Reverie of Self

“It is not so much the example of others we imitate as the reflection of ourselves in their eyes and the echo of ourselves in their words.” ~Eric Hoffer

Seeing has how my 28th birthday is in 9 days I’ve come to a point of reflection in my life. I think that I’ve accomplished a lot on in my short time on this Earth but I think I have so much more to do. When I was in high school no one could have told me that by the time I was 30 I wouldn’t be married, have 3 kids and have a Nobel prize in Biochemistry. Obviously none of that is going to happen by 30. Life never goes according to plan and I’m cool with that.

Occasionally, events will occur in our lives that cause us to stop so that we may reflect and re-evaluate all that which comprises the many facets of our life. These periods cause us to re-prioritize things, abandon what does not belong or is making our lives more difficult and stressful, and seek out what truly matters to us.

During the next few months I will be transitioning into the work world (at least for the time being) for the first time in my life. I have many decisions to make about what I want to do, where I want to live, etc. During this time, I think I may be able to gain insight from my dreams, for dreams are the gateway to the subconscious. They can reveal truths that I am unable, or unwilling, to see when awake. If this is true then my past couple of blogs have me more confused than ever. lol

During periods of reflection, you may learn that you must release your fears to be able to move beyond what is holding you back and preventing you form reaching your true potential. You may not know what your fears are, so reflect, meditate, journal, do ritual or divination, or something else altogether, to help you see what fears need facing. It has also occurred to me that there is absolutely no reason why we should have to wait until moments such as these to begin reflecting. Wouldn’t it be better to re-examine things at times when there isn’t already stress weighing us down?

7 thoughts on “Reverie of Self

  1. Coco Butter

    deep, son…self-reflection is always the best medicine to life's curve balls and foul plays. but it is sad that these are the primarily the only moments when self-reflection is priority. that's why i self-reflect more often than not. it keeps me fresh and recharges me for the next curve ball that will surely come…peace

  2. Milan

    Hey Fav. Great post, definitely gives me some things to think about and consider. I think we often get in our own way when we have plans or ideas about where we see ourselves at a certain age(not to be confused with ambition because that's always a good thing but the path we take to get where we want may not be what we thought it would be) And THEN, life happens, blessings (sometimes in disguise) happen and things are not as we thought they would be. The great thing is that we're strong and resilient and whatever is meant to be will be. šŸ™‚ It will all work out fine. Take care.

  3. Miss Davis

    "Life never goes according to plan and I'm cool with that."Life goes according to plan just not our plan… We have got to understand that what is for us will be shown to us when the time is right. He has a plan for each of us and although he gives us free will he has the FINAL PLAN! We vere of course and thik we have it "planned" out and then HE shows US who is boss.Self reflection is something that more of us need to do. Cause often we see things the way we want to, which are not always the way they are!I will be 30 in 3 months and half of what i thought i would have done by now i have not! However i have done things i never even imagined!!! šŸ™‚


    Self reflection eh. Getting sll introspective on me!!! Reflection is good. I've been doing a lot of that too, infact. I think I do it more than notIn anycase a new year, new birthday, new move always makes you look back, and look forward…Happy b-day

  5. Streetz

    Welcome to the real world fam… it sux. lmao!Ive hit that relection point too.. many times.. and just like you… Things I thought I'd acheive by now, I havent. On the flipside, I've achieved so much more than I could imagine. All you can do is stay focused and make your dreams your reality


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