Love Triangle

***This is purely a fictional story so don’t get any ideas that this has anything to do with me or anyone that I know. lol***

Thomas, Keith and Andre are really close friends. They’ve been boys since their freshman year at Clark Atlanta University. Now they are all in their mid 20’s and have respectable careers while living great lives in the city of Atlanta. Keith has a long time girlfriend, Erica, who also attended Clark Atlanta University with them. Things are going well in their relationship and Keith is thinking of proposing to Erica.

One day while Thomas, Keith and Andre are having wings and beer at happy hour, Keith tells his boys that he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend. Thomas buys a round of Patron shots in order to celebrate the occasion. The next afternoon while Thomas and Andre are working out at the YMCA, Andre asks if Thomas can keep a secret. Andre says that he can’t tell a soul. Thomas says sure. Andre explains that two weeks before while Keith was out of town for a business trip, he saw Erica at Verve Nightclub. They chatted for a while and he noticed that there was some sexual tension between them. She told him that she had a crush on him since their days at CAU. One thing led to another and they ended up sleeping together. He also explained that he felt terrible and that it would never happen again but he needed to tell somebody.

This information was a definite shock to Thomas. He never would have suspected that 1. Andre would sleep with his boy’s woman and 2. Erica would step out on Keith. At this point Thomas had a dilemma on his hands. Should he keep Andre and Erica’s secret and allow Keith to propose to her under those pretenses? Should he tell Keith which would cause him to lose one of his best friends and the love of his life? Also, if he tells Keith will he look at him in a hateful way for being the bearer of bad news?

Thomas wished that Andre never entrusted him with such a curse secret.

If you were in Thomas’ situation would you keep the secret or would you tell Keith? If you were Keith would you want Thomas to tell you? Also, ladies please feel free to change the names to female names and answer the questions.


13 thoughts on “Love Triangle

  1. StudentOfLife

    Definitely tell him. Why let him enter a marriage with lies? I married a man who cheated on me beforehand with someone I considered a close friend. I didn't find out until years later that it had happened and when I did it hurt just as much – if not more – than had I found out at the time. It caused me to question everything he had ever told me and question our marriage. We're divorced now and guess where he is? With her.

  2. Anonymous

    I would not say anything unless asked although I would be highly dissapointed and it would probably ruin my friendship with the one who told me on the loyalty is so important to me and it would forever change my view of that person, like they could do it to me you know?…Also first I'd encourage him to 'fess up to it and hope the friendship can survive such crushing blow..Damn it Erica!!..she has got to her man will find out in due time..everything always comes to light in due time. I just hate to be the bearer of bad news and it was a secret entrusted to me. But maybe he told it so he could be exposed who knows?? Guilt is also a very effective silent torturer and hopefully it eats at dude so bad, he does end up confessing..All in all I'd stay out of it, after first encouraging him to say something himself, and pray for them all. it just sucks!

  3. Terez

    No Thomas shouldn’t tell Keith. At this point the damage is done. It takes two so if Dre is sure he will never sleep with Erica again then there is no need to tell Keith. Thomas has the risk of losing all of his friendships at this point. Dre for telling the secrete. Keith because he isn’t going to trust much after he finds out. And lastly, Erica because she will be upset that she got busted by Thomas. I understand that a friends should look out but when it comes to relationships its a very touchy situation. Many will probably be mad at me but I believe if Erica cheated once she will again and Keith will find out one day. What happens in the dark will show in the light. My advice if I was Thomas will be for him to press Dre to tell Keith himself (Best Man the movie :O)…gotta love it) But stay out of the mess.


    @ Tunde – Are you sure you aren't Thomas…lolA bit of a quandry here. Erica & Andre suck ass. They should both fess up & leave the fact that Andre told Thomas, out of the confession. If Keith really loves her & forgives her…well that's on him

  5. Retromus-ik

    If this were to happen to one of my friends. First I would pray on it, then I would tell him or her! I can't let a good friend start their lives with someone thatt stepped out of on them/disregarded their feeling and the relationship. I would tell the two to come clean, and if they didnt want to, then I would have to do it.

  6. veronica

    Oh my! what a tangled web sex weaves! This is kinda sticky in deed. Thomas is in a potentially lose-lose situation IF he says anything…even if the intentions are good. I agree with some of the previous comments. If I were the 'secret holder' like Thomas, I'd certainly pray on it. I'd pray that I could get the guilty parties to fess up on their own. If neither party fesses up then 'oh well' and 'God Bless' is all I'll have to say. Now Erica…yeah she dropped the ball on this one and so did what's his face (I forgot the cheater-dude's name)…but then again, who's to say that Erica and her man aren't harboring the secret of her confessing already and they've decided to work things out amongst themselves? I don't know but ummm I'm glad I'm not in this situation! I am usually the one all friends tell secrets to, but Thank God I haven't had to hold one like this… I'd be sick I think!

  7. ellana682

    yeaaaa so i've been in similar situations as Thomas. In this situation I'd try to make it clear that his girl was no good but not give details why I felt that way. I would urge Andre to tell Keith and hint to ericka that I know her secret and threaten her that I would spill the beans if she doesn't (but really not do it…hehe). Yea if nothing panned out the way i would scheme it then I'd have to sit Kevin down…1 on 1 before he ruined his life. THE END

  8. Megan

    That is a pickle…But I believe you wouldn't be a true friend if you let this secret remain a secret. I'll just sit down with Andre and tell him the importance of letting this man know because he's trying to take his relationship with Erica go to the next level. If Andre tells him maybe this can save everybodies relationship. Tell Keith how sorry he is so on and so forth and maybe Keith could respect that.

  9. Donnella

    I would convince Andre that his very existence depended on him confessing (cause I'm good like that). I don't have to be the bad news bearer and my friend doesn't get blow.


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