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I was checking my google reader and I came across this Necole Bitchie blog post. The singer Jeremih premiered his video for ‘Birthday Sex’ on 106th and Park yesterday (video at the bottom of the post). The leading lady in the video is Brazilian. A lot of people have a problem with him (and other entertainers) using non-Black women in their videos.

Honestly, when I first watched the video I really didn’t think about the race/color of the girl. I just saw another pretty woman. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if she were Black, White, Latino or Aborigine well I would have noticed that one.

I actually did a blog post about black complexions and stigmas a while back. You can re-read it here. For the record I feel like you should be with who you makes you happy and f**k everyone else who doesn’t like it (just so happens that I like black women). But my opinion on this issue is somewhat two-faced. One on side I feel like what if that’s what he’s attracted to in real life? Why should he have to change what he likes to appease an entire race? I think that black people (women more often) look to the wrong places to try and fight this color/race issue.

Some people don’t like the fact that plenty of rappers/singers put non-Black women in their videos. They feel its not so much that this issue effects them personally but how these videos are perceived by a young generation of black girls (the age range in which these videos are actually targeting. Watch the audience’s age bracket during 106 & Park).

I actually agree with these sentiments and train of thought. But I feel what the bigger problem is that our youth is actually looking up to rappers and singers for examples of how to treat the opposite sex and how the opposite sex views them. For example, I would hope that a young girl is not taking that ‘Birthday Sex’ video seriously and thinking that no man can actually want her because she’s not Brazilian or something exotic (i hate that conception as well. like black woman aren’t exotic but that’s another blog post. Coming soon. lol). But for real its a video talking about birthday sex. C’mon. Do you really expect it to solve this current issue?


7 thoughts on “Video Chicks

  1. Jillian

    you said it right at the end of your post…its the mentality like when 3yr old bumps their head but they don’t react…and as soon as they see the adult or parent get in a frenzy they bust out crying…we put so much spotlight on the symptom instead of the problem…my child shouldn’t be looking to these videos/magazines for self-worth or significance…

  2. Streetz

    people need to be with who make em happy and not worry about the next persons preference, feel me? Shorty is bad, race aside. Side eye me if u see a latina on my arm. My aura will remain illuminated and unaffected. WORD!

  3. Veronica

    Well I do agree with you… kids (the 106th and park aged kids) shouldn't let what's in the videos influence their way of thinking… BUT the sad truth is… most of the kids watching 106th and park are watching it WITH their parents. 9 year old little girls are bouncin and rockin with their 22 or 23 year old parents. So that kiddy parent can't teach the 11 year old anything different becuase she is still trying to be like video girl herself, so what moma does, baby wants to do. AND furthermore, that 22 year old with that 9 year old little girl has a mother who is ONLY 35 her self, so what lessons could she have taught her own daughter, much less the granddaughter? As for the boys… WHO are they looking up to OTHER THAN the video 'pimps'? A lot of their fathers are just simply NOT around, so the 'TV' is the parent. You are a product of your environment, and if 'TVland' is your parent…what else is there to know? Jillian agree with you also about the child shouldn't have to turn to the video/magazine for lessons in self-worth, but when the parent is a kid too, who guides them both?

  4. Nelia

    I'm with Jillian. I don't have any kids. But if I did, I would be shamed to my core if my parenting skills were such that my baby girl had to look to a video chick for guidance. Please.As for the rest, you do you. I'll do me. To each his or her own.


    Why in the hell is "Birthday Sex" playing during 106 & Park….whatever happened to Late Night videos for adults….granted, kids will still be kids and sneak…I agree though, we should be teaching our kids the difference between entertainment& that it's just that, entertainment. That they don't have to try to look a certain way, because that's what they see on tv, in magazine's etc…, once we start that cycle…the other cycle of baby's having baby's will hopefully dissipate…

  6. Terry

    I agree DC. First off a song such as "Birthday Sex" should not be on 106 & Park to begin with. AT ALL. I can't stress that enough. AT ALL!What is going on these days?! Even this dude Drake and his song "Every Girl". smh…unbelievable!I'm tired of seeing this young chicks pushing strollers on the streets of Brooklyn, but I digress.If homeboy likes a different race, cool. All in all, she's just a video chick and her job was just to be the sexy girl in some one-hit wonder's video (face it, the majority of these cats don't have longevity).In the real world, the same rules apply. If you are attracted to a person of a different race, culture, creed, etc. that's your perogative – who gives a damn. Black people need to stop worrying about the amount of black girls in music videos and start concentrating on more important issues the – such as the amount of black girls graduating college, highschool, in our court systems, etc.We need stop knit-picking and start focusing our energies on the bigger issues at hand.I'm out.


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