Does That Make Me Gay?

This morning my school had a two hour delay so I had extra time this morning to lounge around, straighten up my house and get ready for school. While I was brushing my teeth and taking a shower I turned my television to Sirius Shade45 satellite radio (Channel 6045 on Dish Network).  As I listened to some talk show they had a feature similar to Strawberry Letter on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. The only difference is they have the actual person telling the story on the radio and then they ask listeners for advice and input.

Here is dude’s (we’ll call him Mike) story (from what I could hear from my bathroom):

Mike meets Mary and he is intrigued by her. He asks her out and she says yes. After their first date they become inseparable. Three weeks later they are dating exclusively. He notices that she is into kinky/freaky things during sex. One day during a particular session she asks him if she could tie him up and blindfold him. Being the adventurous guy that he is he agrees. While handcuffed and blindfolded his Mary starts giving him head. All of a sudden he feels hands on the blindfold and they are removed. As his eyes open he looks to his right and Mary is standing there. He then proceeds to look down and he sees a man sucking his dick (I’m assuming he was hiding in the closet and came out. No pun intended). He immediately starts squirming and demands the handcuffs be removed. Once removed he proceeds to put his clothes on then punches dude in the face. He then smacks Mary.

His question for the listeners were. 1. Does that make him gay? 2. Was he wrong for hitting his girl?

Before I ask y’all the same question I want to mention that he ended up going to jail for two weeks for assault because obviously someone called the police. Also Mary and dude were in jail as well but I couldn’t hear what charges were brought against them.

Now let me tell you what some of the listeners called in and said. All the listeners that called in all of them were males. All of them said he was gay or a fag because he got his dick sucked by a dude and none of them said he was wrong for hitting his girl. One comment in particular got me thinking. Some dude said “that’s what he gets for sleeping with the kind of girl that would give it up after 3 weeks.” o_0 I don’t know about y’all but I’ve slept with women in a much shorter time period but does that mean I’m asking to get my dick sucked by a dude or that imply that I’m into men? I think not.

So readers what’s your take on this? Is he gay for getting his dick sucked by a dude even though he was under the presumption that it was his girlfriend? Is he wrong for hitting his woman in this situation? Fellas, I know in this society its been ingrained in you to not even think about things like this lest you be labeled gay yourself, but what you would do to the two perpetrators if you were in this situation?


16 thoughts on “Does That Make Me Gay?

  1. Streetz

    def doesnt make him gay… he basically got sodomized.

    I dont agree with hitting women but man… chick was asking for that… she basically set him up to be raped… not mad at him now that i think about it

  2. That Damn African

    He’s not gay for INVOLUNTARILY getting his dick sucked by a dude. That’s just stupid and is a greater indicator of the rampant homophobia that goes on. If you do something that is considered gay, regardless of your intentions or level of attraction to the same sex, then you’re considered gay smh.

    I don’t think you should ever hit women, but I’m not gonna sit here and say she didn’t deserve it. If I was in his position, I would’ve, at the very least, come close to hitting her. That crazy bish set him up.

    1. Starita34

      i don’t even have to speak. TDA said it for me. and eff all ya’ll that applauded when I said that I wasn’t going to speak!

  3. divinepearlz

    Man oh man there would be some ass whipping, blood dripping punches thrown type of fighting. That is a violation. Dude deserved to get got and that chick. *sucks teeth* she’s lucky all he did was slap her. That was grimy. Dude is not gay. I can understand why he may feel that way. He was taken advantage of. I’d question his preference if he sat there for a moment or two.

  4. Jubilance

    So many questions….like what would possess Mary to do something like this? Ugh. To answer your question, no Mike isn’t gay. He didn’t have the intent/attraction & he clearly wasn’t comfy with another man giving him head. I dont think he should have hit her, but given the circumstances, I can see how it happened & sympathize.

  5. LaLaBakir

    Mike isn’t gay at all. He was setup! And while I don’t think its right for a man to hit a woman, she did some foul shit and had it coming. So did gay dude. You just don’t go sucking some man dick! Regardless of what Mary may have told him. That couldve got him killed!

  6. Mildred

    Man…dude is not gay! He clearly did not condone the notion. Even though his reaction of hitting his girl was wrong for the obvious reasons, he felt violated, period. When one feels violated on all levels, there is no telling what you will do. To all those men calling in saying he is gay, please…go deal with your own insecurities before calling someone out. What happened to Mike can happen to any “straight” guy! It’s called, DECEIVED!!! How can Mike be held accountable for something he was unaware of and had no control? That’s not fair at all. Now, he is probably questioning himself cuz he is bruised and confused. He probably thinks he is gay cuz he enjoyed it for the moment, and that’s fine, cuz he still did not KNOW. To me, his reaction confirms that he is NOT gay. Yes, I’m very passionate about this topic. Men callers saying he is gay…lets call a spade a spade.

  7. Menelaus

    “a mouth is a mouth.”

    Dudes go to massage parlors and get happy endings all the time and don’t look under the covers and it’s a man whopping them off…

    I’m going to venture out and say dude is not gay, but he needs to do some serious thinking about where his life is going when he agrees to kinky sex after only knowing someone for three weeks. I keep telling people that’s how Black people ended up here… don’t trust people trying to take you to new places after knowing them for a short time.

    PS – He didn’t have to hit anybody he could have just called the cops. Which obvi he did because those other two were definitely charged with rape and sexual assault.
    PPS – That’s why I always close doors when i’m doing the deed. And I hate when a chick kisses one ear and put her hand over the other. I need to hear sh*t!

    1. BP

      iDIED at:
      I’m going to venture out and say dude is not gay, but he needs to do some serious thinking about where his life is going when he agrees to kinky sex after only knowing someone for three weeks. I keep telling people that’s how Black people ended up here… don’t trust people trying to take you to new places after knowing them for a short time.

      Dr. J needs a doctor because he is sickkkk. Ok, so I do not think Mike is gay however I concur ( for the most part) that people need to know folks better before they let them get the goods.

  8. MilanRouge

    Not gay. That’s sexual assault. And I’m not the least bit mad he smacked the sh*t out of him AND her. What kind of lowlife human beings are these? Uggh. I think whoever called in and said THIS made him gay is an ignorant individual. That’s like calling boys who are molested by men as little kids gay because of it. THAT does not make you gay. Sexual PREFERENCE towards someone of the same gender makes you gay/homosexual. These ppl can’t be for real -_-

  9. N.I.A. naturally

    Not gay at all. To me, that is the same as a man setting up a woman to be sexually assaulted by another man. Horrible!! And, I’m not a fan of hitting that dumb bish, but I understand it. Though, he would have been better off just calling the police to report this crime. Crazy…

  10. @RTS2

    LMFAO. Sorry.
    I can see that “You gonna get raped” man over and over in my head. Sheesh! He was set up. I don’t condone abuse but damn. She should have seen it coming. Now what if he nut and then the blindfold was removed? Yikes……

  11. Magda

    Obviously, he’s not gay. Is a young girl who gets raped/molested by her father into incest? Sorry about the harsh comparison. But, as one of the commentators said, this question testifies to how homophobic our society is when it comes to men.

  12. nicknotnikki

    I BUST out laughing at him punching dude and slappin the chick.. It was not expected, although it should’ve been…
    Everything’s already been said.. That whole situation is pure madness!!
    I’m too dumbfounded to even be lucid in my response.. I know things like this happen, but to read about it still shocks me..


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