What Men Really Want


**NSFW. Explicit language. Use headphones or turn your volume down if necessary**
This is a lighthearted Friday post. It may come off a little (or a lot) misogynist but that’s ok. Women, I wouldn’t really take any of this to heart. Matter of fact behind the jokes there are some truths to what these two dudes are saying. Well maybe not all the jokes but some of them. Either way I think it’s hilarious.
Here’s another one too (now this one I really agree with):
They have like 20 videos on youtube. Check them out at your leisure.

8 thoughts on “What Men Really Want

  1. Gem of the Ocean

    LMAO ive seen both of these videos (repeatedly) and i love them both. hell ive seen most of their videos at this point. i showed them to my much older, married-with-children brother and he DIED. in fact, he tells my sister-in-law all the time "i dont want a b*tch with all kinda empowerment, breast cancer awareness a$s b*tch" lol & smh. hot mess.HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. N.I.A. naturally...

    LOL!! I watched all of their videos the day you posted a link to one of them on twitter. Pure comedy! lol. However, fellas, you know darn well that just because she tells you to hit her, you shouldn't do it. Because you will go to jail if she calls the popo. And I don't want to see you in jail. lol.Good shyt!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Ms. Sylaneous

    LMFAO Toonz… as I watched this, I pictured you in t-shirts with some of these quotes printed PROUDLY… cause you just that foolish to wear something like that! LOL… LOLat :50 "she gotta take care of dat..don't be spitting it back at me….I don't wanna see it, dont' want it on nothign of mine'… LOL LOL it's YOURS… if we sharing…you give it to me..Imma SHARE and give it back…right to yo face fool! LOL 1:07 ‘education… I don’t want a Bitch that can read!’ LOL OMG these guys are hell-larious!1:20 ‘I want a girl who been through all types of shit..shot at stabbed… she’ll have a better appreciation of life’ *iDied*1:31 “I usually don’t mess with educated girls… they feel entitled to opinions.. I didn’t ask you shit… I ain’t ask you shit’1:55 they going to hell.. ‘…I say we in church, she fondle me..we close the Bible and go to the parking lot!’ LOLLL Damn near had to call the paramedics at about 3:00 ‘you knew I wasn’t shit when you got with me… don’t throw it in my face when we get in an argument… Imma just say, ‘well you the one wit me..what that make you…….. Bitch!’ and the other guy gets ANGRY about the ‘hard ass questions! LOL LOL LOLAnd then he gone say, ‘if you can get a job at McDonalds you over qualified..can’t have nobody doing better than me…’ WTF he doing? LOL Anyway… I MUST share this one…. TOO DANG GONE FUNNY MANNN!

  4. Ms. Sylaneous

    Damn it… I totally didn't even seen teh 2nd video! LOL hellarious again… Toonz.. I wish I could do video responses cause I'd respond to the second video… BUT since I don't like me on cam… I'll just respond via B-L-O-G! LOL


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