Been Had Polo

I was first made aware of this video sometime last week on one of the blogs I follow, (you should really check out the blogs in my blog roll to the right of the page. They are all hot and receive the Tunde stamp of coolness). I might have watched this video 5 times over the weekend and I discussed it with a couple of my friends. Overall the video is pretty niggerish but for some reason I find it hilarious.

The 2 highlights of the video to me were the sound effects and the co-signing ass camera man.

Honorable mention goes to:

“Buttersoft leather” & “Carlton Banks swag” & “Easter Polo” & “Ketchup like Mustard”

His Airmax 95’s are kind of fresh though. Two problems I have with this video are 1. Can he have some type of variety in his wardrobe? and 2. I hope he has some type of endorsement contract with Ralph Lauren all the money he spent.

The dudes he dissed in the video did a response. Here is the link (not going to show the video because it wasn’t as funny but he did have a gang of polo).

and before I go here is “I Been Had $100.00” What is the world coming to? *in my best Bernie Mac voice* You a nigger and I don’t mean that in a good way.

If anyone needs to get jacked for their loot it should be this guy for taping such tomfoolery. o_O


9 thoughts on “Been Had Polo

  1. ellana682

    SHA POW!!!! I hate black people….lmao! maybe we can play the "been had" game. sad this is what they focus on. these kids gotta be on something or need some help….for real for real. lmao

  2. LALA

    OMG! WOW! This is some tomfoolery…needless to say, on the been had polo, did you notice how all his polo stuff was the new polo and not the throwback polo…since he BEEN HAD POLO…paleeze, he just went and bought that for the camera…show me the throwback polo…then I believe, YOU BEEN HAD, BEEN HAD POLO…lol

  3. Jillian

    uumm well the been had polo vid wouldn't play…buut eer uuummm…WHAT IN THE BIGGIE SMALLS was up with Mr. SHA POW?…what in all that is holy was that?….wow…just…wow…SHA POW!?


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