My love of pr0n

I remember it was like was yesterday. I found my father’s pr0n stash. He kept it in his file cabinet where he also kept his bills and other important documents. I forget exactly what I was looking for but what I found was the equivalent to the Holy Grail (or at least I thought so). Since that day I’ve had a love and hate affair with pr0nography. For the most part it’s been love though.

Pr0nography for whatever reason is still taboo. It seems like it’s one of those things that people partake in but never really talk about. Kind of like masturbation. No one really does it but everyone really does it. Well I for one have no quarrels discussing the fact that I do in fact watch pr0nography. After recently having a discussion on the subject I realized how much of a connoisseur I am.
Off hand I know about 10 free websites where I can watch adult films till my heart is content. I’m not really into DVDs anymore. Who really pays $29.99 for a West Coast Production film when you can get the same scene for free over at That’s just not economically responsible and while our nation is still in the shadow of a recession far be for me to financially irresponsible.
The great thing about internet porn is that you can browse for whatever category tickles your fancy. From amateur to orgies to milfs to creampies. Basically anything that you want to see and it’s there for your viewing pleasure.
Pr0nography has even made it’s way onto twitter with such “actresses” such as @LaceyDuvalleXXX, @cherokeedassxxx and @therealpinkyxxx. You have actors such as Lexington Steele who talk entirely too much during his scenes. I do have to admit that it is kind of hilarious. On the flip side you have actresses like Pinky who used to be the “in” girl until she started packing on the pounds.
Do you watch pr0nography? Why do you think it’s still taboo among a lot of people? What’s your favorite genre? Who’s your favorite “actor/actress”?

29 thoughts on “My love of pr0n

  1. Satya

    My name is Satya and I watch pron too. I have no idea why it's still taboo. I am kind of surprised it still is b/c when I got to s*x shops I see a little bit of everyone in there and the older crowd buys Dvds.I know 4 sites and my favorite is probably pornhub. Their categories are well organized. I don't have favorite actors/actresses, but I agree Lex Steele talks too much. I like interracial (onl if it's a black guy and white girl) and amateur, but i don't like anal so sometimes it takes me a while to find a movie.

  2. max

    I like porn if it's on right in front of me, but I would never seek it out. I'm not sure why but it just never occurs to me.

  3. Reecie

    Pr0n is taboo because in this country, sex in general especially not dainty, wedded sex is taboo. there is some foul stuff out there (bestiality, other strange things) that just add to the WTF factor and reason why people don't talk about it.I remember as a preteen being forced to watch porn by a guy I really liked and he told me that "it would help me learn some things" I was a virgin and repulsed. who knew that 15 years later I'd be into it. *shrugs* I've watched it in mixed company among friends but its really something I prefer to watch alone. I don't have any favorites–I'm not really good with names of the stars (not that dedicated) but when I hear names I will "search" them to see if their skills are as awesome as expressed…

  4. Tunde

    @Satya: yea pornhub is cool. another one that is comparable is when i first started watching internet pr0n i used to be on youporn or redtube. they didn't have categories so you had to search by keyword. they've recently overhauled their websites. for some reason i like amateur too. maybe it's the fact that i could any day see someone that i know or recognize someone in the streets. *shrug*@max: what do you mean if it's in front of you? like a dude pops in a dvd and makes you watch?

  5. Tunde

    @Reecie: yeah i'm not really into that many names. there are a couple that just stand out. i bet you could picture pinky in your head right now.i'll definitely watch pr0n with a woman. mixed company i don't know about that. learning things from pr0n. the only thing i could imagine that could be learned are new positions and maybe head techniques (ex supa head).

  6. Cryssy

    Steps to the mic… Hi my name is Cryssy and I watch and enjoy porn.I seriously do not get why in 2010 it is still taboo. I am not up on the sites or the "actors" names but I must say when I do get to induldge in it — me likes. It must though remain on mute cause the talking and the unecessary noises irk me.I probably need to get up on who these "actors" are cause I have been told on multiple ocassions that there are two that I favor (in the face)…

  7. Dr. J

    Back in the day we used to have, "Gentleman's Night" at the chapter house, you'd walk in and wonder why there was porn on the TV screen. It looked like it was a dogfight with men around the TV. Now people come to my house and I have the illest HD porn hustle going on. Even though free porn sites are the bomb, also, free passwords are the bomb too. I'm on Brazzers, RealityKings and BangBros heavy. I like it when a girl is like, let's watch porn. Or they show up at my house like it's cumfiesta. "Jay, I don't want to play Rock Band, I heard you got porn in HD."What's the password?

  8. max

    @Tunde yeah I'll watch it if I'm at a man's place and he turns it on or one of my boys sends me a link or shows me something. But I would never just be lying around and home and say to myself lemme go watch some porn right now.

  9. Meeka

    Not only do I watch it. I enjoy watching it. Don't let me be home on a weekend by myself and I have nothing else better to do. I will starf surfing for some flicks. I have no clue why anything xes is taboo. It's a fact of life. While there is no reason to put all your business out there, frowning up your face and acting prudish is for the birds. Pr0n is a form of entertainment. Just b/c you may not want to enact some of the scenes doesn't mean that you can sit back and enjoy the show. I know I will. Matter of fact I think when I move into my apartment in 2-wks I will have movie night. That should make for an interesting night!

  10. Tunde

    @Cryssy: i wonder who those pr0n stars are that you favor. and i feel you on the noise and extra scene. that's why i just skip to certain things that i'm interested in seeing. i.e.- back and money shots. @Dr. J: HD pr0n you say? you selling? what's the prices looking like? @Max: i guess we're just different then because if i'm bored i'll just peruse different sites.

  11. N.I.A. naturally...

    Hi, my name in N.I.A., and I watch p0rn…I agree with Reecie on why it is still taboo. In this country, sex is taboo. Hell, you have a teen mother going around giving speeches about why you should wait. People actaully believe in abstinence only education, while teenagers are having babies/abortions, and contracting STIs. It's sad, really. But we live in a fake arse puritan state.As for p0rn, I definitely enjoy it. It's a way for me to live out my fantasies free from STDs, HIV, and pregnancy. And Lex definitely talks too much. So does Mr. Marcus.

  12. JS

    I am in love with your blog… So real and so true! Thanks for sharing…I have a lot I could comment on, but it is still taboo even though more ppl are watching it than we think. And pron is not only for men to watch, but women as well, and believe me, women definitely watch it. Even if they try to deny it or make such appalled faces at the fact that you or men watch it. Hmmmmm…I don't have a favorite…it's whatever tickles my fancy at the time.

  13. Miss Sia

    I like pr0n. I don't care that its "taboo" I watch it and enjoy it. ::Shrugs:: @N.I.A. naturally I agree Lex/Mr. Marcus talks too much. Pinky is too loud. LOL

  14. Tunde

    @Meeka: yes "movie" nights are the best. when people turn their noses up at me because i watch pr0n i just laugh no the inside. prudes are funny to me. @Nia: what i don't understand is how/why sex is taboo. it's all over tv. it's in music. i guess i just have a different viewpoint when it comes to sex. @JS: why thank you. i know there are plenty of women who watch. even though they don't want to admit it. like i said it's like masturbation. so many women will scoff at the thought knowing they have a bullet, rabbit or dildo in their nightstand drawer. @Miss Sia: i really think Pinky thinks she's a dude. she probably has more flicks of her effing chicks with strap ons than she has of her getting effed.

  15. N.I.A. naturally...

    @TundeI blame the white man. lol. Seriously, back in the day, people were only supposed to have sex in marriage. And even then, a lot of women believed sex was only for reproduction purposes only, probably because they didn't get any real pleasure out of it. Women who enjoyed sex were called bad names, by men and women alike. And let's not forget all of the negative stereotypes regarding the sexual appetites of black men and black women. Basically, our country has a long history of viewing sex as something negative, and viewing women and men who enjoy sex as "bad" people(this has affected women more than men). this attitude is still prevalent in society.

  16. keisha brown

    my name is keisha and i watch pron.have been sexually curious since i read my first sex scene in my moms jackie collins book (she was xrated in comparison to danielle steele's soft core).i enjoy, black ppl vs white, the less talking the better, dudes that make noise and sex that looks like they are ACTUALLY into it. it's a hard balance cuz chicks that make too much noise irritate the hell outta me. a nice cumshot is icing on the cake. pun intended. ; )

  17. Ms. Minx

    I watch porn. I like it. I agree wit Reecie's "dainty sex" theory, too.I def hit up pornhub or redtube when I'm in the mood. Strangely, I've watched it with a buncha folx when I was in Uni, but I've never watched it with a S/O. I know 3 dudes: Lex, Mandingo (he's the one that talks too much right? hate him) & Mr. Marcus. There are too many chicks to remember, but I can't stand Pinky. She looks like a chubby dinosaur. I don't watch her stuff, lol. I'on like amateur stuff though. I like nice, semi-professional (at least) looking porn with good looking people, lol!Long live porn, lol!

  18. Tunde

    @Keisha: i forgot all about you know what chicks that make a lot of noise irritate me as well. it makes me think that they're trying too hard to make the viewer believe they are enjoying their experience. it's over the top. oh yeah and a nice cum shot is where it's at. @Ms. Minx: the one that talks too much is lex. and i guess the general consensus is that everyone hates pinky huh? lol is it the pinky blinged out chain? lol

  19. Shemika S

    I'm not into pr0n but I have a friend that lives for them.Although watching isn't exactly one of my pastimes I thinks it's hilarious that I know all of the names of the 'stars' that were mentioned in the comments lol…Way to break the silence! Good post!

  20. Boo Ji

    I've stopped watching. I've seen some disgusting porns with girls basically being raped, or sent to perform by their pimps (literally)-very young girls too (some that can't speak english). Amateur vids of course. I know a couple females that have done them and were really upset with themselves after. If you educate yourself about the industry in itself, many of these men and women end up with serious diseases, aids, genital warts, herpes etc etc…I think it's important to be mindful of what you view and what you choose to allow into your life.Sex is so…. not special these days because of these sorts of things. Everyone is looking for sex and not looking for what comes with such a special act- exchanging energy.Women you know how it goes. We let them into our bodies. Literally.

  21. Anonymous

    Im def a porn fan and I also know a ridiculous amount of names, yes offhand. Its always confused me why people are shocked by that. I mean they do have names, and no one's ever shocked when you know an actor's name – and by and large Ive prob watched more flicks than movies, but whatev.Also, surprised no one mentioned Also a good site, just sayin. lol

  22. DCBuppie

    Pr0n??? yea a must do. definitely got to watch it with a dude. Best way to see how he reacts. PREFER l male female. pinky and dem all they do is ass shots. *yawn* after a while it all starts looking the same. I like online cus I can skip right right to the "effing". I mean really i dont need the camera person to have a dialogue.

  23. Lola Gets

    While I do like to watch, I like to listen even more. And listen to real people have real orgasms, not that fake shit you hear in most pron films. Thats why I like to watch pron actresses like Sinn Sage Elexis Monroe. They do shit that looks interesting and they have real orgasms while doing so!I wish I would find films with Black actors doing the same.(Im listening to my ipod, and "Soft and Wet" by Prince just came on, lol)


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