Humble Confidence

And I’m not cocky, I’m confident
So when you tell me I’m the best its a compliment

I’m very confident in most things that I do. Whether its academics, sports (basketball) or with the opposite sex I’m my own biggest fan. Some of my friends have called me cocky but I think that they are jealous they are just misjudging my supreme confidence. I think that there is indeed a difference between the two.

What does one have to lose by thinking they are the shit? Every morning I look in the mirror and admire how handsome I am. When I’m walking anywhere and I see good- looking girls or not so good-looking girls, I think to myself, “I know she wants me.” One of my favorite songs is Clipse’s (ft. Kanye), “Kinda Like A Big Deal“. I mean check the ‘About Me’ section of my blog. lol. That’s not cockiness , it’s confidence.

I know what you’re thinking. “That sounds hella cocky to me.” To that I say as much confidence as I have, I am still very grounded and humble. I had meagerly upbringings. I know where I came from and where I’m going.

I think I’m confident because I’m sure of myself, my identity, and my abilities. On the flip side I’m also humble because I don’t brag about those qualities to everyone I meet except the basketball part. So what are you? Humble? Cocky? Confident? A mix of all three?


22 thoughts on “Humble Confidence

  1. Jillian

    good a healthy balance is the way to be….if you are a good hearted person, regardless of your present attitude or persona, that will always trump anything…i’m all three…depending on the situation and subject matter…lolhave a great rest of the week!

  2. miss-b.

    i would say that i’m a mix of all three. i’m cocky – to an extent – but it’s an unspoken characteristic. somethings are understood through action. little things like posture. the way a person walks. etc. we all know that there’s nothing sexier than a person with confidence. at least to me there isn’t.

  3. Ashley

    Most would say I’m cocky in fact YOU have said that,lol.I think the difference between confidence and cockiness is not being secure in who you are or even thinking you are the best, but rather how you let those thoughts affect your interactions with others. If you got it then you got, you don’t have to brag or boast about it(a confident person).People will see it and recognize it.However, if you don’t got it or your half ass-ing and afraid someone will find out then I tend to put you in the cocky/pretentious group(not saying you do that, I’m just speaking in general)!But I feel while I am not humble I am not cocky either like you said I’m confident! Even in my short comings, at the end of the day, I still think I’m the shit regardless of flaws,attributes(or lack there of),or circumstances!I once told this girl that “Even on my worst day my self esteem is still higher than most” and i personally think EVERYONE should have that kinda confidence! 🙂

  4. LaTasha

    h you already know… I’m confident than a muhfugga. Most people call me arrogant, I just shrug. Someone once told me “you think you are better than me” My reply was “I am.. thanks for noticing”Sure I can be over the top with it but it’s a lot better than what I used to be… which a self hating low self esteem having little girl.Touche I guess…Good Blog!

  5. Reecie

    I’m definitely confident. you my dear, do you some cockiness about you, but its not offensive because you aren’t a snob about it….

  6. Tunde

    Jillian: i feel you on that balance. that’s how i try to be but sometimes i feel myself wavering towards the confident side because of my awesomeness. lol.Ron: thanks sandz.miss-b: that’s usually how my fortitude exudes itself and you’re right. confidence is a sexy thing.ashley: you already know how i feel about you. you are the definition of cocky. but i ain’t mad at you. get it how you live.latasha: glad you got over that self-esteem thing. nothing is more of a turn-off than that.streetz: you’re right. i can’t help it if that’s how the truth sounds.


    I used to be 80% Humble and 20& Confident in H.S. … but that's changed. It's even nowI'm extremely confident now, even when I'm in leggins and a t-shirt, and hair is thrown back… or when I'm trying to get a new client…people can read body language and there is nothing SEXIER than someone who is confident. And people are more likely to buy what you are selling, when you know what you are selling…I don't brag about myself, or talk about myself, but, I know what I have and what I bring, and what I'm capable of….that's where the humble side comes in…I also do things that some people who think they are better wouldn't do, which adds to the humble-ness, like volunteering at a homeless shelter and other stuff…

  8. Veronica

    Well Well Well my good ole Tunster! I STILL think you teeter on the side of Cocky… BUT you still cool wit me though ~wink wink~ I, however, feel that I’m that good ole mix… with a healthy splash of humor! I’ve never been the ‘shy, unsure’ type… I’ve always been ‘sure of myself’ and I’ve always KNOWN that I’m an ‘all around girl’…

  9. Ms.Minx

    (taking from DC & Tunde's comments)Confidence is definitely a learned trait for some. It's that way for me, at least. For the longest time, I didn't know how fabulous I was. However, that has changed, and now I know I freakin' rock :)You didn't/don't strike me as overly cocky, though. That tee cracked me up, though. Please tell me you don't actually own it, tho :oP

  10. Anonymous

    Interesting. I’ve always had a natural tendency to surround myself with people who I think are more talented than me. It’s a bit frightening at times and supremely humbling, but it also wards off complaceny and keeps my ego in check.”What does one have to lose by thinking they are the shit? Every morning I look in the mirror and admire how handsome I am. When I’m walking anywhere and I see good- looking girls or not so good-looking girls, I think to myself, ‘I know she wants me.'”That doesn’t fit the (dictionary) definition of humble. Confident? Yes. A bit cocky? Perhaps. A nice guy? No doubt. But humble? No.

  11. Tunde

    veronica: of course YOU would think i’m cocky. you might be one of the most cocky people that i minx: thanks. i’m not really that cocky (just a little). oh and i don’t own the t-shirt but i do want it though.anonymous: why can’t a humble guy think that every girl wants him as long as he doesn’t act like it?

  12. Anonymous

    @Tunde”why can’t a humble guy think that every girl wants him as long as he doesn’t act like it?”I think the word modest better describes that guy than humble. Modest people (in this context) are aware of their strengths/talents but do not brag about or flaunt them. Humble people are unassuming inside and out.

  13. NaijaSweetz

    My first impression of you from SBM was that you’re cocky. Still think you are, lol. Overtime, though, it became apparent that you’re still somewhat down to earth. I have friends with bits of cockiness, but who have other traits to offset them. I don’t like it when people think they’re “God’s gift to the earth, period”.

    I’d say I’m humble, but confident. I have no airs about me, but I know that I’m so special. I’m so special, so special, so special. © Movado. lol I don’t actually go around thinking of myself as special, but I am well aware of my strengths and not shy about displaying them.


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