I’m back

I’m back (no T.I.). Haven’t blogged in a minute. I was actually thinking about shutting my blog down. As I’ve always stated I don’t blog about my personal life as too many people know me in real life that read my site. I guess my multiple disclaimers didn’t translate too well with some of my readers. On the flip side I don’t like being told to write a certain way or what I should and shouldn’t write on. The subject matter of which I decide to write on is my choice seeing as how I’m the only writer for this blog and the subject matter is a direct correlation of my view point.
I would like to thank #oneofmyfollowers for encouraging me to not stop writing. I write because I enjoy writing. It’s my release. She suggested that I just take a break but don’t let other people dictate what I like to do.
With that said, I’m back!
I’ll probably start regularly blogging again next week. I have some topics that I really want to write about but I can’t remember most of them since I got locked out of my blackberry and lost a lot of information that I had saved on it. I copped one of these the other day:

I’m also thinking about doing some video blogs. Maybe I’ll make it into a weekly series. Tunde Confessions or something like that. I have some hilarious friends and I rarely have dull moments so I plan documenting a few things. **If you see me around with a camera, don’t fret, I won’t post footage of you without your consent [maybe]** Oh yeah and the camera is waterproof so I foresee a lot of poolside foolery going on as well. If you have any ideas about subject matter on which you would like to see me touch, hit me up.
Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Lyness

    I would've been sorely disappointed if you had decided to be done with blogging. I haven't known you for too long but the few conversations we've had and the previous entries I've read on your site have been wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading more! Glad you're back e-boo! lol

  2. That Damn African

    "I write because I enjoy writing. It's my release."I can definitely agree with this sentiment.Welcome back homie.*stupid blogger wouldn't let me comment using OpenID. spent 5 minutes trying to get this comment submitted smh.

  3. Tunde

    @TDA: appreciate that fam. as a fellow researcher i know you feel me on the need to write about anything that's not technical. a couple people have complained about not being able to comment. what's that about? o_0

  4. Shemika S

    So I enjoy reading your blogs and judging by the other comments I'm not the only one. You blog because YOU want to not to satisfy others. They don't have to read it. I mean unless you're asking for their input which I'm 97.9% sure that you aren't…their opinion doesn't count. I could go on an on but I'll end by saying keep doing what you're doing. Your blogs usually get a smile or giggle out of me if that counts for anything. If you sincerely enjoy writing DON'T STOP!


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