Nuvo-The Woman’s Man Drink

It was sometime last year when I noticed it. It was at one of my favorite liquor stores Midtown Wine & Spirits here in Nashville. It seemed harmless enough. Being a vodka connoisseur I wasn’t going to touch the stuff even though the cashier claimed it had vodka in it. I thought to myself “Self, that seems like it might be cool for the ladies. I mean its pink so who else could it be for?”. Yep that’s right I’m talking about Hypnotiq 2009 Nuvo.
I’m sure you’ve seen the pink bottle before. Like I said I heard it had some percentage vodka in it (can’t be too high). Before long clubs where having Nuvo themed parties. And I thought to myself “Self, this could actually be cool. Get the ladies to come out the club. So it can’t be that bad.”
But that’s when it happened. An out pour of men drinking this stuff like it was cool to be walking around drinking pink sparkling water. This movement was headlined by ‘Mr. Blame It’ himself
I don’t care if you drink it straight out the bottle. Anytime I see a dude drinking Nuvo I think it looks real suspect. Yeah I said it. It feels good to get that off my chest (pause). I went to the Nuvo site and this is their description of the drink:

“…Nuvo’s delicate fruity taste, distinctive pink colour and enchanting bottle…inspired by the fragrance industry…”

So this is what the likes of T-Pain, Trey Songz, Cam’Ron and what ever other rapper/singer choose to drink? I don’t care if they might get paid to endorse it. Have some respect for yourself man. Call me old-fashion but I’ll take regular 80 proof vodka any day, anytime. I’m good with my Stoli, Kettle One and Ciroc.

14 thoughts on “Nuvo-The Woman’s Man Drink

  1. dc

    i thank you for this post! i thought maybe i was just a "hater" for looking at dudes sus for drinking this…lol…but again, i'm not trendy so i'm not too impressed with it anyway.

  2. T. Renee

    I feel you on this one T. I feel at times a lot of young black men are too trendy if that makes any sense. As soon as Cam'ron started wearing pink, other non-entertainer black men started doing the same. Just like skinny jeans, both ears pierced, the Nuvo thing. It is ridiculous because you don't know these people's private lives. You never know who you are copying off of…

  3. Queenkidd4

    Now this is my first time even seeing this drink… that shows you how often I go out. But my first assumption would be that this is a gril drink. There are clues for this though…. clue number 1 PINK drink !!!!! Clue nmber 2 fruity taste, and finally clue number 3 it is ues to get the ladies out to party. So yes it is suspect to see a dude walking a round with this bright pink drink made for women. A least if they are going to drink casue they like it have a chick with you or do that ish at home behind closed doors.

  4. Jillian

    "shot of the nuvo…shot of didn't you know"……HA!…i get it now…LOL *DON'T JUDGE ME!*sorry i stick to basic liquors…lol…vodka, rum, vodka, rum…..ummm rum…hahahaha…sooo you are saying the phrase real men wear pink isn't true??yes I can definitely see how one would give a man the side eye if he was walking around with that bottle in his hands..i don't think i would go about questioning his sexuallity LOL..but hey if it tastes good what's the problem? lol…nobody judges a guy walking around with some pink lemonade or red koolaid..LOL…i'm just sayin…(YAAAAAY i'm all caught up on your blog lol)

  5. Tunde

    as far as real men wear pink. i think i could rock with a pink tie or maybe a pink polo. that's about it. i mean it might taste good but dudes be fronting like they really drinking. no you're drinking the equivalent of a smirnoff ice of arbor mist.

  6. Tunde

    i wanna say in the club it might be about half the cost of goose. so maybe 150 or so. so not worth it. well its not worth buying any bottle in the club with the 700% markup.

  7. Greed

    Yeah man, I drank that princess puch before, well kind of..I mixed it with Goose and Patron, so it was more of a chase…these are my confessions..

  8. tracie

    Nuvo is for ladies, men drink it, women are attracted it to it….ENUFF SAID!! Stop hatin, gut a bottle and get u some hoes (thats the marketing message, please keep up)

  9. Tunde

    anonymous: i'll be sure to check you out. good looktracie: keep listening to marketing ploys. lol and in your words, if "nuvo is for women" why would men drink it?


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