The Ugly Friends

I went out with a couple of friends this past Thursday to this local spot named Karma. As I entered the club I noticed it was fairly crowded so I did my usual routine and headed to the bar to purchase some drinks. After rounds of drinks were purchased I played my usual role of playing the background and people watching but really letting people watch me.  One thing that I saw that night that I’ve seen far too often to not speak on is women who associate with mostly unattractive women to make themselves look better.

I know there might be some women are reading this and are thinking, “I would never do that, me and all my friends are bad chicks.” Not to generalize but you might be one of those ugly friends and your more attractive friend is using you. I’m fully aware that men and women sometimes have starkly opposing views on what makes a woman beautiful. I’ve had a woman ask me if I thought so and so was attractive and since I cannot tell a lie I tell her that I think her friend looks like a pomeranian with a weave and makeup. I will admit that some women probably think their friends look good because they allow their personalities to get in the way. Its hard for some women to separate inner beauty from purely physical appeal. Not me though. I know plenty of women who have great personalities but they fall short. When it comes to looks they got slapped with a certain type of stick. Does that make them bad people? Of course not. But that doesn’t negate the obvious.

Back to the original point. The woman who uses her less attractive friends as a method to make herself seem more desirable are actually pretty resourceful. Imagine if a man that a woman was dating told her he had a FICO score of 450 but then he said he was joking, his score was actually 600. Yeah that 600 isn’t looking so good but it sounds a hell of a lot better than that 450. Same thing with men because we all know that most men don’t care about things like a woman’s credit score when it comes time to settle down. Its basically the same thing. Yeah when he meets her  and she’s surrounded by a group of 4’s, she might be perceived as a 7. Then dude meets her for the first date and his point of view has changed. His frame of reference had her at a 7 and now she’s more like a 5.5.

I can’t knock her hustle though. Everyone knows their weak points. Some women know they have bad skin so they cake on the makeup. Some have an A- cup so they wear push-up brassieres all their life. What better way to improve your overall physical appearance than by standing next to someone who doesn’t look at good as you. Guys does it bother you or can you see through the “strategy”? So ladies (like you would admit it) do you do this? Also, ladies have you come across any men who do this?  I just really can’t imagine a man practicing this but I’ve heard stranger things.


18 thoughts on “The Ugly Friends

      1. TheMostInterestingManintheWorld

        Gotta cosign Dr. J. I keep a crew of bad ones on deck to invite to my house parties and BBQ’s for the team to meet and greet. They exist.

  1. N.I.A. naturally

    This is interesting. I don’t think I purposely hang out with less than attractive ladies, though there are times when we go out, and I think I’m definitely the hottest one of the evening. lol. I know I’ve hung around with women who may have considered me the ugly girl in the group because of my complexion and natural hair. Then, they would then stare in utter disbelief as men approached me when we went out. lol. I still laugh at those chicks.

  2. LaLaBakir

    I c/s Nia. I don’t hang out w/ someone intentionally b/c they’re ugly. I honestly think all my besties are pretty, personalities aside. I’ve honestly never heard of hanging around those less fortunate in the looks department. One of my girls, insists she doesn’t have ugly friends (which she doesn’t) b/c it brings the group down collectively. *muffles laughter and shrugs*

  3. TheMostInterestingManintheWorld

    I think most women just really think all of their friends are a ‘catch’. This happens with my wife all the time. She’ll ask me what I think about a particular sorority sister or friend, and when I give her the honest male perspective, she calls bollocks and the conversation ends there.

    The worst though, is when you have a crew of really attractive women show up to a spot and then there’s the 1 not so physically attractive friend. When i was single, I always made it a point to go talk to that one first. Introduce myself be nice, and even flirt a little – not out of sympathy though – more because 9 times out of 10, she was the most fun one of the bunch and also, 9 times out of 10 – she’s the one with a man. So the win becomes 2 fold. You get in good with the crew, the other chicks see you’re not all about looks, and you’re not beholden to the not so physically attractive (but super fun and cool) one – so the whole crew loves you and you can then bookmark them all (hi Max) and revisit later.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      i see what you did there with the cross blog reference. nice. what do you do though that one not so attractive friend actually likes you and hates on her other friends who are also attracted to you? we all know this type of cockblocking happens often.

      1. TheMostInterestingManintheWorld

        Take one for the team. Enjoy your night with her while your friends get all the other girls numbers. She’s probably not terrible looking, and, worst case scenario, you take her number and put her in the friend zone. chicks do it to us all the time. You still have access to her crew and the next time a similar situation arises, man-law dictates that you get the exemption and one of your homeys has to take the L next time.

  4. Mildred

    Lool! I just can’t stop laughing at this topic. I have to agree with Nia and LaLaBakir. I have never purposely hang out with a female/friend whom is less attractive than me to make myself look good!. As a matter of fact, I do the opposite. I want my crew to all look like dimes, because it makes me or all look good. I get upset when my fiance’ speaks negative about one of my girlfriend’s physical appearance. To me, even if I think a girlfriend or two is less attractive than me, I try to focus on their personality and it doesn’t bother me. Now, I’ve heard of this strategy, but never used it, and never will. I’m just comfortable with myself, even with my minor flaws.

  5. divinepearlz

    1st I am still lmao at pomerian w/a weave and makeup. *People at work are starting to stare* 2nd, while I personally do not do it I do know of folks who do do it girls and guys. I guess it works for them. Personally, I think it is a bit shady. I mean if you have to use an unattractive person to try and hook someone how attractive are you really?

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “I mean if you have to use an unattractive person to try and hook someone how attractive are you really?”

      not attractive at all. then again beauty is in the eye of beholder or some shit like that.

  6. Phoenix Simmons

    This post confuses me a bit…Are we talking about ugly friends or those you feel are less attractive than you? The post and comments seem to go back and forth. I wouldn’t describe any of the friends I hang out with(bar, club, lounge type friends) as ugly. They all look different from me, but not ugly. Could one person be more attractive than the other? Yes, but that’s a slippery slope and it really depends on who you ask and what their “type” is.

    I have a friend…Caribbean native, chocolate skin, locs…she is gorgeous!. Some men(and women) would exclude her from the “bad” category because they prefer something “different”. Some evenings, she is approached left and right. Other nights, she gets no love. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Depending on which beholder you ask, I could be the less attractive friend or she could be.

    If we’re talking ugly friends(again, depends on who you’re asking), then I would have to agree with Max.

    I know a couple of women who I suspect try to surround themselves with less attractive friends to raise their stock. From my observations, they tend to be young(er) and are not that attractive themselves(in my opinion of course, lol).

    Phoenix S.

    1. MadScientist7

      your last two sentences is what i was trying to describe. whether these women do it on purpose or subconsciously.

      i know that different people have different ideas of beauty but some people are generally unattractive to the majority. i’m not talking about a 8 hanging out with a bunch of 7s. if a 7 hangs out with a bunch of 3s then i think she might be included in what i was trying to describe.

  7. Yogi

    I love surrounding myself with attractive females but I don’t based my friendships on looks! I don’t think I know anyone that purposely hang out with unattractive females…


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