Racist or Truth Teller?

After hearing/reading about this new scandal involving Harry Reid I’m really over people. Basically he made comments saying Barack Obama was elected president because he was light skinned and had a lack of “negro dialect”. I feel like people nowadays get offended by the simplest things. Honestly, Harry Reid told the truth and because he’s a senator he’s not allowed to have an opinion? If you don’t agree with what he said then don’t vote for him again when his term is up. Simple as that. When Wale said something similar in his song Shades ft Chrisette Michele no one raised an eyebrow:

What if Barack skin was all black truthfully would he be a candidate or just a blackened community because black dudes tend to lack unity”

Let’s be real with ourselves, if Barack was dark skinned and spoke with a distinct accent (not even slang) would he be president today? Probably not. Would he have gotten support from Caucasians? Probably not.
I think its a matter of people getting mad at the truth. Like they say: “The truth hurts.” When Don Imus called the Rutger’s players nappy headed hoe’s, he was wrong. He didn’t know if they were hoe’s or not. Nappy headed? Sure a lot of them were. I think if anything Don Imus should have been called sexist instead of racist.
People are so sensitive. People have the right to say what they want about who they want (as long as you don’t slander or libel). Its called the 1st Amendment. Its really not about what you are called its about what you answer to. Remember:

“If they talked about Jesus what makes you think they won’t talk about you.”


6 thoughts on “Racist or Truth Teller?

  1. queenkidd

    Well, that was deep and has a lot of truth to it. The biggest thing that is true is that racisim is still alive but everyhting some white person says a bout black people is not always racist.. if we can be intelligent enough to see real racism then we should use that same inteligence to see ppl opinions. Now, there are some ppl out here really doing things in a slick way but again know when it is wrong and racist and not just some one opinion then label it what it is not what everybody else says what it is.

  2. Jubilance

    I had the same conclusion you did.What's really bothering me about this whole thing is how the Repubs & the news stations are trying to spin this story & make it more than what it is. On CNN this am I heard comparisons to the Trent Lott thing (where he said Strom Thurmond should have won the presidency & the US would be better) where the Dems called for him to step down. Harry Reid made a true observation but didn't say it in the best way; Trent Lott advocated that we go back to segregation & Jim Crow. These two things are not the same & the fact that folks are even making a comparison is telling.

  3. Ashley

    1st love da layout, 2nd love da picture, and 3rd I completely agree with you (minus the imus thing). I think the guys comment was on point and the truth. I was more offended by his "apology" rather than his comment. Being from where i'm from color is a BIG deal in the black community. Light skin vs dark skin and everything in the middle is an argument I am oh to familiar with. I do believe that part of Obama's appeal (to the general public) was the fact that he was black enuff to be black but not to black to be black (if you catch my drift). He was polished,well read, and played the part to get in the "house" and that is fact. A "clean-non threatening"(not saying Obama is non-threatening) kneegrow will always be accepted by Caucasians. I think Obama himself knew that he had to play the part. I respect the truth no matter how ugly,hurtful,or shameful it might be! *sidenote* I agree with you so it must mean it's gonna snow again,lol*


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