Tall Men

I’m superficial at times. I’m not ashamed to admit that. This is especially true when I’m looking at women. Sound harsh? Not hardly. I’m a heterosexual male and for those that are a little slow it means I like women. I know what I like and more importantly I know what I don’t like. So when I saw this tweet on my timeline yesterday I had no problem agreeing.

deltalady RT @Orig_Glamazon 5’7″ IMO is the perfect height for a female to be if she has a problem dating men shorter than her [I’m perfect! w00t!]

In no way would I not date a woman if she wasn’t 5’7. In fact I think I would date a woman as short at 5’2 and as tall as 6’0. That being said I do have a height preference but I know a lot of women who have a height requirement. There is a difference. If you ask most women if they would prefer a tall man or short man, most will say that would never date a man under a certain height. I can understand if a woman who is 5’11 says she wants to date a man 6’0 and above but I don’t understand how a woman who is 5’5 seriously saying she wants a man who is 6’3.

And they say that males tend to place a higher value on physical appearance in a partner than women. I call bullshit. True men are more attracted to women who are shorter than them, have a youthful appearance and have features such as a symmetrical face, full breasts, full lips, and a low waist-hip ratio. But women are more attracted to men who display a high-degree of facial symmetry, are taller than them and who have a relatively narrow waist, a V-shaped torso, and broad shoulders.

If you were to ask me I would say that men and women are equally superficial when it comes to physical appearances. I don’t fall for the rhetoric that women care more about what’s on the inside and they aren’t one-dimensional. I asked this:

if you could make the person you’re dating any height what would it be?

No men answered my question (I wonder why) but here are the responses by my some of my women followers:

MissySippi RT @BrazenlyVirile: if you could make the person you’re dating any height what would it be? <- at least 6’3… Any taller is bonus!

Miss_Vforce 6’5 at least RT @BrazenlyVirile: if you could make the person you’re dating any height what would it be?

LaLaBakir @BrazenlyVirile At LEAST 6’3

tishatweets 6′ 6″ RT @BrazenlyVirile: if you could make the person you’re dating any height what would it be?

kmarie_est83 @BrazenlyVirile wouldn’t change their height but I want to be 2 inches taller!

ErinPSaid @BrazenlyVirile 6’2. But I don’t really care about height anyway

lifeofalibra @BrazenlyVirile hmmm…5’10-6’1″…I’m 5’6.5″ myself…lol

divinepearlz Ooooooh 6’5. I like being little next to them. RT @BrazenlyVirile if you could make the person you’re dating any height what would it be?

So what have we learned here today? Women [no matter their height] love tall men [I win]. Men on the other hand, in my opinion, don’t really care about the vertical blessings of a woman. Do you have a preference/requirement when it comes to height? Would you date someone extremely shorter or taller than you?

45 thoughts on “Tall Men

  1. AngelaThaGreat

    I prefer a taller man over a shorter man for security reasons. It might sound lame, but I feel more protected by a 6 footer vs. a guy who is 5’3. Now, that doesn’t mean that a shorter man doesn’t have a chance. My most recent relationship was with a guy who was probably 1/2 inch taller than me. I just gravitate to taller men. Besides, there’s nothing like running up to a tall man and burying your head in his chest. Lol Also, I don’t like to tower over a man when I’m wearing heels.

    We’re all superficial in our own way although I do believe that men are way more superficial than they tend to admit (you included lol). As far as I’m concerned, looks will get you in the door, but they won’t keep you. The same goes for height.

  2. X. Okonkwo

    Ok soooo I love this blog post because it is true. As I have said many many times before women go off physical attraction before they think about personality. I mean women need to be real with themselves that “he has a nice personality” nonsense only goes so far. My motto is if I CAN’T picture him naked that its a NO GO. So now let me address the height requirement issue. I myself used to have a ridiculous height requirement 6’5″ and higher. I am 5’9″ that ridiculous height requirement works for me. I hope people are noticing how I said it was ridiculous, thats because most men aren’t 6’5″ and taller. Now I didn’t lower my requirement because I couldn’t find that i ALWAYS found it but I mean hey they are cute guys that are my height too. So I lowered it to 5’9″, because hey the lil men need love too lol I just hope that they know I WILL be STEPPING OUT in 4 to 5 inch heels lol anyways… Now my real pet peeve is when girls who 5’5″ and below have a preference… I mean come on stop trying to ride the big rides and go ride the ride in playland. Yall lil short women are playing in the big leagues and leaving all the IBNC (Itty Bitty Negro Committee) men to the tall women. I don’t know about my other tall women but I know I hate when a man’s eyes stops at my boobies. Ok I am done with my rant. Its all a preference anyways. My preference is to climb the redwoods 😉 I don’t play in the bushes or shrubs, but I will dabble in the peusdo-trees aka baby-trees.

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  4. Sharrunn Victory Rhone

    Good blog! I actually conducted a study on “attractiveness in regards to service and the work place” in my undergrad studies. One of my findings is in agreement with your statements and that is, women prefer taller men. Additionally, if a woman had a choice to pick between a man who was short and moderately attractive or a man who was tall and unattractive, she would go for the taller male. Just my .08cents:-)

  5. Divinepearlz

    So yeah my preference is 6’5 or taller. I will date you if you fall under that height however, I’m going to need you to be taller than me. At 5’7.5 (must add the 1/2) that means you have to at least be 5’8. I dont want to bend down for a kiss unless he is laying down.

  6. Divinepearlz

    Btw I think my preference for men that tall stems from having tall men in my family. I would say that the shortest man in my family is 5’10. When I was 7 my cousin who is a year younger than me and shorter than me made me short. In college all of my brothers who are all younger than me grew taller than me. And are as tall as 6’2 and they still have room to grow.

  7. Jubilance

    I’m only 5’5″ so my only requirement is that the man be my height or taller. But not TOO tall – my last longterm BF was 6’6″ & the height difference was an issue at times. Like if we wanted to have an eye-to-eye talk, he’d sit down & I’d stand up. 😦

  8. Euphoric Ears

    My preference is due to my own height. I’m 5’8″. So I prefer for a man to AT LEAST be 5’10″…but if I could have it my way…he’d def be around 6’3″

    I’ve date guys shorter than me when I was younger. Hell, depending on the day…my last ex appeared to be shorter than me.

    I don’t encounter many tall men. So no way in hell am I setting myself up w/ some sort of height requirement. One of my friends is like that that. You have to be black than a muth and 6’4 and up.

  9. MelaninEnriched

    LOL, ha! Good post.

    I’m 5’9″ and I wear anywhere from 3-5″ heels on a regular basis, so even with the lowest heel I wear, I’m already 6’0 and funnily enough, I am usually taller than a LOT of people when I’m in a crowd.

    That being said, the perfect height would be 6’3. That’s just tall enough for me to be able to look up to him slightly with heels on and without them, not look like a midget.

    I’m currently going out with guys who are 6’0, 6’2 and 6’5. In all honesty, 6’5 is a little tall for my taste, but in NO way am I complaining. 6’5 is MUCH better than 5’5, LOL.

    I’ve dated 5’7 and I felt extremely self-conscious unless I was wearing flats, so I wouldn’t ever date anyone extremely shorter than me, no. I feel uncomfortable and when you’re uncomfortable, you can’t really be yourself.

      1. MelaninEnriched

        LOL…trust you DON’T want to come here. This is like Halley’s comet; every 75 years so. Disclaimer: Results not typical, LOL.

  10. MelaninEnriched

    @Euphoric Ears,

    I feel your pain. I go through spurts, LOL. Shorter guys have 0 problems asking me out…

  11. Mildred

    I love,love, love a tall man and I’m 5’2″. It feels so good to have to look up while hugging or talking. I prefer a guy that’s between 6’0″-6’3″. But I’ll settle for shorter as long as he is taller than me! lol.

  12. CAM

    So a girl 5’5″ shouldn’t have a preference? Sucks for me then. 😦

    I actually only prefer for the guy to be taller than me, and that’s not asking for much since I’m 5’5″…at least I would think. But I swear it seems like guys are shrinking :/

    I’ll just say I prefer not to date a guy my height nor taller than 6’3″, so yeah, that’s my preference, not a requirement 🙂

  13. kdotmichelle

    Im 5’10 and with heels i’m over 6 ft so I prefer to date guys taller than me. I have dated guys that were shorter but I was never completely comfortable whenever we would go out in public. I would at all costs avoid wearing heels or anything else that would put emphasis on our height difference. Funny thing is the guy would always encourage me to wear heels.

    I discussed this with one of my friends and she told me that it would be disrespectful to wear heels while out with a shorter guy… huh? Disrespectful? No. Uncomfortable (for me)? Yes! I gave her the side eye on that one.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      “she told me that it would be disrespectful to wear heels while out with a shorter guy… huh?”

      yeah i agree. that’s not disrespectful. if he feels uncomfortable then that’s on him. *shrug*

      oh and i didn’t know you were that tall either.

      1. kdotmichelle

        Yeah it was really odd and she couldn’t explain to me how it would be disrespectful. I was like if that is the case why date taller women?

        lol, I was always the tallest in my class growing up. Thankfully I met tons of girls my height or taller when I was in undergrad. My lab partner was 6’3 and she loveeeeed to wear stilettos.

  14. That Damn African

    Can’t say I’m surprised at all by the results and comments. Tall guys win. I’m pretty short (5’7″) so woe is me. *shrug* It hasn’t caused my love life to be barren, but I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t wish I was taller. It’s quite an advantage.

    1. madscientist7 Post author

      yeah you’re about the height of my dad. sometimes i wonder where i got my height from. i’m not complaining in the least but i often wondered where it came from. like no one in my family (immediate or extended) is even close to my height.

  15. max

    I’m 5’7 and my ideal height for a man is between 5’8 and 5’11. I’ll go shorter or taller but that’s my ideal.
    I used to be all about tall men – my first three boyfriends were 6’5, 6’7, and 6’8 – but then I dated a man who was 5’10 and I realized that having such a huge differential alters the dynamic between people. It’s hard to feel like you’re an equal with someone to whom you are always looking up. I like the feeling of being someone I can look eye to eye without having to stand on a bed.

    1. Piscean Fantasy

      Wow I’m 5’7. I think when it comes to men and woman the height difference can create an inferiority complex. Especially with men.

  16. Megan

    Hmmmm, I’m 5′ 11 and my last two men I’ve dated we’re 5′ 8… I’ve come to the conclusion that I attract short men and I have no problem with that… Physical appearance is the least of my concern now a days… I dated a guy 6′ 9, yes it was nice to have a man to pick me up but what else is there…

  17. N.I.A.naturally

    I’m 5’7, and I’m good with 5’10-6’1. That’s been about the average for the guys I’ve dated, and it worked out perfectly. What kills me is short chicks who act as if a height preference is a bad thing, when they know darn well they wouldn’t date a dude who was 5’3. lol.

  18. alyce_26

    Since I was “threatened” -_- yesterday to include my comments, here we go. At 5’9”, I’ve generally dated men taller than myself in heels (6’ & up). The shortest ever was my height & ironically, Lil One had the height insecurities. This man would NOT stand by me when I wore heels. Flats? All was lovely. Heels? Stranger Danger!!! The ONE time I actually took a trip to the Land of 6’ & Under & that there happened?? Foolishness. That was the First & Last journey there for me. The tallest came in at 6’8” and honestly was a slightly difficult experience. As much as I liked him & his height, I got tired of having to look up. Maybe it’s because I’m just not used to having to do so in general but I would catch crooks in my neck from just walking & talking with him. I couldn’t talk normally because he could never hear me (Maybe he was slightly deaf?) so I had to either talk extremely loud or pop an Aleve & look to the skies. Luckily for me, it didn’t last too long. My current boo thang? 6’3” so all is well in my world 🙂

  19. Yogi

    6’2 is my ideal height but I have a range of 5’8-6’4 that I like…I’m 5’5 and I just feel safer with a dude that is taller than me..plus I love wearing heels when I’m out with my dude I really don’t want to be towering over him. I did meet someone recently that I think is cute…I think he’s 5’6 but he said he’s 5’7….not really what I prefer in the height department….but I’m not knocking him out the box just yet…ha!!

  20. Vee

    This is one of my favourite topics so I’ll comment even though I’m mad late! I’m pretty short (5’3) but despite that, when I was in my teens I used to think I’d like a really tall guy. Then I met a guy who was 6’5 or 6’6 and I felt totally ridiculous next to him. I literally couldn’t have a conversation with him when we were both standing up. Just the thought of sex seemed uncomfortable, I just felt like he would inevitably choke me. So that ended my fascination with tall guys. Now I just want someone taller than me, which isn’t hard. I actually think my loverman is perfect at 5’7 or 5’8. 😀


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