Little Richard

Once again I’m listening to the morning show on Shade45 satellite radio and once again they are discussing an issue I think is interesting* (well at least in the way the hosts were discussing it). At first I was kind of apprehensive being a man and doing a post on penile proportion but being as how I don’t have a problem in that department I found the discussion quite comical yes I went there. deal with it. Plus I’m definitely comfortable with who I am so I won’t fall to social stigmas either.

Here’s the audio if you feel like listening (some language may be NSFW):

tumblr_lf6abkf8HH1qcghgk [part I]

tumblr_lfcmh0U31r1qcghgk [part II]

(sorry for the quality)

Here are my thoughts:

1. Who in the hell uses penis pumps? Do these things actually work?

2. I would never in my life take a pill for male enhancement. The side effects alone is enough to make never look at a pill again.

3. The chick who called in a said her dude was too big was hilarious. She didn’t want to say if he was her only parter cuz he might be listening. I bet he’s thinking he’s her one and only.

4. I wonder what the women equivalent of small penis is. A habitually dry pu$$y?

Ladies would you leave a man if he had the problem that brought this post into fruition? What about the motion in the ocean? What about personality and “its what’s on the inside that counts”? Fellas I really don’t care about your situations but what did you think of the lady’s friend who called in? *shrug* Lets keep it lighthearted.


*interesting- In the aspect that it got me to stop getting dressed and actually pay attention.


43 thoughts on “Little Richard

  1. Ciara

    well… since I have been spending a lot of time in the cadaver lab… you would be surprised how many “older” gentleman have penis pumps… I’m just saying…

  2. starita34

    Interesting indeed…I imagine that this “small problem” would be seriously daunting a man’s entire life. As a woman that loved him, although inside, I think that I’d honestly feel cheated-judge me if you must-I’d never shame him for this. It’s completely out of his control. And I’ve been working with fingers for like 20 years, certainly he’s bigger than that right?!? please say he is.

    And like you said, all the other things that make him a great man are still there…so looks like I’ve still got myself a pretty great catch.

  3. LaLaBakir

    I couldn’t listen to the audio, but I’ll try again when I get to work.

    I think all of my e-fam knows I work w/ high school students, mostly boys. Anywho, I’m trying to put together a all-male conference for them.
    I put up a suggestion box and told them to give me topics they would like to discuss. I check the box and here’s what they suggested:

    -penis size
    -penis growth
    -how to make love to a woman
    -penis size
    -penis size

    I couldn’t help but laugh b/c I didn’t realize what a big deal (pun intended) it was. I had a talk with them and told them that whatever they have now, they’re stuck with and to give me other suggestions.

    One of my BF’s in college was small. It didn’t bother me b/c I loved that dude something serious. So having sex w/ him wasn’t superficial. Lots of emotion involved. Penis size didn’t matter b/c I was still pleasured every time.

  4. Jubilance

    Ha, when I saw the picture I was expecting a compleely different post.

    I’m not one of those women who has to have a huge one, the average woman is only like what, 5 inches deep anyway, so you don’t need 12 inches. What’s most important is girth, rather than length IMO.

    Granted, some things can be worked out, but if its so small that you feel no action then its time to just throw in the towel. A small one benefits no one & I hate to be frustrated.

    I feel for men with small ones…I mean its gotta be a sad life. I hope their tongue skills are on point.

  5. Euphoric Ears

    I wrote this long comment from my phone and it’s not here 😦

    Anywho, what’s up with these adults calling a penis a pee-pee…I can’t

    One of my boyfriend’s in college wasn’t uh…well endowed. But I was sooooo in love, that it didn’t really matter. The sex was good regardless and the emotions balanced out his lack below.

    I told my students to give me suggestions for topics they would like to discuss for a male confernce I’m trying to put together. Below, are the suggestions these jokers wrote down:

    -penis size
    -how to make love to a woman
    -how to make your penis grow
    -penis size
    -penis size

    SMH, I didn’t know that penis size was that big of a deal…pun intended. I had to put them on blast and let them know that whatever they have now…that’s what they’re stuck with.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      lol you’d be surprised how much teenagers think about their penis size growing up.

      also i don’t know what’s up with people trying comment from their phones. trying to look into that.

      1. Euphoric Ears

        Lol, I figured some of them were serious…but I know a # of them did it just to joke around.

        I had them in tears when I put them on blast about it…they were laughing sooooo hard at me. Started snitching on each other as to who actually wrote it.

      2. madscientist7 Post author

        “Started snitching on each other as to who actually wrote it.”

        see that would be considered bullying to me if i was actually serious. hmmmm hope they took it in stride.

      3. Euphoric Ears

        Oh no, it wasn’t like that! I don’t play that sh*t and they no it. I’m sure they all got together and decided to do it (that’s what I gathered from the convo)

        Plus…I could tell by the handwriting who it was #FBIDectiveShit

      1. madscientist7 Post author

        can’t say that i’ve experienced it just wondering. one of my followers said the equivalent would be breast size. i don’t know about that one though.

  6. Reecie

    What Star said…its like, this for ever, for ever ever? not gon’ be able to do it.

    Size is important, which includes length for me. I mean..girth is necessary too but I need good blend of both.

    Never heard of a habitually dry p*ssy. from my understanding that is a circumstantial thing and there are things that handle that, especially in young women. Permanent dryness is usually a concern for older women as hormones change. Even still lube is super cheap and I imagine that wouldn’t bother men as much as a small penis would for a woman.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “Size is important, which includes length for me. I mean..girth is necessary too but I need good blend of both.”

      i assumed most women think this way although when most people think of size they only think of inches long and not inches around.

      “Never heard of a habitually dry p*ssy.”

      hmmm according to WebMD besides menopause you can also get vaginal dryness from:

      -Sjögren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disorder that attacks cells in the body that produce moisture)
      -Allergy and cold medications and certain antidepressants
      -Lack of enough foreplay before sexual intercourse

      i guess we already suspected the last one. #evl

      1. Reecie

        yea out of all of those, only the first one seems to not be circumstantial. That syndrome has to suck (pun intended)

        as far as another equivalent I was actually thinking extra pounds would be one. For example if women do the body #swindle as Streetz calls it–like you just aren’t attracted to their rolls or something. That could make sex awkward since you aren’t visually pleased during and might disrupt arousal? I dunno. even still thats changeable, a woman can lose weight/tone up. a man will just have to use the penis pump. lmao

      2. Starita34

        I’m going to go out on a limb here and speak for my gender and respond to this “although when most people think of size they only think of inches long and not inches around.”

        Perhaps most MEN think in terms of inches, but believe me, girth is AT LEAST as important to most of us ladies. When a woman get’s an extra thick surprise, you’ll hear about that forever…

        Also “lack of foreplay” is just bad practice, that’s not a dry coochie issue, it’s not supposed to be just dripping all day…warm it up!

      3. madscientist7 Post author

        @Reecie: i would be mad if i got caught by the by body swindle. i guess i could see how women could be mad if they were expecting something different than what they got.

        @Star: so girth is what matters more? i’ve heard some women say length matters more. i guess it just depends on the woman you’re asking.

    2. Euphoric Ears

      @Tu…I wouldn’t say girth matters more…length and girth are equally important

      I don’t want a damn double D battery…nor do I want a hotdog a nice combination of the two…is what’s really good

      1. Reecie


        I think it depends on the woman. For me I think length has the slight edge. I remember I tweeted that was my preference and I got a few side eyes from folks. lol Most often I hear girth is preferred, but I totally think the perspective is relative to what you’ve been exposed to. can’t miss or prefer what you’ve never had…

      2. madscientist7 Post author

        #iQuit at double D battery.

        i think the debate between length and girth is similar to a man’s debate between ass or titties. i mean if you had to choose it would be a tough decision. but you would love to have both.

    3. Euphoric Ears

      Reecie, I think they are both important! I mean its like have peanut butter and no jelly. Yeah, you might be able to eat the peanut butter sandwich, but it would be much better w/ some jelly :p

  7. bumight

    Vaginal dryness would be the equivalent of a one minute man or something (ie its not a mechanical problem but a functional problem)
    Men are microwaves, women are ovens. You have to preheat the oven, so if she’s not aroused, she’s gonna be dry.
    You should be able to turn your woman on, you’ll be amazed what good head could do for vaginal dryness! :p
    2. It could also be hormonal (age or some birth control pills as well)

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      leave it to the med student lol

      as far as your solutions you’d be surprised how many locker room conversations surround men saying that they don’t give women head. *shrug*

  8. melsenseadvice

    I can’t believe I’m about to type this. But the equivalent must be a loose, stretched-out type vag, since the problem with either scenario is that the partner can’t feel anything.

    Keep in mind that I think the loose, stretched-out VJJ is a myth and doesn’t really exist, but I know some men who claim to have experienced them.

    But I just don’t get it. Vaginas are stretchy. They snap back after babies. No one’s dick is big as a baby so… can anyone’s vag get overly stretched?

    This comment is so GD vulgar LOLOLOL

      1. starita34

        Sweet of you to say, but I believe that there are women that require it. I’ve heard war stories. It’s sad. If I had that problem, you better believe I’d be getting some daddy stitches after childbirth at the LEAST, if not full on “vaginal rejuvenation”. Dick size is huge with men ||, but no woman wants to be labeled as loose either.

    1. JS

      I think having a stretched vagina is the equivalent of a man’s penis size/girth — and as stated earlier, re-constructive vaginal surgery is a way to correct that. I have heard advertisements about that. Having a stretched vagina isn’t about being a woman being loose, it can be from have multiple vaginal births. The radio station here in Atlanta even had a doctor on who performs these kinds of surgeries on discussing this type of procedure. They also do surgeries that will enhance the woman’s sexual experience during intercourse to allow her to have an orgasm or multiple ones.

  9. JS

    {Another interesting post 🙂 I really should be doing some work instead of reading and posting}

    Everyone is different and has preferences of one or the other. I have been with partners who have not had okay length, but very nice girth and that did make up for the lack of length — but it not always how long or low thick it is sometimes it’s about the stroke that can make all the difference in the world. (Sidebar: I think we get so caught up with the size and thickness and forget to use the power of imagination and literature to aid in the sexual experience where our partners may lack). I think most women would prefer a nice blend of the two, but if I had a choice I think girth would have a slight preference over length. Additionally, there is something such as too long and too thick — basically too damn BIG! And I don’t care what women might say, that combination is not fun at all! Lastly, in response to the dryness issue for women — that is not so much of an issue because of the ability to rectify the issue with something as simple as lubrication on the specific site of the problem. However, a man can’t “change” what God gave him. But there are always ways to modify the issue whether it be the pumps or by reading or experimenting on ways to make up for the lack of physical attributes. 🙂

  10. CHeeKZ Money

    As much a women have to go through in terms of body image, its hard for me to complain about ‘penile obession’ and the fixation we seem to have with it.

    I would actually compare have a small guy to having a flat ass (esp since both are suppose to be given once you are black). So it would be worse for a girl, if I have a small piece no one knows accept the people I sleep with and trust. If a girl is as flat as an asian, everyone knows and she has to go through life like that. So who am I to complain if a girl wants to call me out on my stickman. Lord knows I am a jerk who probably deserves it and I wasn’t going to call the next day anyway…

    Other Female equivalents to having a small unit:
    Having a smelling cat
    Having Tribal National Geographic Breast
    Having ‘RoastBeef’ lips


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