On Saturday afternoon I took a nap and had a really random dream (like they all aren’t). So for some reason I was standing in the parking lot of Popeye’s on Jefferson Street (in Nashville) with the bruhs [Ques]. We were doing what the bruhs normally do. Talk shit, set owt hops and eat chicken. All of a sudden I look up and its a giant wall of fire as high as the eye could see was coming at us. Think of Independence Day when Vivica Fox was running with her baby in that tunnel and that big wall of fire was coming at her. They don’t really make action movies like that anymore. I think that’s the movie that officially secured Will Smith’s stardom. **ok. end tangent.** Anyway as the fire was coming towards us the only thing I could think of was to run inside the Popeye’s and hide in their giant freezer. I guess it worked because we came out and everything was char coaled.

Fire- means extreme emotional intensity.
Firestorm- warns of extended state or time of intensive emotional outbursts or displays.

5 thoughts on “Dream-9/5/09

  1. Miss Sia

    Wow! What kinda dream is that? And on vacation at that. Damn man. Maybe it's due to your excessive barbecuing? I kid, I kid. Who's causing you undue stress? Get rid of em.

  2. Tunde

    Jillian- maybe i am. maybe i am. lol. i kinda doubt it though.Miss Sia- i don't know about that dream. it was just weird. i do tend to bbq a lot though. i'm thinking about having two more before the weather starts to turn. lol. as far as undue stress, i'll have to take your advice under consideration.


    Maybe you ate something fire-hot, or a hot Latina caught your fancy while you were on Vacay… you couldn't have been stressed on vacay could you???Awweee, I missed your random ass (I mean that in the nicest way possible, you know I luv ya!!!)


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