Random Musings

1. I think I’m ready to blow my school up. They are messing with people’s lives. At this point who knows how long my job will be available. If they take this offer off the table, someone is going to have to answer some serious questions. When I defend my thesis, right after my thank you and acknowledgement slide I’m going to have a grievances slide. I’m not holding any punches. Anyone can get it [] from the President to the Dean to fellow students.

2. I went to the Kevin Hart show this past weekend and had a good time. Show was hilarious. I wish there were more things to do in Nashville on a more consistent basis. This city doesn’t really cater to young black professionals. Every venue that is halfway decent turns hood within two months of opening which can get daunting. I need to move back to a more cultured city.
3. I’m a television fanatic. Now that Lost and Heroes are off the air and Steve Carrell is leaving The Office I’m not really looking forward to the fall line up of television shows. The only shows (non reality tv) that I look forward to watching now every week are True Blood and Lie to Me. I am interested in watching this new show Boardwalk Empire. It seems like it might be a mix between the Wire and The Goodfellas. September 19th, HBO.
4. I’ve decided to step back and re-evaluate all the relationships in my life. This includes ALL relationships. It may be time to purge certain individuals from my existence. If you fall into this category don’t take it too personal. It’s me not you.
5. I think it’s hilarious how certain rappers can try to stretch certain words to try to get them to rhyme. For instance there is no way that Pinocchio should rhyme with truth. With that in mind, I’m feeling three songs this week. Here they are:
6. I was on facebook a couple of days ago and it’s interesting the things you find out about people’s lives without even trying. I’m now privy to the fact that my ex-girlfriend is not pregnant with her second child and is engaged. She looks happy. I’m happy for her. When you find out information like that your mind can only help but to go one of two directions.
7. One of my closest friends told me that I’ve gone back to being mean-spirited. When I first got to undergrad I was an introvert and I didn’t trust or like many people. It wasn’t until my later years of college that I became more outgoing and friendly. Now I don’t know if I would disagree with my friend. I think I just need to try harder to get back to being more friendly.
***edited to add*** Today is my six’s (and my front) birthday. Happy birthday Kennedy. Also tonight at 2:01am EST marks 8 years in the great world of Omega. Yes, we went into our last night on my LB’s birthday. Sucked for him.
That’s what’s been on my mind lately. What have you been thinking about?

8 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. LaBakir

    What's on my mind…1. I guess I'm realizing how difficult it is to remain positive. Especially when it comes to myself. Its so much easier for me to encourage and believe things will work out for other people. *sighs*2. I'm really hoping that I have another job by January 2011. I'm grateful to have income, but I'm too young to feel this jaded about work.3. Being independent and doing the "right" thing has its consequences…particularly in many Black families. Just b/c they THINK you've made it (b/c you have a degree) the assumption is made that you don't need help.

  2. Lyness

    What's on my mind?1. Where in ALL HELL have you been good sir?2. True Blood is awesomeness-incarnate3. I should not have laughed as hard as I did when I read your though about Pinocchio rhyming with truth. *sigh* This is the future of black music smdh4. Number 6 is EXACTLY WHY I deactivated my facebook for a good while and am considering doing it again. Recently found out a guy I was interested in a short time ago is dating a white girl after he told me verbatim that he didn't want a girlfriend this year. (Guess I got game ran on me *shrug*)5. There's something I wanna say to you about being mean-spirited and cutting folks out of your life but I'll wait till I formulate my thoughts more precisely Wonderful Musings Boo XOXOLyness

  3. DCBuppie

    I really enjoy when one shares their random thoughts. So thank you.#4 struck me the most. I am always evaluating my relationships. Consistently trying to make sure I am providing value and that the individual is adding value to my life. I took this stance 3 years ago, and while my circle shrank, the drama, uneasiness, time wasted on being upset all left. I love living like this. Hope it provides the same for you.

  4. Gem of the Ocean

    its sad how many ppl i know in grad school who have felt exactly how you feel in your #1. IM SORRY HOMIE!!! stay strong. but def get em at defense time. ill be there in spirit holding up a sign "gata: get after that ass" (pause)i pray things get better for you homes!!

  5. Tunde

    @LaBakir: as far as your first point i believe i have the same problem. good luck on your job search as well. 🙂 @Lyness: i've been off the grid for a second. twitter started getting on my nerves. i'll be back soon 🙂 black music is going to the pits of hell. i think he prob was trying to run game. just hit me up whenever you get your thoughts together. lol@DCBuppie: thanks for the words of encouragement. :-D@Gem: yep if i would have known grad school was going to be like this i don't think i would have gone. med school is only 4 years. at least i know exactly when i would be done. smh

  6. Ms. Minx

    I've been thinking about a buncha stuff: Getting anxious about moving back to Nigeria, and career issues (so I SO understand, at least, a lil' bit, your worries). I think that's' really my main preoccupation.As for you evaluating r/ships, that's another thing I also do a lot. Go for it, I say. As long as its for YOUR peace of mind & betterment, you gotta do what you gotta do.And #7: Meh, I do that do. I'm working on it. I blame Nigeria. LOL. What do you think is the reason?I may just bite ur idea and do a random posts post as well. Well, most of my posts are pretty random, lol.Good post. Missed ya on twitter!

  7. Tunde

    @ms. minx: i have a feeling a lot of people will not like me cutting them off but i have to do what i have to do. as far as #7 i blame nashville and my disdain towards my school. go ahead and do a post. i look forward to reading it. i know i'm gonna try to do better on twitter but people have just been getting on my nerves. i think my next step is going to be to do mass unfollows. i don't need to know everyone's random thoughts.

  8. Milan

    Personal reflection and introspection is a good thing. And sometimes that means you have to let go of certain ppl in your life who are not contributing much of anything in any direction (positive or negative). They're just there…for what? LOL. So don't feel bad about it. I'm praying your school doesn't hinder any changes you have at grabbing that good job that's on the table. Gonna pray on that for ya. Let's see…Facebook. Can be the complete devil. OFTEN. I rarely go on FB as it is but every time I do I find that i'm privy to information about certain folks that I don't necessarily care or need to know. So I log off again. lol. Happy Queversary, btw Favorite.


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