This is Why I Write

After my last blog post I noticed 2 things.

1. After having a conversation with a woman, she told me that she enjoyed reading the post but some people might have read it and thought to themselves, “Here he goes again.” Apparently the typical male doesn’t think or behave like I do. I don’t know if that statement holds any validity but I write about a myriad of subjects here. It may seem that most of my posts concerning relationships seem like they cater towards women but I write according to my viewpoint and no one else’s. I don’t do it to get kudos from anyone. I don’t do it for compliments either.

2. I have 113 followers of this blog. Maybe twice as many actually read. I’d be willing to bet that 75% or more of the readers of this blog are women. This was very apparent in the comments section of the last post. All the comments were made by women. This one in particular stood out to me:

…So after perusing your blog, it’s not hard to see that you appreciate a lot of issues that women struggle to get their men to see, such as the battle for intimacy and the desire for what’s within to be held on a higher pedestal than our exterior…

While I do appreciate the struggle that women go through once again I don’t want my posts to be misconstrued as me attempting to receive praise or acclaim. What I write about is how I feel. I write from my perspective and standpoint.


8 thoughts on “This is Why I Write

  1. max

    There's a word for when a male blogger writes things that are seen as trying to appeal to women…pu$$y pandering I think it is.Anyway. I never got the impression that that's what you're trying to do. I do have the impression that you are a lot more evolved than the average man. Dudes like you seem to be don't come around that often so I guess it's understandable that people would think that you're faking.

  2. max

    I had a major brain fart while typing my previous comment…but since you're all evolved and sh*t I'm sure you'll get what I was trying to say 🙂

  3. Tunde

    @max: i get what you're trying to say. lol oh and *dead* at pu$$y pandering. where did you get that from?@jstar: yep that's exactly how i write. the only thing i don't do is write about my personal life. well i do but not in detail.

  4. Ms. Minx

    Like max, I never got that impression either. Actually, there've been a couple posts where you've been a little hard on some women (No #twss), so…mehKeep doing what you do, Tunez! I'll be readin'

  5. Tunde

    @ms. minx: and that's what i don't get. i go in on y'all too but oh well. i'll keep doing what i do.@bumight: be expecting your royalty check in the mail. i'll need address, birthdate and social security number. no 419 though. lol

  6. Cryssy

    knowing you the way I do(or think I do)don't think for one second you are writing to try and appeal to women. You are writing what you feel and what your life experiences have taught you!Keep on writing sweetie pie I will be reading


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