*****It’s been a while since I blogged about one of my dreams. I have been having dreams but I just haven’t been feeling motivated to blog about them. *****

In this particular dream I was back in college only I went to a school that actually had a football team that had a big time football program. My best friend played defensive end for our school’s team and he was thought of as being a very high draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft. For some reason he asked me to come to the combine with him. If you don’t know what the combine is, it’s where all the potential NFL draft picks come and perform tests. Like the 40 yard dash, bench pressing and even written tests.

While there some of the coaches asked me what position I played. I told them that I was there strictly for support. I kept getting asked over and over until I eventually told the coaches that I played wide receiver. They had me run the 40 yard dash and I shattered the record with a time 4.02 seconds. After that I excelled at most of the other drills and tests. Pretty good for someone who never played college football.

Come draft day this is where it gets weird. I was invited to the NFL Draft and all my family was there. I got picked third overall by the St Louis Rams. Once home my parents threw me a huge party and all my friends and family were invited. Funny thing is all my ex-girlfriends (except for one) showed up. I was wondering why my parents would invite them but they came. It really was on some Mike Jones sh*t. You know: “Back then they ain’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me.”

*****This dream was so weird. Usually if I wake up mid-dream and I fall back to sleep I usually have a completely different dream. Last night I woke up maybe 3-4 times and my dream kept picking up where it left off.*****


Football- To dream that you are playing football or on a football field, represents your competitive nature. Alternatively, you are not getting enough cooperation in some area of your life. You are faced with many demanding challenges.

Ex- Past lovers often highlight the positive experiences you had with that person. It could also signify aspects of yourself that you have x’d out or neglected.


3 thoughts on “Dream-12/28/09

  1. Miss Davis

    "Ex- Past lovers often highlight the positive experiences you had with that person. It could also signify aspects of yourself that you have x'd out or neglected."positive my ass


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