I Wish I Could Do That

Yesterday the church I attend (Mt. Zion Baptist Church) was blessed to have various artists from around the country perform their talents during service (they were in town for the Stellar Awards). While they were on stage singing and playing the piano I couldn’t help but be a little envious. Sometimes I wish God blessed me with the talent to sing (I’d even settle on carrying a note). It must be an awesome feeling to stand up in front of a crowd and have them listening to your voice and getting an ovation afterwards. While I wish I could sing I know that God blessed me with talent in other areas but today I’m going to focus on the things I wish I was talented or could do well.

1. Play a musical instrument.

If I had a choice of any instrument it would be the bass guitar. It just seems like such a cool instrument to play, fitting my personality perfectly. I would also go with the drums or the piano. I always wanted to be in a band. Not to be confused with the marching band. I thought that was corny, perhaps because I was/am an athlete.

2. Draw/paint well.

Growing up one of my brothers was an excellent artist. He could draw anything and it would look like Stan Lee himself created it. Even now I know a couple of artists who paint and paint well. I want to create something, anything artistic.

3. Swim

2008 Summer Olympic headlines were dominated by one name. Michael Phelps. Dude made swimming cool for like two weeks. Now that’s a feat considering on the totem pole of sports swimming ranks right above fencing and somewhere below the javelin throw. Then you have me. A dude who would probably drown in a 7foot deep pool. I can’t swim. Not even a little bit and its not for lack of trying. I’ve taken 4 swimming classes in life and 2 certified instructors told me that I have zero buoyancy. Its the point now whenever I drive/fly over a large body of water I think about drowning knowing damn well if a plane crashed in the ocean or my car went over a bridge I would probably die from the impact.

4. Fixing cars.

I’m not talking about changing a tire or changing the oil in a car. Last summer I got my CV axles on my car replaced. Labor alone cost me $150/side and that was a hookup. The dealer was going to charge me double that per side plus parts. I wish I knew how to fix transmissions, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, etc. Not only would I save a bunch of money on maintaining my car but I could also make a grip on the side by fixing cars on the weekend.

Is there anything that you wish you did particularly well that you can’t do now?


25 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Do That

  1. nowsayitwithme

    I really really wish I could swim but I’m afraid to be in the water without some kinda support. I swear I will cry.

    I wish I could play a sport really well. Like soccer or run track. Or even football.

    I wish I could be enough. *sigh*

    I wish I could fix/build anything. I’m learning how to use all the tools I don’t know how to. Getting people to do things in your house is expensive. Why not learn yourself?

  2. Veronica

    Lol!! U and the swimming thing.. iDied! The band thing- I played basketball, softball and track and I was also trombone section leader! So “marching band” wasn’t corny to u because u were an athlete.. It was corny to u because u couldn’t do it! (sticks out tongue!). I play piano, but guitar and violin are two instruments I wish I could learn! I wish I has taken my ballet more seriously. I love the fluidity of ballerinas and I miss me actually doing it..( lol I know kinda hard to imagine me doing something like that. Huh? Lol). I wish I could be more verbal and straight forward about things that matter. I can joke with the best of them, but can’t- for the life of me just SAY what I need to say… I think that’s it… I think!

      1. Veronica

        H-A-T-E-R! smh… so sad… LOL I looked cute in my blue and white BIG BLUE CREW high school uniform leading the Trombone line…AND I looked good freshman and sophomore year in college in my Maroon and black MAROON TYPHOON uniform on the trombone line.. I WOULDA looked hella good in my Jackson State Uniform if I wouldan’t have punked out and woulda tried out for the J-Sette line… LOL I was a chicken Tunde! Can you believe it?!?! I punked out!

  3. LaLaBakir

    I wish I was better in math and science, particulary math. I sorta envy people with excellent math skills b/c to me, you can’t study math (IMO…believe me, I tried and would still get F’s). There’s only one right answer. I look at it as more of a talent.

    I wish I could swim…a little better. I learned how to do a little something about 2 years ago, but believe me, it was no easy feat for the guy teaching me. I was hella scared and couldn’t relax. I don’t like water in my eyes so I HAD to have my snorkling mask,lol

    I wish I could read music. I say this b/c I’ve played the trumpet and drums…even had a piano in the house, but reading music (which is connected to math) was soooo hard for me. I faked my way through the trumpet b/c I have a “good” ear and would just imitate the teacher. Music notes for the drums was much easier to read, I remember alot of it and can still do a lil something something. Piano was the same as the trumpet, my memory and ability to pick up on things allowed me to be aight. Don’t ask me to read sh*t though.

    Oh, and I wish I could dance. Like modern dance. If my mom let me take tap like I wanted instead of forcing me to do ballet, I’m sure my interest would’ve stuck and I would know how to dance in different areas.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      so basically you’re saying you’re like devin in drumline? lol and you’re right about math. you get it or you don’t. i love math (went all the way up to calculus) but i really didn’t look at that as a talent until now. hmmm

      1. LaLaBakir

        Lol, basically. I have a skill for playing by ear and sight so that got me through,lol.

        Ummm, yeah. Math is definitely a talent. Be happy you have it,lol

    2. nicknotnikki

      I took tap.. still have both pairs of shoes.. and lemme tell you, the fact that ballet class came after tap did NOT help ballet any..
      I stil lhave my ballet shoes, but the tap ones are the ones I still put on.. and I hit the kitchen floor…

  4. MsEsquire77

    I wish I could:

    dance like the Alvin Ailey Company dancers

    design and decorate cakes like the folks at Charm City Cakes

    design and sew clothes like the folks on Project Runway

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      my mom used to sew clothes for fun and as a side hustle. quick story. my mom dropped a needle on the carpet in the living room. it was sticking straight up and my brother stepped on it and it went directly into his foot. my sister tried to pull it out but with broke in half without our knowledge (we were children). anyway about a week later my brother could hardly walk and after x-rays it was determined the needle had traveled damn near to his ankle. he had to have surgery to have it removed.

      1. Veronica

        UMMMM OOUUCCHHH!!! Suuurreee you were children… you hooligans probably did this last Christmas or something… Wild kids you! LOL

  5. Sayo

    I have always wished I could dance. Like, at a Chris Brown/Michael Jackson kinda level. But when you have the stature of a linebacker, that type of agility doesn’t come easy at all. I get to live variously thru this Dance Central game for Xbox Kinect. I get to feel like a superstar even tho I’m a religious two-stepper outside the comfort of my home… lol

      1. madscientist7 Post author

        i don’t like that game. matter of fact i know this may be going against the grain and for fear of persecution i’m just going to say that i’m pretty much indifferent about michael jackson. ***let the boos reign down***

  6. max

    I wish I could design things.
    I wish I could rap. I wanted sooooo badly as a teenager to be a rapper when I grew up.
    I wish I could play pool well. I love it but I suck at it.

    That’s all I can think of for now.

  7. Starita34

    1. Date just for fun, not overthink everything
    2. Speak other languages
    3. Find enjoyment in running
    4. Be a natural neat freak
    5. Have an ass – oh that’s not what you meant? Well it’s staying, I want it!
    6. Play piano
    7. Stop with the forever long comments…lol

  8. Mildred

    Hmmmm…I too always wish that the good God Almighty would have blessed me with a beautiful voice that could bring joy and peace to other people’s hearts. I also wish I knew how to swim. Oh, and the drawing thing, OMG! That is the one skill I truly admire in an individual. As a matter of fact I just told someone yesterday that I loved their little sketch they thought nothing of–to me, it was all that!. I had this boyfriend in high school that can make a picture come to life and he would always draw me. each time i see his final product, my mouth would drop wide open– truly a God given gift. Yes, swim, draw, and sing are the few things I wish I could do. Hopefully I won’t push my daughters too hard to fill-in those voids for me-unless they just have it, then i will definitely support and encourage! Good topic!

  9. nicknotnikki

    1. Dance like the people on So You Think You Can Dance.. I took yoga just to get flexible enough to do a split..

    2. Play the piano.. My brother plays the piano and sings.. To the point where people pay him to perform.. We often say that he’s the singer, I’m the dancer..

    3. Sew my own clothes: I wish I could make my own clothes. I promise, I have yet to find a designer that captures my aesthetic..

    that’s all I can think of for now.. wow.. i’m sure there’s more because that list cannot be that short!

  10. JS

    Well, let me see… I used to dance—I danced for over 10+ years… I got to my junior and senior year of HS and Sports took over my world b/c I had to make a tough decision. I couldn’t keep doing both at that high level, so Sports won that battle and that allowed me to go to school for free on an athletic scholarship. But I do miss dancing a lot! And I miss horse-backing riding — that became to expensive to continue! Sorry you can’t swim 😦 Swimming is great and had many useful attributes! I think reading this will motivate me to get back into doing some of those long lost loves of mine from HS and the past! 🙂


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