This past weekend I had a lot of fun hanging with friends. That says a lot considering I stayed in boring Nashville. I did a variety of things but the highlight of my weekend was a GSA (Graduate Student Association) sponsored social activity. We went to play paintball. I never really had a desire to play after seeing the giant blister a paintball left on my brother’s neck when we were younger.

Paintball is a game or sport where players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them with paintballs. We played on an outdoor field with teams of 5. We played capture the flag in a wooded playing field. That to me was the most fun. I think I would make a pretty good solider. We also played elimination on a hyper field. I really didn’t like that game because it required less strategy and team work.

After a while we played on a larger wooded area playing field. To me the field was entirely too large because I got lost a couple of times and it was 17-17. It was hard to distinguish who was on my team. My greatest victory was sniping the hell out a dude who was dressed like this:

He blended in very well with the brush but seeing as I have 20/20 vision and great hearing, I heard him crawling through the brush. He got unloaded on (pause).

We were out there for about 3 hours and I had a complete blast. If you haven’t been I strongly suggest you go. I was worried about the paintballs hurting or leaving bruises but I wore 3 layers of bottoms and tops and left unscathed. I am seriously considering buying my own paintball gun and going once a month. I wonder if the United States Paintball League (USPL) has any leagues near Nashville.


5 thoughts on “Paintball

  1. Kurt Watson

    I too attended this paintball extravaganza and I must echo your sentiments. I had an awesome time. I had played paintball before but it has been 7+ years. So I already knew how fun it was which is why I was always a strong advocate for this social activity at the GSA meetings. Even though it was a bit of a drive to get there I wouldn't mind going regularly myself. Good friends and plenty of fun this past weekend!!!

  2. Suru

    First time on your blog… I wonder what living in Nashville is like… Paintballing is so much fun I've only done it twice one outdoors and one indoors…

  3. Tunde

    @Kurt: Yeah dawg. We definitely need to go again. Good times. @Suru: Welcome! You should stick around. Subscribe to the feeder or add it to your google reader 🙂 Depending on what city you're from Nashville could seem like a big city with lots to do or just a bore. I'm from DC so I think Nashville is quite boring.

  4. Ms. Sylaneous

    #1- I never got to go Paintballing when I was there. When my class went, I was about 2 wks out of ALC surgery… THEN I loved money so much, I would go to work at the mall when they were out having the paintball wars… #2- Tunde sit cho butt down somewhere… LOL MY GOSHHHH I can't imagine how you could POSSIBLY fit ANYTHING else into your days… you tweetin at 4am about your 10th game of bball.. then about your western blots not coming out right, THEN at about 7 it's 'lost' (insert sad face here cause it's gone now huh?)…THEN from 8pm-10pm you tweetin from your other ball games…LOL Chile- when the hell do you sleep?#3- LOL @ Kurt's 'I'm-super-smart-Imma-wear-a-smoking-jacket-and-bite-a-pipe-and-speak-with-a-exaggerated-british-accent-when-I-grow-up' beginning in his response, "I TOO attended this paintball extravaganza and I must echo your sentiments' LOL LOLYou two are silly!


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