Freaky Friday- Come [Cum] Inside Me

With the amount of rain and thunderstorms that have passed through Nashville this weekend coupled with the fact that I haven’t even had a sniffle of yssup since [insert reference to whatever you think a long time is], I felt that I should do a freaky Friday post. The sound of rain beating against my window pane makes me want to beat against that pain till I hear the sound of rain. Alas, I’m not getting any anytime soon until Conclave next weekend so for now I have the sweet voice Minnie Ripperton yodeling sweet nothings in my ear.

Inside My Love has to be one my favorite songs ever. You can take this song to mean different things depending on your mind frame. Being as though I’m a deviant, I see it from that point of view. Here’s my take on the song. Minnie sings of two strangers meeting yet they have this connection. Even though the song was released in 1975 during the era of free love, this song clearly speaks on those ideals. Meeting a stranger and having sex and even letting them cum inside you would not go over so well as a song today. Here are some excerpts from the song.

Two people, just meeting
Barely touching each other
Two spirits greeting
Trying to carry it further
You are one and I am another
We should be one inside each other

You can see inside me
Will you come inside me?
Do you wanna ride inside my love?
You can see inside me
Will you come inside me?
Do you wanna ride inside my love?

I find this song very sexy. A few artists have remade this song over the years. One notable person is Trina Brousssard. This track is on the Love Jones soundtrack [shoutout to #oneofmyfollowers for mailing me the DVD ;-)]. Chante Moore also remade the song but no one did it better than Minnie Ripperton.


14 thoughts on “Freaky Friday- Come [Cum] Inside Me

  1. max

    That song is hot…it's one of those songs that must makes me want to do unspeakable things to people.This was a great freaky friday post!

  2. MsEsquire77

    Surprisingly I hadn't heard Minnie Ripperton's version of this song so thanks for sharing it. The Trina Broussard version is on the "sexy" list on my iPod and I love it!Anyway, I feel your pain about the lack of stimulation. It's been an obscenely long time for me and I'm feenin' a bit. We had an epic thunderstorm earlier this week and it got me to thinking unclean thoughts…

  3. keisha brown

    hmmm…interesting what a rainshower can inspire in people's minds…love adding songs to the good to go list (even though the last time i played it was..umm…*insert jeopardy jingle here).

  4. N.I.A. naturally...

    Good post and great song!!All week, my mind has been on dirty, nasty, freaky ish. And now, I have to go to bed, alone, with some freaky ish on my mind. Just me and my pet kitty cat. 😉 lol.

  5. Satya

    Man Tunde, This post is so me. I've been in NC and these thunderstorms are no joke. I've always liked to have chex on rainy, snowy, inclement days, but these thunderstorms really make me want to make hot monkey love. The thunderstorm on Wed was so intense I just couldn't resist myself. lol. Dam the south with all this sexy weather and no boo!Great song. I only knew the Chante Moore cover

  6. Muze

    yooo this is my JAM.this song makes me feel all sassy and such. i've never heard any other version but this one. gonna have to look the others up.good post.

  7. N.I.A. naturally...

    @TundeMy pussy is being a very good girl. She just needs a lot of attention, and I haven't been giving it to her. She needs a play mate…I did play with her last night, though. She was a very happy Kitty this morning. lol.

  8. Tisha

    YES!! This is by far my favorite by her & one of my favorite songs period. Such a sexy song. That's real lovin' music right there; light years beyond this crap that passes for said type of music today. Regarding the rest of the post….I'll just offer that I understand. 🙂

  9. Patrice

    Ah, the incomparable Minnie Riperton. The song she is probably most famous for, Lovin' You, is lyrically less explicit than Inside My Love, but with her orgasmic, sultry voice, is equally – perhaps even more – provacative.

  10. Sukez

    Whoa. O_O when I saw the title, I thought I was going to see… lessons and the breakdown of cum. Lol but great post anyway! Lol I'm a bad girl. AND I'm going to need you two to STOP talking about Nia's cat. lol

  11. Reina

    I did not know this song was a remake, but I do love Trina Broussard's version. Thanks for sharing!It's probably a good thing my job blocks your site as my mind was already in a dirty place on Friday. And it's still there this Monday morning.


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