8 years and counting

The Beginning. Crossing night on the steps of
Thirkield Hall, Howard Univ. August 18, 2002

Today marks 8 years since I crossed into the greatest fraternity known to man, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. In that time I’ve made some great friends and some friends that I now consider family. It’s no wonder that the motto of my fraternity is “Friendship is Essential to the Soul.” When I moved to Nashville in 2004, I knew one person and I didn’t have a car. If you know anything about Nashville, you know you need a car. All I needed was to meet one bruh and then I was introduced to more and more bruhs. Since I’m the “good bruhs” it was easy to adapt to my surroundings and be accepted with open arms.

60th chapter anniversary with Russell Stansbury.
Last living charter member.
This day is bittersweet though. I actually wish I was home being as I haven’t celebrated an anniversary with my line brothers since our first one. I’ve spent everyone of them since then here. Those 6 guys I love like my real brothers. Some of them I was close friends with before we were frat brothers and we will always be friends. This weekend is our chapter is celebrating 63 years (May 3, 1947) and I would love to go home and celebrate with them and the rest of my chapter but alas I have to be responsible and stay on this grind in trying to get out of school.

At my ace’s wedding reception with my dean.
If you are in the DMV area this weekend and want to have a good time, check out my chapter cookout. Details can be found at http://www.piepsilonques.org/ Also, if you want to donate to our scholarship fund the information is there too. The scholarship is named after Russell Stansbury, who is our last surviving charter member. He crossed in SP’47.

I don’t know how many times I’ve done this since I’ve crossed.

Our first party with our Dean and ADP.
Happy Anniversary SP’02 πE Kiyama

7 thoughts on “8 years and counting

  1. Marcis

    Team! I can't believe it's been 8 yrs… I remember When you were going through the process and y'all broke my wife's vase…lol… she was mad!!!!As your NC, I'm proud of all of you. You in particular exemplify what a true Omega man is. Continue to let your light shine, and remember to lift as you climb(hey that rhyme(s)…Also, it was good to see you at the Clave man! I know I will see you in DC for our 100th anniversary.FIETTS,Texas Pete #4 Fa' '95 B.O.E

  2. Tunde

    @Reecie: '02 is always good. #02owtteam and don't knock my grillin skills. @Streetz: thanks young. lol@Marcis: yeah dog. time flies. she was hella mad. you know what i remember? that purple ketchup your wife tried to make us eat to get us in trouble. lol thanks for the kind words. it was good seeing you at clave too. i think the last time i saw you before that was at the 60th. i'm already planning the owtness for the 100th. God-willing i'll be back home by then.


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