Thirsty Broads

I had to vent earlier today. This is my current facebook status:

if you repeatedly call me and i don’t answer don’t start calling me from another number. makes you look stalkerish. see why i don’t answer unfamiliar numbers?

Now for the story behind my status.

(Names and some situations have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent)

I used to deal with this girl named Shanquisha. For reasons not important to this story we ended up falling out. This past Friday I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. If you know me well enough you know that I normally don’t answer number that I don’t recognize or isn’t already stored in my phone. So when I answered the phone, I found out it was Shanquisha. I happened to be at a sports bar for happy hour (shout to Timeout Sports bar. best damn happy hour in the Nashville area). I told her I was busy and I would hit her back (little white lie since I had no intention on calling her back). Anyway she texted me and called me on Saturday which got no response from me except to save her number as Do Not Answer.

Now most people I know including myself would have gotten the clue and stopped trying but not this chick. lol.

Yesterday after I got back in the house from my basketball game I was sitting on my couch and I was sending a text message. After my text went through my phone indicated that I had a voicemail. I guess Do Not Answer Shanquisha called me at the same time I was trying to send a text and she got my voicemail. I checked my voicemail and it was like 4 seconds on inaudible bickering.

Later on that night my phone rang and it was from another number I didn’t recognize. The only reason I answered it was because my student’s first quiz was today and they had been calling me all weekend to ask questions. This is an abbreviated version of the conversation that took place.

Me: “Hello.”
Shanquisha: “Oh so this is the only way I can get in contact with you.”
Me: “Uhhh who is this?”
Shanquisha: “Its Shanquisha. I called you from my other cell phone to see if you would answer. So you don’t know how to return my phone calls? What you avoiding me?”
Me: “So yeah I’m pretty busy right now.”
Shanquisha: “Did I do something to you?”

This conversation went on for about 45 more seconds before I basically hung up on this chick. What the hell is wrong with people? Why are some people so thirsty? Being a stalker is not cool. I’m back to not answering numbers that I don’t know. So if you have my phone number and you want to get in contact with me, you better call me from a number I have on file for you. lol. End vent.


21 thoughts on “Thirsty Broads

  1. Veronica

    (inhale) LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (GASP) LOL LOL LOL (exhale) see… this is why I say communication is key. MY take on this 'issue' is… #1- YES, she SHOULD have taken a clue from the 'no answers/responses'. #2- You shoulda just been staight up and told her THE TRUTH. Yeah, it hurts sometimes, but hey… just say it. If you ain't wanna deal with her or what ever, you shoulda responded…ONE TIME and ONE TIME ONLY to say 'yo, Sha(whatever) imma need you to NOT call me… the why's aren't important, but you know where we stand where we stood.. I'm NOT answering your calls for a reason. Now, with this being said..delete my number from ALL your phones and erase all of ME from your memory…now, proceed to dislike me if you must..but do it from afar… ' and end it with 'now have a blessed day in the Lord' LOL(situations like this is why I do NOT 'chase' a dude nor do I overly persue… I will let interest be known and if I'm not getting that mutual feeling, then I can peacefully part ways and STILL randomly communicate with the guy… If I can let a guy know I'm interested in dating/hanging out or what not and I can't get the exact same feelings eventually, that tells me he ain't interested, or he ain't really ready… I move on and hope he has naughty dreams about me on the regular! LOL LOL)See…it could all be so simple- but you'd rather make it hard…LOL

  2. ellana682

    sooo…y can't u just tell her to leave u alone and ur not interested? lol i'll admit i do the same by ignoring people (im doing better i must admit), but it's so not right and it pisses people off. I've gotten the crazy pissed off voicemails myself. yes she's being ridiculous (crazy stalkerish) but u still should tell her to *uck off and why…thats the least….right? (that is if u haven't already) maybe she'll leave u alone after that. if not, i'll give her a buzz for u….hehe (jk)

  3. Tunde

    guys i do plan on telling her that i don't really have any desire of talking to her. its just that when she called me from a different number it caught me off guard and it kind of made me mad. at that point i had no desire to tell her anything. i'll send her a text maybe tonight or tomorrow. was calling her a stalker a harsh choice of words? oh well too late now. lol

  4. Retromus-ik

    Wow, she is pretty eager. But what can you do! 😛 Kind of reminds me of those persistent guys who keep asking for your number even when you've said no repeatedly. Some people don't get the message. I agree with Veronica and ellana; tell her straight up!

  5. Tunde

    retro: eager! that's the word i should have used instead of stalker. sounds less harsh. i sent the text last night and got no response. so i guess she got the clue. :-)yeye: i'm pretty sure that's not the case. it's been A LONG time. i still feel like if someone doesn't answer your phone calls that should be the first clue.muze: the statute of limitations on that had long been expired. lol.

  6. miss-b.

    first off, did you have to get all extra with the stage name? lol.anyway, i'll play the devil's advocate here. i can't fault you for choosing the ignore route because i've used that tactic on more than one occasion. on the outside looking in, my homegirl had to check me though. if an undesired person is "stalking you", you can't sit around and complain about it if you haven't done anything to directly nip it in the bud. it'll just start to look like you want the her defense, i hope you didn't lead her on, in ANY type of way, after the fact. we know how some of you guys do. after whatever "falling out" you still leave the door half way open just because. this may not be the case but i'm just saying.. ol' girl, who i'll just rename Shantel, might be in a position where she just wants to know what going on with the cold shoulder. either way, ladies and gents need to just relax. i don't go after dudes for this exact reason. i don't need anyone running around talking about how i'm going hard. there are too many men for that. [no offense to you because, like i said, i've done it too].she should have got the picture but, then again, you should have been direct.


    LOL Tunde – Did you still that from me? I have so many Do Not Answers, I had to add a new one "Don't Answer"…LOLAnyways, I understand. Sometimes it's just easier to do the slow fade, and hope that someone gets the point. You don't need any Jasmine sullivan moments. If you tell her you're not interested, it may hurt her feelings and she gets all psycho on you…. but if you say you've been busy with school/work and you just don't have time to "kick-it" she may get the point…But it sounds like this chick is Psycho…like uhhh take a hint…In anycase, you made my morning… (that's why I don't call guys, LOL)

  8. Tunde

    b: trust me there was no leading on going on in any type of way. she understands my status. i would have hoped with me not getting back to her she would have gotten the point. but you're right (as with some of my other friends), i should have been more direct. like i said in my last comment. i sent her a text last night being very direct and blunt. i got no response so i hope that this little escapade is over.dc: i've been doing the do not answer thing for a hot minute now. lol.*******for all you ladies who commented and said "this is why i don't call guys". there is a BIG difference in calling a guy and going hard body. like if you realize that i only call you maybe one or twice every month then there is no reason you should be calling/texting me every day. i guess this goes both ways for men and women. you just have to gauge how the other person communicates with you. because on the other end if you never try to hit the person up they may feel like you are not interested and move on even though you both genuinely like each other.


    @ Tunde. Hmmm. Well, I shouldn't have said I don't call guys. If he called me a few times & has shown interest, of course I'll call him. But in general, as a rule of thumb, I believe if a guy really likes you, he'll call. If he doesn't call, I'm not going to call him to see "why" he didn't call…

  10. The EyeSPyZ !!!

    So I agree with the majority of comments on here. Alot people made some good points! I must admit, I'm guilty of giving guys "the brush off" and just not calling them or texting anymore. But I also know how it feels to be on the other end and to call or text 1/2 times and not get a response. It SUCKS! I had to learn the hard way and just be up front with people..if I'm not feelin ya, plain and simple I'm just not feelin' ya. Their feelings might be hurt for a second but they get over it alot faster rather than waitin on a phone call or text! SIDEBAR: I save numbers as "DO NOT PICK UP" all the time. I thought I was the only one who did

  11. Supahsha

    OMG HOW COULD YOU PUT "OUR" BUSINESS OUT LIKE THAT?!? so kidding i have some DO NOT ANSWER'S locked in my phone one in particular lives in chicago and another is a bill collector STOP CALLING ME NIHFCU

  12. Jillian

    Eager was a good replacement word…yes being direct is always the best policy….and you only need to be direct once….now somewhat of a downer that you left it to a text message when you had apparently 2 opportunities to be like "stop calling me"…lol surprised or not….however…i will not throw stones from my glass house lol..easier said than done..and we've all done the duck and dodge…hope she got the text message and backs off lol…if not then yes official stalker status.

  13. Megan

    LMAO @ Names and some situations have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.Sometime you just have to be blunt with people…HEFFA DO NOT CALL MY DAMN PHONE AGAIN!Point Blank, If she doesn't get that..Call 911

  14. Milan Angel

    LOL! Damn. Never in a million years is it that serious. Bless her heart…I hope she got the picture though. Nothing says it quite like a dial tone in your ear…


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