Man Law or Common Courtesy

Study them, learn them

There are man laws that I believe are universally accepted like:

Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. And if you compliment a guy on his six-pack, you’d better be talking about his choice of beer. Also, there is no reason for guys to watch ice skating or men’s gymnastics. ever.

On the flip side there are man laws that are accepted by the majority but not observed by some. This could be total ignorance on part of the individual (which is no excuse) or that they just don’t care. The man law that brought me to write this blog is:

If you are interested in a female or you vice verse and you’ve been out on dates, dated etc. then said girl is off limits to me.

Kind of looks suspect, right?

I’m not speaking on women who my boy may have just smashed off because that opens up a whole new can of worms and the dynamics in that situation works very differently. Like why would I seriously pursue a woman who my boy used to date or has dated, casually or seriously? It would just make for an awkward situation and that’s not my style.

Previously I’ve done blog posts about thirsty broads. (You can read them here and here.) In my disdain for the broads that brought me to write those blog posts, I neglected to mention that dudes in fact can be thirsty. I feel as if you would go as far as to try to scoop your friend’s leftovers [or current(s)] then you are indeed a thirsty n***a. Excuse my bluntness but in my life I’ve learned that p*ssy comes a dime a dozen but real true and tried friends are hard to come by.

What say you? Have you ever tried to get with someone your friend dates/dated? Do you have that one thirsty friend who acts like they’ve never seen a member of the opposite sex? How did you handle it? Is that thirsty person you and you just haven’t realized it?

20 thoughts on “Man Law or Common Courtesy

  1. Reina

    First, my yoni (p.ssy) does not come a dime a dozen. Now that that is out of the way…Earlier this year, I was dumbfounded about how guys continuously pursued me though I was booed up, and they knew it! Like what did I miss? It used to be if you told a guy that you were in a relationship, they'd leave you alone. Not so much now.I guess loyalty has gone the way of Tiger Woods' fidelity.

  2. Tunde

    of course your yoni (i see you up on your tantra) isn't a dime a dozen. my linga is a prized possession as well. lol but seriously i think it's an epidemic going on or something. what i didn't touch on in my post is that women also are guilty of this as well. i don't know if it's because women feel is ok to talk to their friends about all the inner workings of their relationships or what. but back to the dudes. bros before h*'s

  3. Reina

    Women are beyond guilty of it. We (generic use) crave what other women have. An attached man is so much sexier than a single one. It's like winning a prize!

  4. Milan

    I really don't understand this much at all, Fav. The pursuit of someone that has dated a friend of yours is beyond me. I've experienced "thirsty" dudes on a few occassions. The most recent this one dude (greek org. ommitted) who dated (casually AND seriously)one of my prophytes for like…years. Years they messed around and it was common knowledge. Now right there, you're off limits. I'm not checkin for you or looking at you. Now on the flip side for him…I used to date one of his frat brothers that he was/is close to and he knew that as well. However, I saw him again at my best friend's wedding this past summer and his pursuit began afterwards. At first I was like "has he forgotten i'm her NEO…like..we're close…I KNOW ya'll were together before. Did he forget I dated his boy back in the day?" Sooo…I reminded him in a nice but 'phuck off' way. His response was tragically on some ole "yeah…that was back then..this is now…so wassup?" Uggh. Trash. So just as there are Man Laws pertaining to this…there are Woman Laws that go the same way. I obeyed mine (you date my friend, you're off limites)…he was willing to let his go. LMAO. SMH….

  5. Shemika S.

    I'm so glad you pointed that out. I hear girls calling other girls thirsty a lot and I don't like it.But what is hardly spoken of is thirsty guys.This goes back to my feelings about the "Rotation". I feel like it is 'Common Courtesy' not to go after one of your friends girls/guys but it is beyond obvious that everyone doesn't feel this way.It's like there aren't any boundaries.So what can you do other than stand by what you believe in? If your ideals and morals are different from mine that's fine but I wouldn't indulge in my friends' ex's it's way too many people on Earth for that.This does raise a question though.Say your friend is trying to talk to a girl but she's actually interested in you and she lets both of you know the deal. Would it be okay for you to pursue her then?Is there a man law for that?

  6. Veronica

    Ahhh!!! Nice post. (please excuse typos as I am responding via phone.). I am so glad this was brought up!! Guys are thirsty also. I think several relationship stereotypes can go both ways…for males and females. I wouldn't consider it man law because I don't think it's just a man problem. I'd say this is common courtesy/ common sense. Like u mentioned, the jump off situation could be a whole diff topic!!! I personally wouldn't knowingly go after a friend's ex. And would be rather offended if a "friend" went after one of mine. If u notice- I said knowingly, right?!? So question- what happens in the situation where a secret situation is going on…. Secret for whatever reason-(trynna figure it out…bed buddies plus). And a friend/associate expresses interest in your "friend". Can u, by right get mad when nothing official is happening? Should u tell the "secret" to the friend about the relationship? What to do if the flirting/ advancements are on what is essentially a "secret lover"? Still a thirsty friend, or just a potential mess???

  7. Tunde

    milan: dude was all the way wrong in that situation. he not only had no loyalty to his friend/frat brother but he was persistent when he clearly was fighting a losing battle. #failshemika: "Say your friend is trying to talk to a girl but she's actually interested in you and she lets both of you know the deal. Would it be okay for you to pursue her then?Is there a man law for that?"-i would be cool with that if i was the guy that the girl wanted or if i was the guy that the girl didn't want. like gucci said "next 15 one coming". i wouldn't throw salt in the next man's game or be upset because i didn't get "chose". my friend is going to be my friend regardless. i would imagine that most of my friends would feel the same way. the key is that she came to both of us and explained the situation so nothing looks shady.veronica: the situation you described with the secret situation happens more often than not. this is a very sticky situation (no pun intended) and it could cause for a lot of hurt feelings. not everyone wants to put their "dealings" out in the open for public knowledge. i'm one of those people and i tend to be a little more private. in this situation i think i would tell the secret to my friend to prevent things from getting any more complex and i wouldn't call this situation thirsty.

  8. Ms.Minx

    Oh my goodness, yeah, I have come across quite a few thirsty ones. Unfortunately, esp when I moved back home and started dating, I came across a whole lot of 'em. SMHAs for being thirsty, thankfully even if/when a friend/Soror's ex is cute/eligible, I do not cross that line. I don't know why people invite so many complications into their lives. There are too many things in life that are already complicated. I am not trying to ruin friendships and add stress to my life. No thanks. A bit of will power never killed anyone. SmhExcelente post 🙂

  9. Tunde

    minx:see that's the thing i'm talking about right there. will power. physical attraction is a natural part of life but why must you act on every desire that you have? good comment.

  10. Tunde

    anonymous: the fact that you referred to yourself as a bloke let's me know that you're not american. no slight to you but american males are expected to watch sports like football, basketball and baseball. no figure skating and men's gymnastics. it seems quite suspect.

  11. Anonymous

    @Tundelol . . . I am not American, true, but I was raised north of your border and on all the sports that you referred to, and more (ie. ice hockey, probably the First sport of Man Law!). I suppose I can understand figure skating being "suspect", but gymnastics?

  12. DJ Martian Man Hunter

    1)addendum 3 of man law #57 says that it is ok to watch men's gymnastics during the olympics when Gold Medal's are on the line and we have to beat china or russia2)Bro's before H_'s is a lost law, due to the P____ recession. Dude's are thirsty because this drought that has been going on has them dehydrated. I personally hold strong to this principle because I believe that I can avoid drama If I avoid girls that have dealt with my friends. I think no matter what the reason it is tacky, and distasteful to have any other relationship other then a platonic friendship with an individual previously involved with a homey. Loyalty my friend is dying, but I intend to keep that virtue close to my heart, and avoid any temptation that would corrupt it..

  13. Tunde

    DJ: in reference to number please refer to my last comment to regards to your second comment i disagree. i don't think there is a p*ssy recession. women now-a-days tend to give it up with less effort as i've noticed in the past. not to slight women who do this but i don't think that men have to work as hard for sex as they used to. if this is the case it makes it seem even more lame to pursue a friend's past or current. out of all the women in your town or state and you HAD to have that one? i 100% agree with everything else you wrote in the second comment.

  14. Anonymous

    @Tundelol . . . not at all, although I might be suspicious of a person who notices the outfit more than the athleticism. I think gymnasts are amazingly talented and, unlike male figure skaters, they are not surrounded by rumours about their sexual proclivity. Regardless of what they wear or who they do, if I am interested in their sport and they are talented, I will watch.Would you have watched basketball prior to the 1990s, when players wore short shorts?

  15. Reecie

    I agree with what Minx said about willpower. I do think that in rare circumstances, its not thirsty or breaking laws but its a lot easier just avoid any overlapping to if for no other reason than for the drama.

  16. v

    OMG I love this, you are right on point. And hell yes I get men/boys bragging' on what they can do and blah blah blah to which I am rollin' my eyes. Been so let down and then they want to have a do over!! Really a do over? Oh hell no! You are not wasting anymore of time!! K.I.M. (keep it moving)!!

  17. Tunde

    V: i think you meant to post that comment in my mr. flintstone post. either way i have a question. you've never had a sexual experience with a person that was under achieving and then maybe the 2nd or 3rd time around it was like 10x better?


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