Call Me Mr. Flintstone

So many jokes could be said here.

I’ve never really blogged about sex and I really don’t have a reason why I haven’t. I mean I love sex. Everything about it. How it makes me feel. How I can bring multiple orgasms make a woman feel. When sex is good it can make life that much better.

Laying in bed I just watched the Bedrock video by Young Money. I actually like this song for some reason even though the only artists I really like from Young Money are Jae Millz & Gudda. I actually think Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Mack Maine and this Chucky character are garbage. But getting back on topic I couldn’t help but chuckle at this line:

“Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bedrock.”

In my sexual experiences I have learned that women who talk a lot about what they can do often leave much to be desired in that department (maybe in the comment section some women can speak on their experiences). There are so many songs that would have you believe that its cool to brag on your sexual prowess but in my opinion that’s like peeling a ripe banana only to find out its rotten on the inside (see what i did there? lol). I did a search on my iTunes on the word sex and these are the songs that I got:

I Invented Sex- Trey Songz ft. Drake
Sex Therapy- Robin Thicke
Sex in Crazy Places- Gucci Mane ft. Bobby Valentino & Nicki Minaj

That’s just a couple. I’m not going to get into some of the things that come out of Nicki Minaj, Trina and Lil Kim’s mouth or goes in. I would put money up that these three chicks are probably terrible in bed [*1]. Once again from my experiences it’s usually the ones that are quiet and don’t have to talk about what they can do that will knock your socks off literally.

Be honest. Who’s been here before?

I’m quite confident in what I can do (or can’t do) but I don’t see the need to broadcast that to whomever. If they are fortunate enough then they can have my actions speak much louder than my words (yeah I did that lol). Ladies, do you brag on your good good? No Ashanti. Fellas, are you in these streets telling these woman how you can have them walking funny the next day? Maybe you’re like me and don’t talk about it, you just be about it. Speak your piece/peace. lol


[*1] I have nothing against these women and I could be absolutely wrong but even if I had the opportunity to see for myself I think I would pass. Well maybe not on Trina. She’s Still Da Baddest B*tch.

15 thoughts on “Call Me Mr. Flintstone

  1. Robin

    There's no need to talk about it. Just put up the action and hopefully your partner will be pleasantly surprised.BTW, I'm not terribly impressed with the song.

  2. KNix

    I HAVE to post a comment on this because I truly agree. Please don't talk shyt about what you can do to me because I know FOR SURE that it's not going down like that. What happens if you can't perform?? I'm like you Tunde, I don't brag about what I can or can't do for that matter, in the dark. Be a lady in the streets and you know the rest (sorry for the cliche'). I'm actually attracted to guys who exude confidence but don't have to speak on it. BTW…I think the song is cute even though I believe I've heard that phrase before.

  3. Ms. Minx

    LOL! You stay #onyourcockyshitI tend to get turned off by guys who brag a lot, partly for the reasons u've said, and also cuz I don't like guys with a big mouth *pause*. Means they'll probably talk about you too. No, thanks.To paraphrase Robin: don't talk about it…be about it!And I haven't heard the song :o\

  4. Milan

    Yeah. The most vocal/raunchy talkin dudes are usually garbage in bed. *shrugs*. I don't speak openly about the bedroom, sex, what I make it do (haha), etc etc. For some reason it just seems unnecessary and tacky, imo. Ppl (women and men) who do it on social networking sites such as twitter always seem to be "looking" for high fives and attention. I'd also rather not get that type of attention from the type of dude that would be intrigued by that…on twitter or anywhere else. LMAO! I agree with what everyone else said here as well.

  5. Tunde

    in response to everyone who would insinuate that i might be bragging myself that is definitely not the case. surely i post a couple of sexual lyrics here and there on twitter but that's just in humor and i enjoy good word play. also, let me point out that rappers, singers, etc. are in the business of making money and frankly sex sells so i'm not knocking their hustle. anonymous: you can come out and say it. because i wrote this post i'm basically the pot calling the kettle black. i'll take that. i'm still confident in mine. 🙂 unless we've had sex there is no way for you to know anyway. plus like i said this post was written in good humor.

  6. Tunde

    oh yeah minx:yes i may have started the #onmycockyshit hashtag but trust it's for a reason (also when i started it wasn't related to anything sexual). also, i've seen you use it a couple of times myself. lol i'm just ribbing you (did you see what i did there?…wait never mind).

  7. Ashley

    I think this goes back to the ole saying "Those who have it don't brag about it and those who want it constantly speak about it". Most people who brag about anything (sex,money, members of the opposite sex they've had,material things) tend NOT to have these things at all. they are bragging to remind themselves of what they want one day.Also,being cocky and talking about being cocky are two different things,lol!Good post PC!

  8. Ms. Lotus

    Okay, so I'm late on this one, but I'll post anyway. I'm the quiet girl. I once got a classroom award that read "She's so quiet, that if she screamed, it would sound like a whisper". A LOT of people tell me that they can't even imagine me having sex because I'm so quiet, and look so "innocent". Let me fast-forward…then I was with my ex on and off for 4 years, and he's known as the "bad boy". He opened his mouth to his friends..that chatted with other guys…(this is what I'm thinking)..Since then, I've had guys tell me that I'm not as "innocent" as I look, and my ex has often called me a "freak", even to this day…..So maybe it is the quiet ones… Ms.Lotus aka..I can't even brag..if you experience it, then you can be the judge..


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