Yes I’m a sucker for…


Random dimples

A dimple is any sort of indentation. Most dimples are actually caused by a birth defect. The most common cause of dimples is a shortened muscle, which explains why dimples are not always apparent at rest, since muscles are typically in their shortened state at rest. In the face, shorter face muscles pull at the skin, especially when someone smiles, creating a classic dimple.

Despite the fact that dimples are defects, I love the way they look. Besides nice, full lips dimples are the only other facial feature that I believe can really bring out a smile on a woman. I often think that women with dimples shouldn’t be allowed to frown. They should just walk around happy all the time (or at least look like they’re happy). There are a couple of women I know that I would love to stick my tongue in their dimples. There is this one woman in particular (yes you).

Since I’m a science guy I had to look up some genetic facts on dimples.

The genetic of dimples is actually rather interesting. Dimples are a dominant, which means that it only takes one gene to inherit dimples. If neither of your parents has dimples, you shouldn’t have them either, unless you experience a spontaneous mutation. If one of your parents has dimples, you have a 25-50% chance of inheriting the gene, since it means that parent inherited the gene from one or both parents. If both of your parents have dimples, you have a 50-100% chance of inheriting the gene, depending on how they inherited their dimple genes.

One celebrity who’s dimples I am really attracted to is Lauren London.

I used to love her. Not anymore.
We all know why.

19 thoughts on “Yes I’m a sucker for…

  1. Tunde

    @Ciara: yes i think her overall sexiness factor dropped by like 84%. @DC: yep seems like the perfect fit for the tip of my tongue. *shrug*

  2. Ms. Minx

    LMAO @ the LL comment…I agree though, she effed herself up with that :(I think dimples are so cute, on both men & women 🙂 I hope my kids have 'em.

  3. Miss Sia

    Kryptonite. Dimples on a man's face is just that. And luckily there's always a great smile. It's a win-win! At least for me. So I definitely relate.

  4. Reecie

    Lauren London does have cute dimples. I love dimples too. I only have one but I was always told I got it from being kissed by an angel 😉 My mom also has only one in the same location so I guess your science was right!

  5. Anonymous

    I like the science part too, so I hope you don't mind the query."The most common cause of dimples is a shortened muscle, which explains why dimples are not always apparent at rest, since muscles are typically in their shortened state at rest."Don't muscles shorten when they contract and lengthen as they relax?

  6. Tunde

    @Minx: i hope my kids have them as well since i don't. @Miss Sia: yes smiles are like kryptonite. i promise that's one of the first things i look for. @Reecie: you definitely have a nice dimple. 😀 @Anonymous: yes you are right but when the muscles where the dimples are located are contracted they shorten even more than they should causing the dimple.

  7. Milan

    Dimples on a man are *swoonworthy*…I don't ever need a man with a nice smile and dimples. He'd get over big time on me. Oh and I hollared at the end…"we all know why". Silly butt. smh

  8. Madam DLBG

    *first time reader and poster*It's crazy because as a kid, going to a science and math middle school where we were taught everything, I was teased because my dimples were a "birth defect", lolI didn't know about the dominant gene though. Neither of my parents have then (yes, they are my biological), but my grandmother on my father's side and my family on my maternal side have them, so I figured I got them through a recessive gene.

  9. Tunde

    @Madam:welcome. subscribe and check out some of my other posts. yeah it would seem like at least one of your parents would have dimples but as far as dominant/recessive genes most phenotypes are actually the opposite of what you would think. for instance freckles and widow's peaks are dominant genes, while normal number of fingers/toes, albinism and hemophilia are recessive traits. here is a website that lists a couple more dominant vs recessive genes:

  10. Jubilance

    I have 2 deep dimples, and I always attract the men who love dimples. It also helps that I love to laugh & smile, so you can always see them.And LMAO @ "As we all know why"….sorry dude.

  11. Tunde

    @Jubilance: thats right, you do have dimples. :-)@Anike Love: ah ha! the butt dimple. i was waiting for someone to bring these up. they surely do get love (at lease from me). 😉

  12. Tunde

    @Ronald: i didn't know kerri washington had dimples. i thought she just had very pronounced cheek bones (which can also be very attractive depending on who has them).

  13. Ms. Sylaneous

    HAHA… this is a cute post… #1- I think Lauren London is very pretty, don't hold it against that girl cause she had a 'weak wayne moment' in her life darn it! LOL#2- **damn near died** with the 'butt dimple' comment. I'd have to say those would be the only ones I'd have…LOL and darn it, I'm not ashamed of em. I figure if dimples on the cheeks show when smiling, and smiling implies happiness or good humor, then I have GOT to have the most giddy butt this side of the Mississippi! LOL #3-I think I'm a sucker for men's mouths. LOL (don't take it to the left please!) The 'perfect' set of lips and teeth and smile… omg… my knees get all weak, and I start the lil 'school girl' giggle/blush thing… LOL (#dontjudgeme damn it) Celeb head nod to Lemman Rucker (Jill Scott's boo in Tyler Perry's movie) and non-celeb (althought I think he THINKS he is) head nod to Tunde Akinyeke…

  14. Sunkissed404

    Ya know…this is funny. My mom has one dimple. Growing up, I wanted dimples so bad I can remember trying to smile a certain way to make one appear..Don't ask. I also wanted braces, even though my teeth were straight(got em at 23 and off at 24 because of TMJ-loved em),and glasses (which I wear now, and are a pain). Yea, I'm kind of a


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