Home For The Holidays

***** This is my introductory post to my new site. I took the liberty of syncing all my old posts from my old site here so you wouldn’t have to go back and try to find my earlier posts. If you haven’t read any of my earlier posts take some time to check them out. Before I get to the post let me explain the site url as well as the blog title. I like to read. Growing up I used to go the library and check out 15 books at one time and have them all read in a week (shout out to R.L. Stine with his Fear Street and Goosebumps novels). Either way my favorite book was and still is The Native Son by Richard Wright. The novel’s central character is Bigger Thomas, an often misunderstood young African American. In a lot of ways I could identify with Bigger so I decided to make his name my site url. With that said I hope you enjoy the new site. *****


As I’m sitting in Baltimore Washington International (Thurgood Marshall) Airport waiting for my flight back to Nashville I thought what better way to pass the time (besides reading the two books or watching one of the five movies I have in my bag) than to write a post. After spending eight much needed days at home (I haven’t been home in about 15 months) this is a period of nostalgia for me. I had a great time while I was home.

Usually when I come home its 24 hour non stop party which includes plenty of drinking but the only thing that didn’t change this trip is the amount of alcohol consumed (shout out to my line brother for blessing me with that 21-year old Glenlivet). Before I got home I knew that there were only 2 must haves on my food list. I needed a 4 piece wings and fries (with mambo sauce) and a 6” cheesesteak (lettuce, onions and green peppers) and a full pound salad from Giant’s salad bar (they are the truth). Both items on my list were checked off multiple times. Good food makes me happy.

I saw plenty of old faces, my mans and them from way back (Mrs. Valentine’s 9th grade Biology all the way till graduation from UMES) @modl81 and Ahmed. I even had lunch with a girl I used to “date” from way back. Its funny how some people change yet some people can remain the exact same. I think that’s all I’ll say on that note. I also ran into a couple new faces. Shout out to @panamajackson for hosting the BET Master of Mix event. Dude is cool as the other side of the pillow. It was a fun event indeed. Also, good looks for @lalabakir for coming out to party with my brothers and I at Bar7. She really is cool peoples.

As my flight is about to board I think I’ll cut this post short and just say I enjoyed being home for the holidays. On to Tennessee and a weekend in Gatlinburg where I hope I enjoy snowboarding, ice skating and maybe a little horseback riding. As always I got shout out my brothers, @taislumz, @jack_marston and @doeboi1017. In the words of @jack_marston “Four brothers, no movie.”


5 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays

  1. LaLaBakir

    Okay, first off…what you know about R.L. Stine and Goosebumps?!!! I LOVED those books. I swear I used to get one like every week.

    The Native Son is definitely one of my favorite and most memorable books. I’ll add to that list Of Mice and Men, Things Fall Apart and The Catcher In The Rye. I love reading as well, but I only read one book at a time. I feel like I’m cheating if I’m reading more than one,lol.

    It was great meeting you and your brothers too! Tai is maaaad funny! Glad you thought I was cool…I was hoping I wasn’t acting too shy,lol.

    Can’t wait for more posts *bbm thumbs up*

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yo i forgot all about of mice and men. i love that book too! i remember rl stine went back and had the family tree showing how fear street back started. it was deep [pause]. yeah, tai is a fool.

      i think i’ll start off with doing two posts a week [on random days of course].

  2. TheMostInterestingManintheWorld

    Big Ups on the new blog homey. I dig it. It’s interesting how you got the Bigger Thomas reference rocking over here, and on my end, I’m alluding to Ellison’s Invisible Man. As I’m sure you know, Ellison and Wright were contemporaries and friends. Native Son and Invisible Man were both books that addressed how black men in America perceived themselves and were how black men in America were perceived by everyone else. Classic literature. And, for the record, I too was heavy on RL Stine as a kid. I also rocked with Madeleine L’Engle as well. My favorite of hers was “A Wrinkle in Time”. But yeah man… good stuff.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      appreciate it homie. for some reason i didn’t know you had a blog. *going to check it out now* i might have to google madeline l’engle. never heard of her.


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