Spring Forward

With temperatures in the mid 70’s and no rain in sight it looks like spring has officially hit Nashville (although I couldn’t tell by looking out my window right now). I’m glad that the weather is finally starting to break. Spring is a good time of year. It seems like a chance to start over break ups are at an all time high and get a fresh outlook on the rest of the year. Here are some of the things I like about spring:
Longer hours of daylight. Its seems like I have more time to get more things done even though there are technically the same amount of hours in the day.
Spring cleaning. I’m a neat freak. I don’t like junk or clutter, so I use the change in seasons to clean my house from top to bottom.
Sundresses, flipflops and sandals. I love when women break them out and show some skin.

Wearing white. I like the look of white sneakers. White sneakers just don’t look as fresh when its cold out. I’m just waiting to break these back out:

Brevity. Spring doesn’t stick around as long as summer and winter so it doesn’t give you a chance to get tired of it.
One thing I promise makes me hate is spring is allergies. Pollen is my worst enemy. Ironically I never had allergy problems until I moved to Tennessee. Growing up I felt sorry for my mother when she had bad allergy attacks. Now I deal with the same thing. Needless to say my best friend for the next couple of weeks will be:

What do love about spring time? What do you hate?

9 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. Miss Sia

    Since I live in NY, I revel in Central Park. Its great year 'round but in spring flowers are blooming and its a place of solace if you know where to go. And less clothes, ftw!

  2. N.I.A. naturally...

    I love being outside, and I love exercising outside. With the longer hours, I can go for a run after work, and still have plenty of daylight. I love running through the park or along the Greenway, taking in all nature has to offer during the spring. And spring gives me the chance to show off my pedicure. I hate having my feet covered, and I love showing off my pretty toes. lol.

  3. Milan

    I am a sundress, sandals girl at heart. I love feeling the sun on my skin and getting bronzed so when Spring hits and warmer temps are here (well in LA…HOT temps) I am super geeked to be extra "girly" and rock my dresses and tanks and summer tops and sandals. Not to mention all the pretty bright nailpolish colors that I get to wear on my fingers and toes. Yes I love it. I'm developing allergies as I get older…I don't love that. =(

  4. Nick_L_Odeon

    i live in Florida.. so it's almost ALWAYS a sundress type of situation.. actually, it's almost a uniform.. however, this year's rainy/cold season has lasted longer than usual.. i'm not mad at that!! because when it gets warm here, it's WARM!! i love exercising outside.. the gym smells of chlorine that they use for the pool.. lol.. however.. it wasn't until this year.. (namely two weeks ago) that i started having allergies.. so i'm wondering if your Zyrtec works.. the eyes are itching.. and i'm swollen and i'm UPSET that my 2nd favorite season is the cause of all of this.. so if i'm gonna be sneezing like this, then BRING ON THE FALL!!! yeah.. it's made me a hater.. Nick

  5. Reina

    I'm beyond ready for the spring though DC is acting real punk-like right now. Sandals and sundress and shorts and driving with the top down. I can't wait!

  6. Ms.Minx

    Well, I love the heat, cuz I'm a summer baby πŸ™‚ so I guess my fave thing about Spring is that it brings me closer to Summer. It's not so "Springy" here right now, kinda rainy, but temps are warming up a teensy bit. London summers are like Spring elsewhere, I guess, lol. I also love the sundresses, flip flops, bright colors and flowers in the park. I actually think I'm much more attractive in the Spring/Summer than in the winter, lol. Its that glow πŸ™‚

  7. keisha brown

    open toed shooooes!!!green grass/flowers in bloom/birds chirping seeing kids play outsidepeople are generally nicer wardrobe possibilities open (live in toronto)did i mention the shoes?im sure i've got more if i really tried…

  8. Sunkissed404

    Soooo…I live in Georgia..and am no more used to the allergies here than you are. They suck!! I hate em', I hate em..I'm against immunotherapy, because as the doctors put it "The shots only work when you keep taking them"…my rebuttal is "Zyrtec only works when you keep taking it", so I take it daily. I have allergies and Asthma tho'. On the flip side, I looove nature. I like to sit in the park and reflect…and I like going out and not having to worry about where I'm going to stash my coat.


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