Rain boots

This weekend I was home and I had a great time despite the fact that it rained the ENTIRE weekend. The rain wasn’t enough to spoil the fact that I was home with family and friends. The one thing that I noticed with the torrential downpours was women brought out their rain boots. I never noticed how much I liked this look on a woman before this past weekend. Its simple yet sexy to me. I think its the fact that that I like a woman to look cute and comfortable over titillating and uncomfortable.

While I’m on the subject of articles of clothing women put on in the rain. I love seeing a woman in a trench coat to go with those rain boots. Perfect combination in my book and would definitely get a second look from me.

Fellas, how do you feel about rain boots? Do women look stupid when they wear rain boots when its not wet outside? Am I way off base?

8 thoughts on “Rain boots

  1. Ronald Gray

    A sistas in some rain bots can DEF. get it,team! I'm just HAPPY that we won't be seein em in them stupid UGG boots anymore….and what was up w/ the GUYS wearin' em?!? Did they have em in ya town,cause dudes started poppin' up in Philly with em! smh

  2. Tunde

    @Ronald: team we are >___< with it. i HATE ugg boots. and do you mean guys are wearing rain boots or uggs? either way, o_0@Reina: hmmm 🙂

  3. MsღLotus

    I love rain boots, Hunter rainboots that is, regardless of the price. Rainboots + trench= comfy and fashionable..Ronald and Tunde…please do not hate of UGGS. Within the last 5 years, I've had several pairs..love them.. 🙂

  4. Dash

    I'm with Ronald, (I'm a female) UGGS MUST go. Enough is enough. So old andunoriginal, every other female has it, it's banal. Rainboots should only be worn when…it rains. *gasp* I recently had to give in and purchased a pair bc of its practical uses. I didn't get a pair sooner because, like in the case of the uggs EVERY female was wearing them. I hate lemming-ism.


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