie

    I’m great with faces and numbers. I remember things that happened 20 years ago, but not 20 minutes ago. Its really mostly my own fault because I’m kind of all over the place and flighty. If I focused more I could remember better short term. But I have vivid memories of my childhood. I remember smells and colors and feelings. So I guess my memory is pretty good.

  5. MinaLo

    ive been told i remember stuff that i shouldn’t. haha i guess its a curse, im very scared that when im old ill be the most senile of my friends and family because im so great now….great blog, stop by sometime :)-MinaLo.

  6. Ann

    I have a fantastic memory as well. I remember what people have worn to random events, what I ate for dinner on my 12th birthday, and all types of other weird things. One of my biggest fears is getting AD and forgetting everything. I also remember the names of all of my teachers through high school and some of the college ones 😀

  7. Ms. Minx

    I have the weirdest mix…I can remember with amazing clarity things that happened when I was like, 4 or 5 years old, but some years of my life are a total blank..I really can’t remember a lot from when I was 10-12, etcIts actually kinda scary, lol. As I get older, though, I try to use memory techniques to circumvent that.

  8. swahili princess

    I’ve been trying to forgive but I remember every last thing anyone did and especially if it raised the furies. It may lie hidden in the wy I talk , act around you but i never forget and sometime when the time is right I may just pounce. On the other hand it is beyond difficult to move forward with relationships. My Mum and I have a very hard relationship due to a lot of things that happened in the past, problem is when I remember it feels like it is happening now….Moving on seems more and more like a mirage.I loved History too and still do. I love reading and most times will remember an enormous amount regardless of the genre. Add to that random events and birthdays and faces. However I also draw blanks n periods on my life and especially if I was really depressed…


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