The Highlight Reel

The highlight reel.

I’m not talking about tuning into Sports Center during the last 10 minutes of each hour to catch the top 10 plays of the day or even logging into youtube to watch career highlight plays by Deion Sanders. What I’m speaking about here is the sex highlight reel.

Sex highlight reel- A sexual experience so fantastic that you find yourself replaying the events in your mind months and even years later. This mental rolodex of sexual feats can be summoned for a number of reasons, which I won’t get into here.

I’ve been familiar with the idea of the sex highlight reel for some time now but i never really knew what to call it until I saw Couple’s Retreat. This movie details the specifics of the highlight reel. They go further to say that when you are having sex with a person and the experience is less than stellar, you can close your eyes and fall back on the highlight reel. The question put forth is that in a sense cheating?
Based on the 49 people that I’ve slept with in my life I have a highlight reel but it really isn’t that extensive.[1] It would have to be a pretty big ego boost to know that you are in someone’s highlight reel. To have that much of a lasting effect on someone has to mean that you are pretty incredible. That being said I’m pretty sure I’m in a couple of top 10 plays on a couple of highlight reels. #onmycockyshit
[1]- I hope you wouldn’t think I would actually list my body count. lololol

15 thoughts on “The Highlight Reel

  1. Cryssy

    I died laughing at the "49 people" like he is NOT telling us is number, he know better!!!But yes this reel is REAL – not sure if I have ever been in someones (hmm I take that back I know I have) BUT when you replay that adventure and you get chills #awesomenessLove this post 🙂

  2. max

    I'd never considered whether I am featured in anyone's highlight reel…now I am of course consumed by the thought.As for my own reel, I definitely pull it out in the dry spells, but I would never load it up while I was in bed with someone. That seems so wrong to me. Not cheating, but just not very nice. I'd be crushed if I knew someone did that to me.

  3. Milan

    I thought it said 49 too and then I further went on to think "WTF is favorite going through and WHY would he put his number on the innernets like that??!" and then I read the last sentence. Whew. Sorry for misjudging the common sense I know you possess, fav. LMAO! Um…now I forgot my original point I was gonna make about the highlight reel. I guess I'll just say yes they exist. Yes its a wonderful thing. I've actually never deferred to that while in bed with someone else though. I guess because I'm constantly trying to be "present" in that moment with them even if it isn't so great.

  4. Kin

    Hahaha….your blog has been my favourite all year and even though this one is short, it still gave me a good laugh. 49?? Definitely #onyourcockyshit. Good one mate.

  5. Tunde

    @Cryssy, Milan & Reecie: y'all know me better than to put that out there. that number doesn't even sound like me. it would be MUCH higher. j/k lol@Max: yeah i don't think that i've ever pulled out the highlight reel when i've been with another person. but when i'm having "me" time. sure why not. lol@Kin: why thank you. 😀

  6. MsEsquire77

    I've never given my highlight reel much consideration but now that I think of it there are 3 guys on it who were all awesome in totally different ways. However, I only think of them when I'm going solo. To do so when I'm with someone else would feel disrespectful. Besides the joy of sex is living in the moment.

  7. N.I.A. naturally...

    LOL @ 49! I definitely have a highlight reel. Just one person, multiple occasions. I don't play it back often, but when I do… *whew* hot!! lol.I've never played the reel during less than stellar performances. I try to keep my head in the game.

  8. Reina

    I only have highlight reels when I'm in a relationship that contains clips of my current lover. Otherwise, in b/w relationships, there is one ex that I look back on and smile to myself. Ish was kinda awesome. LOL I do know I'm on some highlight reels, at least two for sure. LOL

  9. Miss Sia

    Highlight reel brings out a sly smile. Yes I have one, and its wonderful. But I'd never tell them that. Never referenced it in a moment with another. That's kinda crass, IMO.

  10. Tunde

    @DC Buppie: the blooper reel? i definitely would not want to be included in that one. lol *dead*@DC Dating: you know you're like the 4th person that has told me i'm cocky in the last 2 days. hmmm. and i miss ya too. i guess you gave up on twitter huh? by the way you're the only person that has admitted to thinking about someone else while having sex. kudos for being honest. 😀

  11. Nick@nite

    hmm.. i only pull out the highlight reel when i'm alone.. i find that it usually consists of residuals from my dreams (which is where it's the best).. when i'm chexin, i just live in the "now".. my mind will sometimes wander.. but not about anyone else.. i'm usually thinking about what position to try next… but that's just me..


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