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I tip.

I always tip in accordance to the type service I receive. Some professions make most of their income based on tips, i.e.- waitresses, delivery men, valet attendants, etc. so based on this I don’t have a problem leaving tips. One thing I won’t stand for is people to ask me for tips. Let me tell you a story of what occurred the other day.

I’m home for Christmas and I attend this BET event at Muse Lounge. Being that there was an open bar I had a lot of drinks so naturally I had to use the restroom more than usual. Now normally I don’t carry cash and that day was no different. I spent my last $5 bill at a restaurant before the event (on a tip). As I entered the bathroom I noticed a bathroom attendant had set up shop. Now I don’t understand the role of this person because I’m perfectly capable of washing my own hands (I do it all the time at home but I’ll delve into that later). As the attendant put soap in my hands I let him know up front that I didn’t have cash then he went on to side-eye me. The next time I went to the bathroom I could have asked my friends for a dollar or two to give the attendant but since he side-eyed me I didn’t feel like he deserved any type of tip from me. As I used the bathroom again the attendant put soap in my hands, I washed them and after he handed me some paper towels. I proceeded to start to walk out the bathroom when the attendant tapped me on the shoulder then said, “You know you gotta tip me right?” Excuse me sir. I looked down in his tip jar and he had six dollars in there. I guess it was a slow night for him but that’s no excuse for you to 1. ask me for a tip and 2. put your hands on me. I went on to use the restroom 2 more times for good measure and didn’t tip him.

Now let’s try to tackle the phenomena known as the bathroom attendant.  Do these dudes have other jobs or is this is their only source of income? Seems like a mediocre way to make a living. I’m all for being on your grind but there are certain jobs that I wouldn’t do and one of them is smelling urine, being around drunk people and/or handing condoms, gum and mints. Also, why do they take all the soap out the soap dispenser so you have to use their service? Lastly, I feel like if I tip them the first time then I shouldn’t have to tip them any other time that night. The service they provide is not really worthy of tipping on return trips.

With that said bathroom attendants across the nation let me the first to tell you if you didn’t already know. You are a nuance. No one really appreciates your service so do us all a favor and get a real job.


14 thoughts on “Tipping

  1. LaLaBakir

    LOL!!! Homie had some nerve fixing his mouth to ask for a tip. I don’t think I’ve ever tipped a bathroom attendent. Whatever actual cash I have on me is reserved for the bartenders making my drinks.

    I can tell they expect tips though, which is why I try not to use their lotion. I’m a lotion gal. I have it in my bag allll the time and use it EVERYTIME after I use the bathroom (even before I go to work out,lol). I feel like if I use their lotion then I have to tip. So sometimes, rather than have dry hands…I’ll just have to use their lotion (if mine didn’t fit in my purse) and give $1. But that’s only going down once.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      when we were at Bar7 my brother was using the bathroom the same time as me. as we both walked out i went to wash my hands and my brother looked the bathroom attendant right in the eye was like “my dick is clean” smh. my brothers are foolish.

  2. Kyzzie

    THIS! I can not stand bathroom attendants. And they always try to look you in your eyes and make u feel guilty. I’m sorry but my monies are hard earned and I alone decide how I dispense it. If you deserve a tip, I tip, if you don’t, you should already know you don’t so don’t expect it, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. *shrug*
    I am a lot less frugal now than I was before my sister became a waitress back in undergrad.

  3. That Damn African

    I’m with you son. First, I usually don’t carry cash. Most of the people I know don’t carry cash. Are bathroom attendants not privy to this fact? Second, I’m a big kid so washing hands is somewhat of a speciality for me. I can do bad it all by myself. I’ve given bathroom attendants tips before if I happened to have singles (I’m sure they make a killing at strip clubs), but usually I just shrug off their side-eyes and continue with my night. I can’t remember ever having an attendant actually tell me that I’m supposed to tip them. That would definitely piss me off (see what I did there?).

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      lol i see what you did there. the fact that he actually tapped me on the shoulder almost got him cursed out. next time i think i’m going to ask him if i could swipe my debit card.

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  5. N.I.A. naturally

    I hate, absolutely abhor bathroom attendants. Whenever I have to use the ladies’ room, I always look straight ahead, and never, ever look ol’ girl in the eye. And I bring my travel size perfume, and a pack of Altoids with me every where I go. lol.

    Welcome back homie! Loving the new site. I expect great things from this…

  6. divinepearlz

    Ok so I thought it wa sjust me. I am a firm believer that when you ask me for a tip you don’t deserve one. Usually my tip is me telling you do better. While I respect the sanctity of tipping folks seem to feel as if it is a given even when they provide bad service. I love your brother’s response. Good for him!


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