Skin-Freaky Friday

***My girl Reecie sometimes does a Freaky Friday post over at Soundtrack of My Life, featuring her favorite sexy jam at the moment. I was thinking of her when I decided I wanted to post something similar today. Since I’m not going to be getting into any freaky activity today, I figured I’d write about it since I can’t have the real thing. Also Reecie picked the soundtrack for this post. I respect her musical opinion. She be on it, so check out her blog. ***

I love your skin. It’s soft and smooth. I’ve reiterated that I don’t care what complexion a woman’s skin is, just as long as its healthy (read here). When you have on lotion that smells good, I take a deep breath when I hug you and take it all in #twss, pause. I relish the feeling when our skin touches and the hairs on our body stand straight.
I love the feeling of skin to skin contact. I just don’t mean actual penetration or oral gratification. Sure I would love to impale you and watch the sheer look of joy, pain and exhilaration on your face. In reality that’s just one part of the experience. I want to feel your breasts against my chest. Our hearts beating in unison. The sweat dripping off your back sliding down my chest and down my stomach. Your legs wrapped around my waist as our lips and tongues intertwine. I don’t want to be able to tell where you stop and I begin as I get deeper and deeper. Side by side, on top, upside down, forward and backward, however we get it, I want every part of my body to touch every part of yours. For me and you its not just an act but an experience. I’m going to savor every moment of this adventure.
When we have both come back down to reality from what just occurred, I still crave that skin to skin contact. I know its cold out but after I get you a warm washcloth and something to drink, don’t worry about being cold. We’ll use body heat to keep us warm. We’ll sleep content and satisfied while our limbs are tangled. In my sleep I subconsciously put my hand there, while you put your hand here and before you know round 2 has begun. The next morning even though I’m late to my meeting and we’re tired from lack of sleep the look of your body and the fact that its morning has inspired round 3. Or does this count as a different match? Who cares if I’m late to my meeting? I love the feeling of your skin.
Mood Music (if I used any):

18 thoughts on “Skin-Freaky Friday

  1. Anonymous

    Had me thinking back on a few things…….. then I had to remember I was at work! I think I might need a cold shower or at least to read this in the privacy of my own home!!!

  2. Anike Love

    Kai! Mon la ti find okunrin Naija to le show emotion like you! Whew struggling…hope you understood that lol! And skin-to-skin contact, my chocolatey goodness, it's fire! Nice post!

  3. Anike Love

    Yeah, there's a million out there, but you know all of ya'll aren't socialized to know how to love up a woman! lol And I'm a 1st Generation (whoop whoop!) living in the DMV

  4. Anike Love

    Now you know I'm not about to be putting my information out on blast like that ja re! And yeah, I was raised here, but don't try to whisper Yorubish behind my back, I'm pretty fluent! And you're talking about Naijaland home, or back to the DMV? Where are you now? P.S. Isn't this throwing your comments section off?? lol

  5. Anike Love

    Haha, well te te, the DMV will welcome you back with open arms! I'm sure we will unknowingly, but indubitably pass by each other in some function up here, if we haven't already. Au revoir!


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