Sleep Patterns

Besides from the randomness that floats around in my brain, the focus of my blog when I first made it public was to write about my dreams and interpret them. I have very interesting and vivid dreams. I’ve actually gotten away from that lately even though I still have random dreams. I honestly don’t think most of the dreams I’ve been having lately are appropriate for public consumption anyway.
One thing I realized I never talked about here is sleep patterns. Have you ever paid any attention to the picture at the head of this blog? The guy sleeping in the desert using a rock for a pillow? Well I picked that picture because that’s usually how I look while I’m sleeping.
I have to be the most restless, random sleeper in the history of sleep. Most times I fall asleep on my side. It’s almost impossible for me to fall asleep on my back. It’s usually hard for me to fall asleep if there is complete silence. I need the tv or radio to be on.
I hate pillows. They are cool when I’m laying in bed watching tv but I hate propping my head up on a pillow while sleeping. If I do sleep with a pillow my head is usually UNDER the pillow. I don’t know how I haven’t suffocated myself in my sleep yet. The times when I do sleep with a pillow I wake in the morning with a crick in my neck. Not the best way to wake up.
What I don’t understand is how any woman shares a bed with me. As much as I abhor pillows while sleeping, whenever I’m in bed with a woman my head somehow manages to find its way to her pillow. Most people’s body temperature drops while they are sleep but not mine. I’ve been told that I’m very hot natured. Couple that with that fact that I move around in my sleep and I’m not surprised that I haven’t been punched in the back of head while I’ve been sleep.
Oh yeah and when I’m extremely tired I might drool in my sleep. TMI that’s ok too.

13 thoughts on “Sleep Patterns

  1. bumight

    @ ur second to last paragraph, it means you're a cuddler. if there's a male in my bed, i cant sleep if there isnt contact of some sort, be it cuddling, legs touching or something!

  2. levelheadedchick

    I'm a pretty restless sleeper myself. School completely screwed my sleep pattern up. It took two years for me to readjust to a "normal" pattern of sleep. Even when I left school, I would go to bed around 3am or 4am and be up at 6am, work all day, then repeat it…I did this for YEARS…..I also need to sleep to the tv or radio, not sure why…..

  3. Tunde

    @bumight: yeah i guess i could be classified as a sort of cuddler. @max: that's just plain weird. i used to talk to a girl who slept with her eyes open. shit scared me half to death because i thought she died in her sleep.@levelheadedchick: i'm usually up at 5am during the week so i can get my workout in. if i don't go to bed around 11:30 or so i'm done for. school really messed me up too. all nighters for no reason. now i know the importance of sleep.

  4. Dr. J

    I hate sleeping on pillows, but need a lot on my bed. I have weird sleep patterns because I actually don't sleep that much. One day a long time ago, I stopped getting enough sleep and i've never gone back. Amazingly, I find myself into some of the weirdest stuff in the wee hours of the morning.

  5. Ladycakes

    I tend to be a pretty deep sleeper but it seems to take forever to find that spot plus I move all around the bed. I've even fallen out the bed with my pillow and blanket on occasions. I also go through what I like to call bedtime menopause.

  6. Tunde

    @Dr. J: yeah those late/early morning activities will definitely mess with your sleeping pattern. @Ladycakes: i remember when i was younger (around 7/8) i shared a room with my brother. i slept on the top bunk. rolled over and fell right out the bed (didn't have guard rails). needless to say i never looked at bunk beds the same again.

  7. Reina

    I'm a pretty calm sleeper. I sleep on my stomach, cuddle up with my pillow, and I won't move to the morning. It's the same when I'm sleeping with someone. I always find my way on top of them somehow.

  8. Kash

    I usually sleep curled up on my side and I generally stay in the same spot till I wake up whether I'm sleeping alone or with someone. I love pillows!

  9. Miss Sia

    This post has me cracking up. I too sleep wild, but unlike you, I love my pillows. One gets held sideways, the others are under my head. As far as sleep goes, when I dont get it, Im cranky and delusional. No good.

  10. Ms. Minx

    My sleep pattern changes. If I'm emotionally exhausted or stressed, I tend to sleep kinda wild, but other than that, I wake up almost exactly as I went to bed. Its been ages since I had a good, long night of uninterrupted sleep to. I miss it. School sucks, lolOh, and If I ever rolled over & saw someone sleeping with their eyes open, I would scream. That just don't sound right, lol.

  11. Anonymous

    For years I slept on a carpeted floor in the sitting room. I would never invite anyone over because I didn't want them to walk all over my "bed". Now I do sleep in a real bed. I fall asleep and wake up at its edge. I am sure I could sleep on a balance beam if it were padded. I developed this habit because I am not a cuddler and I could never be far enough away from the furnace females I used to share the bed with.

  12. Streetz

    Im the most violent sleeper I know. Ive fallen out of bunk beds, ended up in contorted positions [||] and even have hurt my shoulder from sleeping the wrong way. I wake up with scratches all over my body too, like some banshee jumped me in my sleep. smh…


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