Thirsty Broads (parte dos)

I did a post about thirsty broads a couple of weeks ago. Click here if you missed it. This post is about a different type of thirsty broad. The type I just read about over at one of my favorite blogs, Single Black Male. Last night me and Kurt, Alex and Wayne went out last night to Atlantis Ultralounge (yeah right).
As we walked up I saw the line was kind of long and I don’t really like waiting in line (or paying to get into clubs). So we walked up to the VIP line and the bouncer was being an asshole saying we couldn’t even come through that line what a douche. The manager came right out and said that me and my friends didn’t have to wait or pay. In the words of Tai Slumz: “because I got the juice”.
When we go out we usually take turns buying rounds. Alex bought the first round of drinks so him and Kurt were by the bar. Wayne and I were standing near the dance floor. That’s when I noticed her. This hood looking chick. I hate to judge people but I automatically associate baby phat jump suits with the hood. Anyway I see her across the room giving me bedroom eyes and I pretend not to see her. As she walks towards me I hope that she doesn’t say anything to me. She walked past and I was feeling like I dodged a bullet. I wasn’t so lucky on the passback. She kind of nudged me as she passed me and gave me a look that I can only describe with a picture.
Moments later Alex walks up with 4 vodka/cranberrys. I see ole’ girl’s eyes light up. She walked over to Alex and they start having a conversation. I can tell they were talking about me because they kept looking towards me. Alex then tells me to come over. The girl and I have a conversation that goes like this:
Baby Phat Diva: “So you gonna buy me AND my girls some drinks?”
Me: (as I immediately realize here breath smells like a used match) “Excuse me?”
BPD: “You got your friends, I got my friends. Maybe we can be friends.”
Me: “I don’t know them chicks.”
BPD: “But we’re thirsty and I thought we could all hang out.”
Me: (clearly agitated) “I don’t know them chicks.”
BPD: “But you know me.”
Me: “I don’t know you and I don’t know where you got that idea from.”
Long story short I ended up seeing my homegirl and her friends. I bought their crew a round of drinks in front of the other chicks. That chick had the look of death in her eyes. I don’t mind buying women drinks in the club. Its just a drink. What I don’t like is for a chick to be extra thirsty asking for drinks in the club, especially when that’s the first thing that comes out your mouth when you meet me.

21 thoughts on “Thirsty Broads (parte dos)

  1. Milan Angel

    bwahahaahaaaa! Ugggh…the WORST. That picture though made me die inside a bit. On the flip side…if you're gonna buy a woman a drink in the club, please don't expect to hang around and be "close" all night because of it. Buy it, chat it up a bit if you must and keep it moving. White guys have mastered the art of this (so sad to say) but black dudes (love ya'll dearly)…ya'll haven't. LMAO!


    Aweee poor thing??? LMAO, you probably woulda got rid of her quicker if you gave her your vodka cranberry….but then again, probably not…I would have told her to eat rocks & gravel…Day 7 no vodka….and I went out two nights in a row!!!

  3. VexInTheCity

    Urgh ..not attractive! I can't stand girls whoa act that and who REALLY uses that tired ass 1995 line of "You and your friends,can get with me and my friends …and we can all be friends?!!".Somebody's been watching the Big Poppa vid with Puffy's scene in the jacuzzi on repeat a lil' too hard!

  4. NightFall914

    Complete bullshit.Fortunately I've never had a female approach me with THAT level of Thrist. Maybe after some convo she'll ask for a drink IF things are going well but her friends? Never that.

  5. T. Renee Briscoe

    I like this post. Only someone as witty as you can make me understand the flip side of one of my very big pet peeves. I am the kind of woman that is independent and self-assured, so I am always able and prepared to pay for my own drinks at a nightclub or an any social setting. I do however expect a gentleman that is attempting to peak my interest to at least offer to buy my drink. There is nothing more annoying than a man sitting next to me all night, chatting with me, giving the appearance to other bystanders that we are together and when the check comes, he doesn't even offer to pick up the tab. How many potential suitors may have passed me by, that would have been willing to buy my drinks, but opted to move on because he assumed I was with a date? I also agree with Milan Angel, even when you do buy me a drink…it doesn't mean that we're married for the rest of the evening. Keep it moving after the initial conversation is done, if I'm interested I will exchange numbers, but have some swagger about yourself!

  6. Tunde

    Milan- yeah thats super wack. no need in handcuffing a chick over a drink.DC- there was no way in life i was giving her anything. lol. hmmm 7 days? what you got 3 more?Vexen- when she said that i really couldn't believe it. i didn't think women even had to use lines.Nightfall- that was the first time in life it ever happened to me like that. it was one for the ages. Streetz- sad part is she probably has a job.Ellana- soon enough. soon enough.TRB- i never really looked at it like that. oh and your blog is pretty cool. i'm going to add it to my blog roll.

  7. Megan

    lol, I wished I knew who you were talking about but that was too funny especially that picture. iDIEDHopefully I didn't make her mad lol

  8. Corrin

    hell you know me and won't buy me a drink,lol j/k! ! ! Nothing beats a failure but a true, she would have never know whether or not u were gonna buy her and her friends anything if she didn't ask! I say well done Hood chick . . . .set the stage for all hood chicks out there trying to come up by using another kneegrow *gives standing ovation* . . . . . . .lol 😉

  9. Queenkidd4

    I am with you on that… See I feel when a chick is fly an o pint she don't have to ask for a man to buy her a drink anyway. That is ghetto, tacky and very unclassy. When a is feeling you on your convo, looks and personality in a club you get that drink. Asking a man to buy you a drank screams desperation. Let him offer thats when you know you are on your game. This is a hot blog site. You doing your thing Tunde. Much respect from Nee-Nee

  10. Tunde

    corrin: if i didn't know you and know you were being sarcastic, i would have given you the side eye then i would have talked bad about you. lolqueen: i appreciate the love and i agree with everything you typed. megan: you probably weren't paying any attention to them. lol

  11. LALA

    WOW…but you can't blame the chick for trying at least didn't speak to you like she was from the hood, cause the convo couldve gone like this:BabyPhatDiva: Aye boy, you gone buy me a drink or what?You: (with a no the ___ she didn't look on your face)BabyPhatDiva: Look, it aint like I asked you to pay my light bill and allYou: (Still looking perplexed)BabyPhatDiva: Fine, you aint gotta buy us a drink…but can you give me $20, Shaquan needs some diapers…LMAO…And thats' all I'm gonna say about that…

  12. K.Nix

    I'm mad she really convinced herself that the line she used on you would acutally work! So that must've worked on other guys…Ok, and I agree about the babyphat outfit and equating that with the hood. But I do know a chick, smart chick, has a good gov job, not so hood acting but loves babyphat…lol. Someone please explain it to me!

  13. Jillian

    *dyin @ baby phat diva**sigh*…she wasn't thirsty…she was PARCHEDand sad to say but i think the same thing whenever i see those jumpsuits….smh..ok well first i do have to commend the BOLD straight to the point attitude…sad thing is she was confident with it because well, that has probably actually worked for her on more than one occassion…so I would equally blame the lame men that have built up this false sense of "hotshitness" she thought she exuded…THEN to even say buy me and my girls drinks ROFLMAO…no swag not smooth at all…..then again she lost you from the jumpsuit LOL…as far as buying females drinks…i NEVER expect a man to buy me a drink..and as Milan said, just because you offer to buy me a drink doesn't instantly create a binding agreement for the night lol..think the only time i'd ever utter words remotely close to "would you like to buy me a drink" is if i'm plotting for one of my girls LOL…then I just don't give a damn…hahahaha…

  14. Tunde

    yo. what i didn't wrote in the post is we saw them later on that night and they all had drinks in their hands. so they came up on some poor sap. i think house of derion (sp) is right up there with baby phat too. i saw a lot of that at this trey songz album release party i went to last week. lls.

  15. Jillian

    yes yes…when i went to the Jamie Foxx concert this one girl was rocking a house of dereon shorts long sleeve jumpsuit with a hoodie…to which i said that makes no damn sense…it's's like 100 degrees i know your arms are hot…but i guess the shorts balanced it out?…idk


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